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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/7/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan is at home, packing up. Maria comes in, excited about the dinner she is about to cook him. She notices he’s packing up and asks what’s going on. She asks if he was just going to slip away without saying anything. Aidan tells Maria he’s packed a few of her things. She asks if they’re taking another island trip. Aidan doesn’t specify at first. He says she deserves better than staying at the flea-bag motel. Maria says she doesn’t mind it, as long as she is with him. Aidan shows her a key. He’s got them a proper room at the Valley Inn Hotel.

Mia, Edmund and Maddy are having a picnic. Mia is trying to make Maddy feel comfortable with her. Maddy doesn’t seem to respond to any of Mia’s friendly tactics. Finally, Mia pulls out boxing gloves and tells Maddy the story of knocking Edmund out. Maddy smiles.

Erica meets Kendall outside of Jackson’s hospital room. Erica asks her if she was able to talk to Bianca about Lena. Kendall says she’s not sure if she’ll be able to do it.

Bianca wakes up in Lena’s hotel room, well-rested and undressed under the sheets. She tells Lena that she had a wonderful time last night. Lena kisses her on the cheek and says she did too. She has prepared a lovely breakfast. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Michael. He tells Lena the game is over. He tells her to make sure she gets the information they need from Bianca. Lena hangs up in anger. Bianca asks if it was Erica on the phone, trying to hunt them down. Lena makes up a story and says the call wasn’t important. Bianca wonders if she should leave, and if she’s intruding. Lena insists that she wants Bianca with her, and that she’s certainly welcome at her place anytime. Bianca goes to take a shower. Someone knocks. It’s Michael. Lena asks what he’s doing there. Michael tells her that she shouldn’t shut him out, otherwise her mother could be in real danger.

Chris is sneaking around the woods, looking for Flanders. He makes sure his gun is ready and hides it in his jacket. He calls Flanders but gets the answering machine. He continues looking through the woods. Flanders stands behind a tree, keeping an eye on Chris.

Mia has Maddy dressed up in boxing garb. She even had the boxing robe engraved with Maddy’s name. They have a good time running after each other. Maddy’s friend Jessica shows up and asks Maddy to play with her. Before Maddy runs away, she says thank you to Mia. Mia and Edmund are glad to see Maddy finally warm up. After Maddy leaves, Mia and Edmund get cozy.

Kendall says it’s too risky for her to talk to Bianca. She says that if Bianca doesn’t believe her, she’s going to go straight to Lena – and then Lena would go back to Michael. Kendall says that if Michael finds out that she’s working against him, things could get messy. Erica insists that protecting Bianca is more important than trying to bring down Michael. Kendall then says that Bianca hates her and won’t ever listen to her. Erica says that this is the perfect chance for Kendall to redeem herself. She says that Bianca will then know Kendall is on her side, and things could get better in the future. Erica says that Bianca would later forgive her for coming between her and Lena. Kendall wonders. She asks if Erica would also learn to forgive her, and if they could come to a better understanding. Erica says it’s possible. Kendall still seems skeptical and leaves. Erica goes in to see Jackson. Jackson asks how she’s doing. Erica tells him she’s done something she thought she would never do - she has asked Kendall for help.

Maria starts crying when she sees how loving Aidan is. They kiss happily. Maria says that no matter where they’re living, she’ll be happy as long as she has him. Aidan says moving out is just the beginning, and that he’ll always be with her. Maria says no one makes her feel the way he does. They fall onto the bed and make love.

Mia and Edmund are kissing in the park. Maddy and her friend Jessica run back to the picnic spread. Mia asks if they’ve worked up an appetite. The girls yell yes. Mia hands Maddy some cupcakes. Maddy leans in and kisses Mia on the cheek. The girls run away. Mia is speechless. She asks Edmund what just happened. Edmund smiles and says it looks like she’s made a friend.

Chris calls Flanders again and leaves another message. He says he’s tired of looking for him and starts to leave. As Chris turns, he sees Flanders standing behind him.

Michael starts walking into the Lena’s room. He warns Lena that he will expose her mother. He says he knows her mother used to work for the secret police, and that the new regime considers that grounds for life imprisonment. Lena is stunned that Michael has found out so much. Michael reminds her that she has to go according to plan. When Lena starts to object again, Michael grabs her by the hair and threatens her. Lena agrees to do whatever he says. Michael tells her to get the Enchantment safe combination from Bianca. After he leaves, Lena rushes to Bianca’s things. She pulls out Bianca’s organizer and begins writing down some notes. Just as Lena is putting her things back, Bianca walks out of the shower and is stunned to see Lena. She declares that she knows what she’s doing.

Erica tells Jackson what has been going on with Bianca. Jackson says he worries about them and will continue worrying till Chris is found. Erica tells him that Chris had just come to see her. Jackson can’t believe it and asks what happened. Erica tells him that he had come to say good bye.

Flanders asks for his passport and ticket. Chris frisks him. He says he’ll pass it over as soon as Flanders tells him what happened with Jackson. Flanders is vague. He then realizes that Chris is looking for a confession. Flanders grabs Chris’s jacket and pulls out a tape recorder. He takes the recorder and throws it deep into the woods. Flanders says he’s disappointed. Chris insists that he didn’t want to hurt Jackson. Flanders accuses him of wanting Jackson dead more than he did. He then threatens to hurt Erica. Chris grabs and throws him against a tree. Just as Flanders turns, Chris points his gun right at him. He warns Flanders that Jackson may have survived, but he won’t be that lucky.

Maria and Aidan lay in bed. Maria says she welcomes the future with Aidan. Aidan says their future isn’t too far off.

Edmund and Mia walk around at the park. They seem to be around the same woods as Chris and Flanders. They talk about their relationship and agree to live in the moment. Mia reminds him not to have any expectations. Edmund says her timing is perfect. He says he tried with Maria, and with Brooke. But both times, the timing was off. Mia wonders if they’re meant to be together. Before he can answer, Maddy comes running back. She asks Aunt Mia to play with her in the woods.

Bianca says she knows what’s going on. She says she can see all the signs, and can sense that Lena is having cold feet. Lena smiles and says that she’s just pre-occupied with all the work that’s piled up at Enchantment. Bianca laughs nervously and feels silly for being so insecure. Lena says she’s being sweet, and that she will make sure her heart isn’t broken. They hug. Bianca’s phone rings. It’s Kendall. Kendall tells her she really needs to talk to her, and asks her to come to the hospital. Bianca protests, but Kendall says it’s important. Bianca finally agrees. She hangs up and tells Lena she has to go.

Erica tells Jackson that Chris is going after whoever shot him. Jackson doesn’t believe it. Erica tells him that Chris would never come to the hospital if he was actually guilty.

Chris and Flanders wrestle on the ground. In the background, Maddy’s voice can be heard. Chris gets distracted. Just then, Flanders picks up the gun he had hidden underneath some leaves. He points the gun at Chris and smiles. He says he may have messed up with Jackson, but he won’t mess up this time. Chris freezes and keeps his hands up in defense.

Aidan keeps something hidden behind him and walks over to Maria. He says that she’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. He holds out an engagement ring and asks if she’ll marry him. Maria is shocked.

Lena sneaks into Erica’s office. She takes a piece of paper out of her purse. She had jotted down the combination to Erica’s safe from Bianca’s organizer. She opens the safe and takes out a few papers. Meanwhile, Kendall tries to tell Bianca that Lena and Michael are working together. Bianca says she’s had enough of these lies. Kendall says that Lena is sleeping with Michael. Bianca slaps her in anger.

Maddy runs innocently into the woods. She stops as she sees Flanders shoot Chris. Mia and Edmund hear a gun shot and run frantically into the woods. Mia trips and hurts her ankle. Edmund catches up with her, but continues shouting for Maddy. Chris gets up and sees Flanders point the gun at Maddy. A wounded Chris grabs Maddy and takes another bullet in his back. He falls. Flanders smiles and aims at Maddy.

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