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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/14/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall, Erica and Bianca are at Erica’s apartment. Kendall and Erica are still encouraging Bianca to keep her date with Lena. Bianca gets a text message on her phone from Lena. She gets her things and leaves. Erica and Kendall are left alone and feel a bit awkward. Kendall tells Erica she enjoyed dinner. Erica says they make a good team. Erica asks Kendall what else they can do to get Michael. Kendall wonders if she should try to get some of his files. Erica says it’s a good idea.

Lena is about to leave Michael’s apartment. Michael asks her where she’s going. Lena says it’s none of his business. After she leaves, Michael gets on the phone. He asks about a flight to Buenos Aires.

Edmund is at Fusion. He asks Greenlee if she’s seen Mia. Greenlee says she thought Mia was heading off to Wildwind. Edmund tries calling Mia’s place, but there is no answer. Tad comes in to take Greenlee out for dinner. He tells Edmund he had heard about the park shooting. Edmund says things are fine. He asks Greenlee if she knows where Simone is. Greenlee looks a bit bitter, but tells Edmund that Simone is at SOS. Later, Tad tells Greenlee that he has learned a few things about Carlos while sharing the jail cell with him.

Mia walks into Wildwind, looking for Edmund and Maddy. She limps across the living room. Flanders watches her from behind. He puts on his ski mask and takes out his gun. The lights turn off and Mia starts shouting for Edmund even louder.

Maria gets Maddy ready for bed. Maddy asks to call Edmund to say good night. Maria says she’ll ask Aidan. While Maddy is in the bathroom, Maria talks to Aidan. She says she’s worried that Edmund hasn’t called yet.

Simone and Carlos are at SOS, drinking and talking about Fusion’s new ad campaign. Carlos wonders if Simone is hitting on him. Simone casually says she’s not, and that she wants to focus on her ad ideas. Carlos doesn’t seem to buy it.

Bianca is at the bar, ordering a drink. Lena surprises her from behind with a kiss. They sit down with their drinks. Lena asks if things are ok with Erica. Bianca changes the subject and asks about Lena’s mother. Lena hesitates but then says she wants to tell Bianca everything. She says she’s been lying. Lena tells Bianca about her mother being a spy, and about her life being in danger. After she tells the whole story, Bianca takes her hand away. She says she doesn’t believe a word.

Kendall goes over to Michael’s, but before she can knock, Michael opens the door. Kendall asks if he’s going somewhere. Michael says he has to take care of some things and gives Kendall a big kiss. He turns to close the door behind him, but Kendall stops him and says she’ll do it. She quickly turns the lock so that the door doesn’t actually close, and then walks Michael to his car. Later, Kendall sneaks back into Michael’s apartment. She starts rummaging through his files and papers. She finds a really old letter, dated 1986, from Michael’s father. She wonders what could be so important about the letter.

Jackson and Erica come out of their bedroom to find Reggie in the living room. Erica wonders what he’s doing there. Reggie says he wants to know which room is his. Jackson explains that since they will be getting married, Reggie will have to stay with them. Erica doesn’t look happy about the situation. Jackson urges Reggie to go in to the kitchen and find something to eat. Reggie wonders where the cook is. Erica says they don’t have a cook, and that Reggie will have to do his own work. While Reggie is in the kitchen, Erica asks Jackson if his brain was really affected by the operation. Jackson reminds her that Reggie put Trey away, and that he’s not a bad kid. He jokes with Erica about finally having a son of her own. Reggie comes out holding some expensive china. Erica screams, afraid he’ll break her expensive things. Reggie senses he’s done something wrong and runs back into the kitchen. Erica runs after him. Jackson laughs.

Simone and Carlos continue chatting. Simone confesses that she’s always falling short oh everyone’s expectations – especially her father. Simone asks about Carlos’ family. Carlos says he didn’t have much of a father, and that he died a few months ago. He says that his father had a whole lot of mistresses. He says he would never treat a woman like his father did. Simone tells Carlos he’s even more gorgeous on the inside than the outside. Edmund comes over to Simone. He asks if she knows where Mia is. Both Carlos and Simone say they don’t know. Edmund calls Derek’s cell phone, but there’s no answer.

Mia wanders around the house, looking for Edmund. She can hear Derek’s cell phone ringing. She follows the ringing to a closet and finds Derek’s body. She gasps in shock. Flanders grabs her from behind. They struggle a bit, and Flanders falls onto a chair. Mia tries to get up, but loses her crutches. Just then, the house phone starts to ring. It’s Maddy trying to call her father. Mia reaches to get the phone, while Flanders reaches for his gun. He grabs Mia and tells her to answer the phone. He says if she doesn’t act normal, he’ll shoot her. Mia picks up the phone. On the other end, Maddy asks who it is and wonders where her father is. Mia falls in pain, and Flanders grabs the phone. Aidan worries about who Maddy is talking to. He grabs the phone and asks who’s on the other end. Flanders hears Aidan’s voice and puts the phone down.

Kendall reads the letter from Michael’s father. She discovers that after Michael’s brother left, it was all up to Michael to take care of the family business. Kendall continues going through Michael’s things. She finds a whole lot of photographs in Michael’s desk. They’re photos of everyone in Pine Valley – including her, Bianca, Erica, and others. Kendall feels a chill and realizes Michael had been stalking them. She looks over Michael’s computer and starts clicking away. She starts downloading some files.

Greenlee and Tad are at SOS, trying to stay out of sight. Tad wonders what they’re doing. Greenlee says they’re going to spy on Carlos. She asks Tad to tell her exactly what he found out about Carlos. Tad tells Greenlee that Carlos didn’t talk about her in jail. He says Carlos was to busy trying to take the blame for Simone. Greenlee looks over at Carlos and Simone. They seem to be having such a good time. Greenlee wonders if she should go over and break things up.

Erica and Reggie come out of the kitchen. Reggie carries a pretty big sandwich on the plate. He puts the plate down and Erica begs him to be careful. As he picks up his sandwich, some mustard drops to the floor. Erica looks faint! Jackson urges her to take a long bath. He says he will take care of Reggie. After Erica leaves, Jackson and Reggie have a heart to heart talk. Jackson thanks Reggie for being there for him.

Bianca gets up to leave. Lena tries to stop her and tells her how much she means to her. Bianca doesn’t seem impressed. Lena gets teary and says she has to go to the bathroom. Bianca doesn’t buy any of it.

Maria and Aidan wonder what Mia may have been doing at Wildwind. Aidan says he’ll go check it out. Maria takes Maddy to bed. She starts singing a Spanish lullabye. All of a sudden she has a flashback to when Maddy was a baby.

Aidan calls Edmund. Edmund picks up his phone hoping it’s Mia. Aidan asks where he is and whether Mia is with him. Edmund explains that he’s at SOS and is looking for Mia. Aidan tells him about the phone call and says he thinks Mia is at Wildwind. Edmund rushes out right away.

Flanders pushes Mia around. He asks who was on the phone. Mia says she doesn’t know. Flanders asks where Maddy is. Mia tries to stall him. She says Maddy’s room is in a whole other wing. Flanders asks her to take him there. As they are going up the stairs, Flanders pushes Mia down. Mia kicks him and they start struggling again.

Jackson tells Reggie he knows there was someone else in that alley. Reggie looks nervous and tries to dodge the question. Jackson says he could hear someone else. He starts getting angry. He begs Reggie to tell him the truth.

Kendall is almost done downloading files off of Michael’s computer. She hears someone approaching the apartment. She quickly starts putting things away. Just then Michael comes in and catches her next to his desk. He asks how she got in and what she’s doing. Kendall looks horrified.

Bianca is about to leave SOS. Lena comes over and asks where she’s going. Bianca says she has to go do some things for Erica. Lena offers to go with her. Bianca makes an excuse. Lena begs her to stay. She tells Bianca she really needs her tonight.

Mia and Flanders struggle on the ground. Flanders’ gun falls and they both try to reach for it.

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