AMC Update Monday 5/12/03

All My Children Update Monday 5/12/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is on the phone telling someone he needs 20 percent. His future with Cambias Industries is riding on this. Kendall comes over and Michael tells her he warned her about crossing him. Kendall says she's thought of nothing but their plan. He asks if she was thinking of their plan when she was kissing Boyd? Kendall is surprised to hear Michael was watching her, but she doesn't blow her cover. She tells him if she had known he was watching she would have enjoyed it more. He asks why she went to see Boyd, and she says she wanted to get him to trust her again. Michael says they don't need his trust anymore. Kendall asks if they aren't going to continue trying to steal the formula from Boyd. Michael tells her they won't have to, because by the end of the day he'll own 20 percent of Enchantment which will put him on the board of directors. With his involvement he will be able to remove Erica as head of the company because he'll show her as unfit. Michael brings up the incident from years ago when Kendall drove Erica to stab Dimitri with a letter opener. Kendall says that was due to post-traumatic stress syndrome. He wants Kendall again to provoke Erica into doing something crazy so he'll have ammunition against her. He knows Erica is at the Valley Inn, and he wants Kendall to provoke her so she'll lose it in a public place. Kendall says this will be very fun.

Bianca and Lena go to Erica's penthouse to prepare goodies to welcome Jack home from the hospital. Lena again tells Bianca she loves her. Bianca says they really don't know that much about each other. Lena says they'll have plenty of time to learn more about the other's likes and dislikes. Bianca tells Lena that it's sweet that she's going to all this effort to welcome Jack home. Lena's phone rings, and Bianca steps out of the room and tells Lena to go ahead and answer it. It's Michael, asking Lena if she's gotten the formula. Lena tells him she's still working on that. Michael again orders her to get it, threatening the safety of her mother. After hanging up, Lena asks Bianca if she will go to her car and get some flowers that she left there. Bianca gets Lena's keys and agrees to get the flowers. Instead, she goes to a security room where she is able to see the inside of Erica's penthouse on hidden cameras. The guard on duty tells Bianca that he could get fired for letting her look at them, but she reminds him that she's Erica's daughter. Bianca is disturbed to see Lena get Bianca's pocket computer out of her purse and look through it. Tears fill Bianca's eyes as she says "If I mean anything to you, don't do it." Lena gets the combination to Erica's safe, enters the safe and gets a disc. Bianca realizes that what her mother and Kendall said about Lena is true. The guard notices on the monitor that someone broke into Erica's safe. He starts to call the police but Bianca stops him, telling him she'll take care of this. Bianca returns to the penthouse with the flowers. Lena tells her she wants her to never doubt her again and believe that everything she says is the truth. Lena tells Bianca she knows she cares about her by what she said at the airport. Bianca asks Lena why she was planning on leaving that day. Lena say Michael wanted her to spy for him, but that's not why she stayed. She says she stayed for Bianca. Lena tries to get close to Bianca, who backs away from her. Bianca says they need to leave before her mother gets there with Jack.

Erica is having breakfast with Jack at the Valley Inn. A television reporter, June, enters and asks Erica about her reasons for being with Jack. Has she rekindled something with an old flame? Erica tells June that she'll give her an exclusive later if she goes away now. Erica apologizes to Jack as June leaves. The conversation turns to Bianca, with Erica telling Jack that whenever Bianca falls for the wrong person, she blames her. She says Lena is exploiting Bianca. Jack tells Erica that maybe she should leave Bianca alone. She's been warned about Lena and apparently she thinks the risk is worth it.

Michael and Kendall enter the Valley Inn hand-in-hand and sit down. June, who is sitting at another table, anticipates some kind of a blow-up and calls her office to send a cameraman there right away. June says with all those daggers being thrown between Erica and Michael, she's betting Erica won't be making a graceful exit. Kendall walks over to Erica's table and asks if she's suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome again. Is that why she shot Jack? Erica acts flabbergasted, demanding, excuse me? The cameraman walks in and begins rolling his tape. Kendall says she figures Erica was behind the shooting. Jack tells Kendall to get out of here and starts to stand but collapses in pain. Erica tells Jack she should have taken him right home from the hospital. She shouts angrily at Kendall, but Kendall says this is not her fault. Erica tells Kendall that she lives and breathes to wound her. Kendall tells Jack that Erica is going to hurt her. Michael watches this scene, silently, trying to spur Kendall to continue to provoke Erica. As Kendall continues to egg her on, Erica picks up a knife and points it at Kendall, prompting Kendall to call her certifiably crazy. Erica and Jack leave and Michael tells Kendall she was magnificent. He says after this story runs on the news he'll be able to step up and remove Erica from Enchantment. He tells Kendall her reign at Enchantment is assured and Kendall says she's counting on it.

Later Lena barges into Michael's home while he's doing pushups. She tosses the disc at him and tells him now that he has the formula he better leave her and her mother alone. Kendall calls Erica, saying, "weren't we convincing?" Erica asks if Michael bought their act and she says he bought it completely. Erica says she'll keep the media coverage going. Kendall asks what the next move is and Erica says she's working on it. Kendall says she has to get off the phone, but she'll be in touch. Bianca arrives at Erica's home and tells her mother she was right. "I hope you're happy because everything you said about Lena is true," Bianca says. Erica says of course she's not happy because Lena hurt her. She says Lena and Michael are going to pay for what they're doing. Bianca says that is what she wants.

At the hospital, Edmund tells Maddie that she and her mother will be going away for awhile with Aidan. Maddie says she doesn't want to go. Edmund tells her she'll be going to an awesome place. Maria says they'll have fun and Aidan will be there. Maddie says she doesn't want Aidan there, she wants daddy. Edmund tells her that he wants Aidan there and he trusts him. Maddie agrees to the plan. Derek tells Edmund that the squad car is ready, although his plan still doesn't feel right. Derek says they should be able to get this guy without Edmund risking his life. Edmund wants to proceed with the plan as developed. Aidan tells her that he would do the same thing if it were his daughter. Aidan tells Edmund he won't let him down. Edmund brings a laundry cart into the room and tells Maddie that she and her mother are going to hide in it. They get inside and Edmund covers them with towels. Aidan, now dressed in a laundry uniform, wheels the cart out of the room. Aidan takes Maria and Maddie to the boathouse, where Maria tells her daughter they will have a lot of fun. Edmund returns to Wildwind with what appears to be a child wrapped in a blanket. Once inside, he drops a dummy. "All right you son of a bitch, come and get me," he says to himself. Flanders is lurking just outside the door.

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