AMC Update Friday 5/9/03

All My Children Update Friday 5/9/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie can't believe Professor Stevens is accusing her of cheating. The professor says her exam was identical to Henry's. Maggie says that doesn't mean she cheated. Maggie says she aced the exam. She can hook her up to a lie detector if she doesn't believe her. Professor Stevens tells Maggie she's on probation. Maggie asks if she's going to kick her out of school. That can't happen. She wants to be a doctor, she says. The professor says expulsion may be her punishment. Maggie says she can prove that she didn't cheat. Professor Stevens says if she had proof she would have shown it right away. She says either she or Henry copied the other, and if she accuses Henry, her case will look even worse. She says if she has proof, present it to the dean. Professor Stevens leaves and Henry walks in. Maggie tells him she was accused of cheating. "Oh my God," Henry says. "I'm so sorry. What are we going to do." Maggie tells him he needs to tell the truth and she will be beside him to support him. He tells her he can't do that. He says if he confessed his medical career would be over. She asks what about her medical career. Is he going to let her throat get cut so he doesn't disappoint his mother? Henry says his mother and uncle struggled and sacrificed to get him where he is today. Maggie says she thought he cared about her. Henry reminds Maggie that she allowed him to copy her paper and encouraged him to keep quiet about it. Maggie tells him he's not the man she thought he was. She walks out but returns later because she forgot her cell phone. She tells Henry that if he loves her he'll tell Professor Stevens the truth.

Reggie and Joni are at the hospital to see Jack. Joni has brought a pot of flowers from her parents' garden. Reggie warns Joni not to say anything about Luis. Joni says she wants to set the record straight. Reggie tells her if she shoots off her mouth, Luis will shoot his gun. They walk into Jack's room and find Janelle. Janelle asks them where they're going together, but Joni says they are not together. Janelle offers to put fliers up at the clinic and do whatever she can to find the man who shot Jack. Reggie snaps at her, ordering her to stay out of it. Jack says he would appreciate any help finding the guy who shot him. Joni says she might be able to help him. She says she wants to put him on the youth group prayer list, as well as the man who shot him. Jack thanks her for that. As Joni and Reggie leave the room, they get into a discussion about God. Joni tells Reggie that without God she would have died a long time ago. Inside Jack's room, Jack and Janelle talk about Reggie. Janelle tells him that his brother was shot and left in an alley, but he didn't survive. Joni tells Reggie that she mistakenly took Ecstasy and almost died. While in a coma for three weeks, her parents and the church prayed for her. Three weeks later she woke up and doctors had no explanation. She says she is proof that prayer works. Reggie asks her what about the people who don't wake up. Reggie tells Joni about his brother. He says the chaplain prayed very hard when his brother was shot "but we got screwed." Joni says we can't always understand why God sends challenges. Reggie says his family has had more challenges than anyone.

Maria tells Edmund that the man Maddie saw with the gun pointed the gun right at her. Inside Maddie's room, Flanders, wearing a doctor's scrub uniform, is by Maddie's bedside. As Maddie sleeps, he puts a pillow over her face. A nurse walks in and Flanders pulls the pillow away. After she leaves, he puts it back over her face. Maddie calls for her mother, scaring Flanders away. Edmund and Maria run into the room just as Flanders leaves. Maddie tells them that the bad man was there and was putting a pillow over her face. Edmund surmises the guy must be in the hospital, and he alerts police, who agree to secure the hospital. Derek asks Edmund for a description. Edmund provides a sketchy description, but says he didn't see the man's face. Derek says he needs to get a description from Maddie, but Edmund is adamant he wants the police to find his man now. Maria and Aidan are at Maddie's bedside, and Maria tells Maddie that they're going to keep the bad man far away from her. Derek walks in with Edmund and Edmund tells his daughter that she'll have her very own policeman right outside her door. Derek asks Maddie what the man looked like. Maria thinks this is too soon to be questioning Maddie. A man in a surgeon's scrub suit walks in and Maddie shouts "That's him. That's the man." As the doctor is walking out the door Edmund runs after him and tackles him, putting him into a choke hold. Derek follows and orders Edmund to get off the man. The doctor stands up and it's quickly discovered this is not the wanted man but is Dr. Davis. Edmund apologizes, saying his daughter thought he was the one who tried to kill her. He apologizes for overreacting. Edmund goes back into Maddie's room and tells her that wasn't the man. Maria tells Maddie that she will stay with her all night at the hospital. Aidan, seeing Edmund and Maria at Maddie's bedside, leaves the room. Maria tells Edmund she wishes she would have been the one to go through this rather than Maddie. He hugs her, and she sinks his face into his chest. Maria figures that the gunman must be scooping out the place. They discuss ways to keep Maddie safe. Derek tells Edmund that he will have a 24-hour police presence at Wildwind, but Edmund tells him that Maddie is not going to Wildwind. She and Maria are leaving town for Maddie's protection. He asks Aidan if he'll go with them.

Kendall knocks on Myrtle's door. When Myrtle sees her, she tries to slam the door in her face. Kendall holds the door open and says she needs to see Boyd. Myrtle manages to slam the door, saying to herself "when pigs fly." Kendall pounds on the door loudly and Myrtle opens it and chastises her. Kendall asks Myrtle to tell Boyd that she was there. Boyd, who is coming downstairs just in time to hear this, tells Myrtle to let her in. Kendall says she came to apologize. She says she'll regret what she did to him for the rest of her life. Boyd doesn't seem impressed by her apology. Kendall asks him if he'll ever be able to trust her again. She tells Boyd about her plan to go after Michael. Boyd warns her that if Michael finds out what she's doing, he'll come after her. Kendall tells Boyd he must be worried about her and still cares about her despite everything. He tells her she wasn't acting on her own, she was acting on Michael's orders. He tells her he wants to help her in her mission to get Michael. As she's leaving, she tells Boyd she has missed his friendship. She kisses him and leaves. Michael is lurking in the bush outside the door.

Bianca starts to cry when she sees Michael has left Lena's room. She knocks on Lena's door and Lena notices she's been crying. She asks her what's wrong. "Did you think I wouldn't find out you're having an affair?" Bianca asks, wiping away a tear. Bianca tells Lena she just saw Michael leave. Lena tells her she has it all wrong but Bianca tells her she knows Lena is working for Michael. Lena says she's working for Bianca's mother. Bianca says that's just so she can take down Enchantment, don't deny it. Lena says she won't deny it. It's true. She says she was involved with Michael. He approached her because of her position at Enchantment and offered her money to help take Enchantment down. But she refused. She says he was interested in her personally and she thought she would help the company if she strung him along. She was pretending she was interested but today she told him she couldn't pretend anymore. She tells Bianca she didn't want to hurt her. "How stupid do you think I am?" Bianca asks. Bianca tells Lena she was lying to her since she came to Pine Valley. Lena says she wasn't lying to her. Bianca says she's heard enough. She thinks she's going to be sick. Lena grabs Bianca to keep her from leaving and sits her down. Lena tells her for the first time in her life she's found someone who has changed her and makes her happy. She says she is all that matters to her. She loves her. Bianca asks how she can love her and lie to her. Lena says she's not lying. This is the way she feels. "I love you and I'm not lying about loving you. You must believe me." Bianca tearfully tells her she believes her and they embrace.

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