AMC Update Thursday 5/8/03

All My Children Update Thursday 5/8/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Edmund runs through the woods, frantically searching for Maddy. Flanders is taking aim at Maddy, but he can hear Edmund’s cries.

Erica talks to Jackson. She says he’ll feel better when he sees that it wasn’t Chris behind the shooting. Just then Derek walks in with a briefcase. Erica protests. She says she’s not going to allow Jackson to do work in the hospital. Jackson insists that he needs something from the briefcase. He opens it and takes out a ring case. He shows her a set of wedding bands and says that he can’t wait anymore.

Kendall tries to convince Bianca that Lena is sleeping with Michael. Bianca is furious and doesn’t believe her. Bianca says Lena would never cheat on her. Kendall tells her she may be right, but the only reason Lena is with her right now is because of Michael. Kendall tells her what she’s learned about Michael’s plans.

Lena goes back to her hotel room and is surprised to see Michael there. He asks if she was able to get the information he was looking for. Lena tells him that the formula wasn’t in the safe. She thinks Erica may be taking extra precautions. Michael tells her she better not be holding out on anything. Lena says she wants nothing more than to get the job over with so she never has to see him again. Michael tells her he has another job for her, and this time she better not fail.

Aidan holds out an engagement ring and looks hopefully at Maria. Maria looks happily at the ring, but doesn’t answer. Aidan wonders if he’s pushing too hard. Maria says he’s not and she understands that he wants stability. She doesn’t understand however why he’s moving so fast – packing up, moving out, getting a ring. Aidan says that Jackson’s shooting has just put things into perspective. He says he wants to be with Maria forever. Maria fears what will happen when she remembers her life with Edmund. She says she doesn’t even know what name to put on the marriage certificate – Maureen or Maria? Aidan says those things don’t matter. He says it won’t be that scary once they’re engaged. He asks her to take the chance.

Edmund finds Maddy hunched up next to a tree. He runs to her and picks her up. She’s crying, but hasn’t been hurt. Edmund asks if she’s ok. Maddy cries and says “he had a gun”. Edmund holds her close, grateful that she’s ok. He sits down and comforts her. Mia limps over and is glad to see them together. She calls the cops and tells them that there is a man with a gun in the park, and that two shots have been fired. They wait for the police. Maddy says she’s going to be sick. Edmund tells her to take deep breaths. Mia assures Maddy that the police will catch the man with the gun. Edmund asks her if she saw the shooter. Maddy nods. He asks if anyone was hurt. Maddy says the other man was. Edmund and Mia look at each other.

Henry strums on his guitar in a classroom. Maggie comes in and is glad to see him. Henry tells her he’s working on a song for her. They kiss and fool around a bit. Maggie tells him that Prof. Stevens needs to talk to him. Henry gets angry. He fears that they caught him cheating.

Erica asks Jackson why he’s in such a hurry. She tells him he should work on getting stronger. She jokes and says this brain must have gotten affected. Jackson is very serious. He says he heard all the things she said while he was unconscious. He says he wants nothing more than to be with her forever. Erica finally agrees. Just then the phone rings. It’s Lena.

Bianca insists that Lena cares about her. Kendall asks if Lena has ever acted weird. Bianca says she hasn’t, and she’s nothing like Michael. Kendall begs Bianca to consider the possibility. She says when she was blindly in love with Michael, she also did not pick up on any of the signs. Bianca seems to be wondering a little, but insists that Lena would never do anything to hurt her.

Lena tells Erica that there’s been a run in Enchantment’s stocks. She says Michael is using dummy companies to buy stocks, and he wants to buy Enchantment out. Erica says she knew he would do that. She says she had already told Lena that eventually Michael would end up driving Enchantment’s stock up, and that’s when they would get him back. Lena says she’s right and hangs up. Michael listens to the whole conversation sitting beside her.

After Erica puts the phone down, she complains to Jackson. She says she hopes Kendall gets through to Bianca and worries about Enchantment. Jackson tells her he’s made a decision. He says he will cancel the priest he had ordered and will postpone their ceremony. He says he wants her to go out there and kick Michael’s butt! Erica thanks him for understanding.

The police have arrived at the park. Derek asks Maddy a few questions, but Maddy stays quiet. Mia tries to comfort her, but Maddy shouts that she wants her mother. Derek says he hopes to talk to Maddy soon. He says they can’t find a shooter and they don’t have a body. Edmund tells him to ease off for a while, and hopefully he’ll get his answers when Maddy is ready to talk.

Maria says yes to Aidan’s proposal. Aidan is thrilled and asks her to repeat her answer. He picks up Maria happily and they kiss. The phone rings and Aidan urges her to not pick it up. Maria insists that she will answer the phone and then they will go out to celebrate. She picks up and it’s Edmund. He tells her what happened. Maria panics. She says they have to go to the hospital. Aidan doesn’t give another thought to it. He puts on a shirt, picks up his keys and runs out with Maria – forgetting the engagement ring on the desk.

Henry insists that someone must have caught him cheating. Maggie assures him that if that were the case, they would have talked to him a long time ago. Henry feels a little better and leaves. Maggie waits in the classroom and Prof. Stevens walks in furiously. Maggie wonders if she’s going to talk to her about the professor assistantship. Prof. Stevens says she has serious questions about Maggie’s exam paper.

Bianca insists that if Lena wanted Boyd’s formula, she could have gotten it right from him. Kendall says she’s not sure what Lena’s plan is, but she warns Bianca to look out. Bianca asks Kendall why she cares so much all of a sudden. She says she’s being just as intrusive as her mother. Kendall corrects her. “Our mother…” she says. Bianca is shocked. She accuses Kendall of trying to get on the good side of Erica. She says she’s just trying to make herself look good. She asks Kendall what she thinks she’s going to get out of this. Just then Erica comes out of Jackson’s room and yells at Bianca. She says that Kendall is just trying to look out for her. Bianca is speechless at her mom’s sudden compassion for Kendall. Both Erica and Kendall start accusing Lena of pretending to be gay. Bianca explodes. She says Lena was certainly not pretending when they spent the night together. She insists that Lena loves her and walks off. Kendall and Erica look at each other. Erica thanks Kendall for trying.

Lena tells Michael she would never compromise her mother’s safety to save Erica. Michael asks where she thinks Boyd’s formula is. Lena says she’s not sure. Michael wonders if the formula is at Erica’s apartment. Lena says she doesn’t have access to Erica’s private home. Michael tells her to use Bianca to get in there.

Maria and Aidan rush into the hospital. Maria finds Edmund and asks about Maddy. Edmund tells her that she’s ok, but is in shock. He hugs Maria. Aidan looks on from behind. He walks over and says he’s going to go. Maria kisses him and thanks him for being there for her. She walks into Maddy’s room and gives her a hug. Edmund and Mia watch from outside. Mia is on crutches – she had hurt her ankle pretty bad. Edmund tells her he knows she was just as worried about Maddy as he was. He tells Mia she’s incredible and kisses her.

Maddy talks to her mother. She tells her how the man pointed the gun at her. Maria is shocked and takes her daughter in her arms.

Maggie asks if there’s something wrong with the mid-term. Prof. Stevens says she expected Maggie to at least be honest. She says Henry’s answers were exactly the same as hers. Maggie explains that they are lab partners and studied for the exam together. Prof. Stevens says it’s obvious that Maggie cheated off of Henry. Maggie is speechless.

Lena tells Michael she hates him. Michael warns Lena to get him what she wants. Bianca walks over to Lena’s room just as Michael is leaving. She moves back and he doesn’t see her.

Aidan catches up to Derek in the woods. He asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Derek explains that they can’t find a body, but they have found some fresh blood on the ground. He says Maddy is the only witness.

Maria assures Maddy that nothing will happen to her. She says she’s going to get Edmund, and urges Maddy to tell her father exactly what she told her. Maria runs out and finds Edmund. She explains that Maddy actually witnessed the shooting, and that the shooter saw her. Edmund is shocked. Maria and Edmund worry that Maddy’s life may be in danger. In the background, Flanders, dressed in a hospital gown and mask, enters Maddy’s room. He walks over to Maddy, who is sleeping.

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