AMC Update Thursday 5/15/03

All My Children Update Thursday 5/15/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Jackson and Reggie are at Erica’s. Jackson pleads with Reggie to tell him the truth about his shooting. Reggie says all he knows is that he found him wounded and Joni called 911. Erica, who was listening to the whole argument, comes over to Reggie. She tells him that if he doesn’t tell the truth, he’ll have to pack his bags and get out.

Michael asks Kendall what she’s doing at his apartment. Kendall tells him she had forgotten her purse. Michael loses it. He grabs her purse and says he knows she had the purse when she walked him to the cab. Kendall stammers. Michael grabs her by the hair. He says he now knows that she has been playing him. He says she must have gone straight to Erica and told her everything. Kendall screams in pain. She says it’s true and that she broke in to his apartment to find something to use against him.

Maria is lying down with Maddy. She has some memory flashes of being with Maddy. She strokes Maddy’s hair and says “Mommy is here now.” Aidan is watching and calls for Maria. Maria gets startled. She wipes her tears and gets up. She tells Aidan she just remembered being Maddy’s mother. She says she’s never had a memory flash like this before. She says it wasn’t just a dream and that she could feel everything in her heart. She starts crying and laughing at the same time.

Mia and Flanders struggle on the ground. They both reach for the gun. It goes off and Flanders gets shot in the shoulder. He yells at Mia and then pushes her towards the dining room. He turns on the main light switch so he can better see her. He warns Mia to tell him where Maddy is. Mia says she doesn’t know.

Reggie tells Erica that he didn’t ask to be there. He says he’s going to pack up and leave. Jackson tells both of them to calm down. Reggie realizes he’s just an obligation and says he’ll get out of their way. Jackson tells him he’s not an obligation, and that he actually cares for him. Erica goes off on Reggie again. Finally Jackson requests her to be quiet. She sits down. Jackson approaches Reggie. He says he knows about his brother. Reggie asks how he found out and if Joni told him. Jackson says Janelle told him, and that he shouldn’t feel like history is going to repeat itself. Reggie looks tired. He says that there was no one else in the alley, and that he’s not protecting anyone. He goes to his room.

Kendall tells Michael that she just needed some insurance. She says she needed some leverage against him, just in case he decided to bail. Michael calms down. He realizes Kendall is being just like him. He asks what kind of ammunition she was able to find against him. Kendall says she hasn’t found anything. Michael says he’s impressed, but she’s got a lot to learn. He says he needs to see some loyalty. He starts kissing her. Kendall hesitates. She says she needs to go home and change. Michael says if she stalls, he’ll know she’s just playing him.

Flanders points the gun at Mia. He yells again for her to tell him where Maddy is. Mia can see Edmund entering the room from behind Flanders. She starts rambling about where Maddy may be, and Edmund motions her to keep going. Edmund purposefully throws something in the living room. Flanders asks what that was. When he comes out of the dining area, Edmund grabs him. They both start struggling. Flanders finally gets his gun, but he’s out of bullets. He hesitates and starts towards the door. He sees a cell phone on the floor and quickly picks it up. Edmund checks on Mia. Mia says she’s fine and tells him to go after the guy. After Edmund leaves, Mia calls for the police.

Jackson and Erica sit together in the living room. Jackson can sense Erica is a bit worried. He asks Erica if she’s thinking about Kendall and if she’s finally seeing Kendall as a daughter. Erica dodges the question. She says she just wants to make sure they all are able to beat Michael. She says she has to go and pecks Jackson on the cheek. Later, Reggie comes out of his room and says he has to go. Jackson tells him that the investigation of the shooting isn’t just going to go away. He says sooner or later, he’ll have to tell the truth. Reggie says some things aren’t worth your life. He leaves. Jackson calls someone on the phone and asks for them to come over.

Kendall stalls. She pretends to be jealous about some girl Michael may be involved with in Argentina. Michael grabs her and says he’s got to be the best lover she ever had. He starts tearing off her clothes. Kendall says she doesn’t respond to force. Michael says sex doesn’t have to be slow and romantic. They fall on the couch and Michael starts kissing her. Just then, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Erica. She yells to Michael from outside. She says she saw his car and she knows he’s inside. Michael finally lets Erica in. Erica looks over at Kendall and can see she looks terrified. She tells Michael she needs to talk to him alone, and tells Kendall to run along. Kendall looks grateful and leaves. Erica then tells Michael that some people have been buying shares of her company. Michael asks if she’s come to surrender.

Maria tells Aidan she’s so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. Aidan comforts her. He says her feelings for her family would never jeopardize their future together. He says the most important thing right now is for her to be with Maddy. Maria hugs him and says she loves him more than ever. Just then Maddy comes out and asks what they’re doing. Maria hugs her and says they were just looking at the stars.

There are a few cops over at Wildwind. Mia gives them details about the murderer – his height, his voice, and his clothes. Derek is up too, nursing his wounds. Mia pleads with all of them to go find Edmund. Just then, Edmund comes in and says there’s no need for that. Mia runs over to him and hugs him. Derek asks Edmund if he was able to see the murderer’s face. Edmund says he didn’t, and that he got away. Derek says that they’re going to catch the guy his way now. He and the cops leave. Edmund and Mia kiss. He asks if she’s ok. Mia looks exhausted. Edmund picks her up and takes her upstairs.

Michael smugly tells Erica to stop crawling. Erica says she’s not crawling, and that she just wanted to compromise. Erica suggests they work together. She says that if they continue fighting, only the lawyers will get rich. She says her miracle cream can make them both rich. Michael doesn’t bite. Erica says that she admits he caught off her off guard. She says she would really like to have a compromise. Michael says he would like to see Erica step down from Enchantment and allow Kendall to become CEO. Erica laughs. She says she would never allow that. She says she is Enchantment – not Kendall. Erica warns Michael that she’ll fight till the end. She turns around and tells Michael that it’s no wonder his father has no respect for him. Michael gets angry and tells her to get out. Erica leaves smiling.

Joni comes over to meet Jackson. She asks why he’s called her. Jackson says he knows there was a third person in the alley. He pleads with Joni to tell the truth. Joni says she can’t, and that she promised Reggie. Jackson says he respects the fact that she wants to keep her word to Reggie. He says it’s a matter of life and death, and urges her to tell the whole truth. Joni sighs and says it was Luis. Jackson asks what Luis had against Reggie. Joni says she’s not sure. She says she feels really guilty. Just then Reggie comes in. He sees Joni and asks what she’s doing. Joni stammers. Reggie tells her that her word means nothing to him anymore. Joni says she had to tell Jackson about Luis. Reggie tells them that the next time they’re stuck in an alley, he won’t be there to save them. He runs out.

Aidan shows Maddy some card tricks to keep her entertained. Maria watches them both lovingly. Suddenly, she starts getting flash backs again. Maddy looks over at Maria and asks if she’s ok. Maria is faint with flashbacks. She says she’s getting a little seasick and wants to go and get some air. As she goes out, she remembers giving birth to Maddy. In her flashback, Erica is telling her to push – she can see the baby. Maria starts pushing, as if she’s really giving birth. Aidan comes out and is confused with Maria’s behavior. Maria looks over at Aidan and starts crying.

Someone knocks at Michael’s door. Michael opens it and is startled. It’s his father. Michael’s father says hello. He asks Michael why he hasn’t shaved. Michael is speechless.

Kendall is at Enchantment, looking a bit lost. Erica comes over. Kendall hesitates and says she couldn’t go home. Erica looks really concerned and asks Kendall if Michael hurt her. Kendall says thanks to her, he didn’t have the chance.

Flanders hides out in some bushes. He takes out the cell phone he had picked up from Wildwind. He smiles and says Caller ID is a wonderful invention. He starts scrolling the screen to see who called Edmund last.

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