AMC Update Tuesday 5/13/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/13/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is at Fusion, talking on the phone. She looks like she’s late for a meeting. She takes out some make up from her purse and checks herself in the mirror. Just then, Greenlee and Mia walk in. Greenlee tries to talk to Kendall, but she isn’t listening. Greenlee is surprised that Kendall didn’t even notice that Mia is on crutches.

Bianca is at Erica’s for dinner. Erica comforts Bianca and says she’s glad they found out about Lena before she hurt anyone. Bianca says that she was in love with Lena, and that she’s already been hurt. Bianca notices three place settings on the dining table. She knows that Jackson already ate and wonders who the third person is. Erica says it’s a surprise. Bianca dreads that Erica has called Lena over for an ambush, but Erica tells her the guest is someone else.

Lena tells Michael she wants out. Michael shrugs and says it’s up to her. He implies that Lena may be sorry if she left, and that her mother may be in danger.

Aidan, Maria and Maddy are on a boat. They’re all having a good time. While Maddy goes to the back to get something, Maria tells Aidan she feels really helpless. Aidan comforts her and says everything will be all right. Maria tells Aidan she loves him more than he knows. Aidan seems to get emotional. He says he sometimes closes his eyes and can see their future together. Maria closes her eyes and smiles at the thought of their future also. Aidan pulls out the engagement ring and asks her to wear it.

Edmund walks around his place to make sure it’s safe. He sees a shadow near the dining room and pulls out a gun. “Hold it right there you son of a bitch!” It’s only Derek. Derek says he tried calling, and when Edmund didn’t answer, he came over to make sure everything was all right. Edmund wonders why the murderer hasn’t made his move yet. Derek encourages him to hang in there.

Mia and Greenlee wonder why Kendall seems to be in such a hurry. They assume she’s running off to see Michael. They warn that Michael is using her, and that she should keep her eyes open. Kendall says that Michael is a dead issue, and that she has to run off to somewhere else. After Kendall leaves, Simone and Carlos walk in, looking pretty tired. They explain that Liza got them off on bail. Greenlee asks where they were last night. Simone says that they fell asleep after they got out of jail, but in separate beds. Simone goes over to Greenlee and apologizes for messing up again. Instead of yelling at her, Greenlee hugs her and says she’s a genius!

Lena tells Michael she’s done everything he told her to, and now she wants out. Michael seems reluctant and says they are a good team. Michael tells Lena he’s in the mood to celebrate. Lena says she’ll find him another companion. Michael indicates that he wants her. The phone rings. It’s Michael’s father. Michael tells him he will be pleased.

Erica and Bianca sit down to talk. Bianca says the worst part of the whole deal was that Kendall was right. She says that she wants to stay away from Kendall from now on. Just then, the door bell rings. Erica excitedly gets up and answers the door. It’s Kendall. Bianca is shocked. She can’t believe her mother invited Kendall over! Bianca rushes off saying she would never want to have dinner with Kendall. Kendall feels bad and thinks she should leave. Erica yells for both of them to stop. She explains that all of them have been played, but together they are a strong team. She asks for everyone to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner. Bianca says fine and sits down. Kendall sits down, and thanks Erica for including her. She says she wishes she had found out sooner about Lena. She says she got her heart broken by Michael, and knows how it feels. Bianca looks over at her and says Lena broke her heart as well. Erica mediates. She says they’re all in the same boat, and that they will get Michael and Lena back. Erica then declares that she has an ally no one knows about. The girls wonder, but Erica says she can’t say who it is.

Maria takes the ring from Aidan and says Yes. Aidan says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and her kids, and have kids of their own. Aidan hesitates and wonders if the timing is not right. Maria tells him to not be so nervous and just put the ring on her finger. Aidan finally does so and they kiss. Just then Maddy screams. Maria and Aidan rush off to see what happened.

Greenlee tells Simone that the commercial she aired was genius. Simone can’t believe Greenlee’s reaction. She says they should thank Carlos because he took the blame for everything. Greenlee looks over at Carlos and wonders why he did that. Just then the phone rings and Mia picks it up. She says she’s going to go. Just as she leaves, the phone rings again. Simone goes to get it. Greenlee walks over to Carlos and tells him his commercial was great. She says he probably had a lot of women going crazy. Carlos didn’t realize he touched more women than Greenlee. Simone gets off the phone says Fusion products have flown off the shelves. She then gets on the phone again. Carlos and Greenlee continue talking. He asks if she knows what he was trying to say to her during the commercial. He says that once again the words weren’t his. Greenlee says she had already assumed that Simone had written the commercial. Carlos says it doesn’t mean that it didn’t come from his heart.

Lena walks over to Michael after he gets off the phone. She says he’s just like the rest of them. She says he’s begging to have his father’s love and approval. Michael snaps. He says the only reason he’s doing anything is to get his father’s power, money and position in the company. “Are we clear??” he says.

Bianca’s phone rings and she goes off to get it. Kendall and Erica continue talking. Erica brings up their little confrontation at the Valley Inn. Erica points out that Kendall brought up a lot of bad old memories during their little act. Kendall apologizes for exploiting her, but points out that Michael wouldn’t have believed the whole act otherwise. Erica thanks her for apologizing and caring. Bianca comes back and says it was Lena on the phone. She says she wants to meet her.

Derek tries to convince Edmund to relax. Edmund angrily fixes himself a drink and says he’s going to protect his family. Derek says they have to think clearly. He reminds Edmund that Maddy is in safe hands. Edmund says he should probably go get a breather. He leaves.

Maria and Aidan are trying to open one of the doors on the boat. Maria continues shouting for Maddy and says she’s coming. Both Aidan and Maria try pulling the knob, but it’s stuck. They’re not sure where Maddy’s screams are coming from.

Simone asks to speak to Greenlee alone. Carlos excuses himself. Simone thanks Greenlee for being so understanding and for not blowing up on her. Greenlee says that because of her, Fusion is the talk of the town. Simone says it was really all because of Carlos, and she wonders if Carlos would do it again. Greenlee says she doesn’t think Carlos would want to be on air again. Simone looks nervous. She says she’ll be glad to go around looking for another pretty face. She says that Carlos isn’t just a pretty face and that if Greenlee doesn’t see that soon, someone else will realize how special Carlos really is. Greenlee seems confused about what Simone is trying to say. Just then Carlos comes over and asks Simone if she’s ready. He says he’s starving. Simone says she is and the two of them leave.

Bianca wonders if she should go to see Lena. She asks Kendall if she has a hard time pretending to be on Michael’s side. Kendall says it’s hard, but they have to remember the bigger picture. Bianca says she will go and make their plan work, and then leaves to get ready. Erica looks worried. She says she wonders if they’re doing the right thing by involving Bianca. She says she can’t stand Bianca look so heart broken. She turns around and holds Kendall’s hand. She tells Kendall she’s sorry that she too got hurt. Kendall looks surprised at Erica’s sudden affection. Bianca’s phone rings. Kendall and Erica urge her to pick it up. It’s Lena. Lena says she’s glad to hear Bianca’s voice. Bianca says she misses her too. Lena asks Bianca to tell her she wants her. Bianca hesitates and then says she does want her.

Maria and Aidan finally find Maddy crying in a closet. She says she heard some noises and thought the bad man was coming after her. Maria hugs and comforts her. She says no one will hurt them. Aidan looks at both of them and gets worried.

While Edmund is out, Derek keeps watch. He walks around in the living room. Suddenly, Flanders hits him from behind with his gun and Derek falls down hard. Flanders puts the gun back in his jacket and looks pleased.

Lena asks Bianca if they can meet soon. Bianca says they can meet at SOS in an hour. She puts the phone down and looks over to Erica and Kendall. She says she’s not sure if she can go through with this. Both Erica and Kendall tell her to be courageous. Erica says she wants to propose a toast. The three of them raise their glasses. Erica toasts, “May the downfall of Michael and Lena be fast and unforgettable.”

Greenlee replays Carlos’ commercial tape over and over again. She seems to wonder about their future together. Edmund comes in and Greenlee gets startled. He asks if she’s seen Mia. Greenlee tells him that Mia left a little while ago.

Flanders drags Derek’s body into the dining room. He comes out singing, “Oh where, Oh where can the little girl be.” He shouts for Maddy to come out. Just then he hears to the front door open. It’s Mia. She comes in carrying balloons, hoping to find Edmund. Flanders smiles and quickly hides behind the curtains.

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