AMC Update Tuesday 5/6/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/6/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Simone and Carlos are answering phones at Fusion. The phones are ringing off the hook. People are calling in to find out more about their product, and to chat with the hunk that did the commercial. Tad walks in and is glad to see their promotion worked out so well. He sees that Liza doesn’t look as excited as she should. He asks her to cheer up and she blows up on him. She asks how he could have allowed their little promotion to go on air. She says they’re going to be getting in trouble very soon.

Erica comes in to Jackson’s hospital room. Jackson seems so relieved to see her. He asks her where she was all night and why she didn’t come over earlier. Erica wonders why Jackson looks so worried. Jackson tells her that he’s afraid that Chris would go after her next. Erica explains that Chris wasn’t the one who shot him. She pleads with Jackson to believe her. She tells him that Aidan had been following Chris, and he is also certain that Chris didn’t pull the trigger. Jackson seems relieved. Erica leans over and kisses him. Derek comes in to question Jackson. He says the cops have covered the area, but have found no evidence. He asks Jackson if there’s anyone out there who wants him dead.

Chris continues calling Flanders. Just as he leaves his message, there’s a knock on his door. It’s Aidan. Chris wonders what he’s doing there. Aidan says he’s trying to help. Chris’ phone rings just then. It’s Flanders, who’s seems to be calling from somewhere in the woods. Flanders tells Chris that they had a deal. He asks for his plane ticket out of Pine Valley. Flanders says he did what he had to do to send Jackson a message. He threatens that if Chris doesn’t hold up his end of the deal, he’ll come after him and Erica. Chris gets off the phone. Aidan asks what’s going on. Chris says things have just taken a bad turn, but he can take care of it by himself. He tells Aidan to watch his back, especially since Flanders knows he was taping his conversations. After Aidan leaves, Chris loads his gun.

Simone and Carlos continue answering phones, but Carlos seems very irritated. He finally hangs up on one caller and asks Simone to stop for a second. He tells her that he was just doing her a favor when he did the promo, but he didn’t sign up for all of this. He says they need to get a professional model, and hire a secretary. Tad explains to Liza that he didn’t authorize going live with the promo. He says that Simone somehow figured it out. Liza tells him that when he went live, it wasn’t only the local channel that aired the promo. She explains that they went national, and that someone or the other will protest. Tad accuses Liza of losing her edge. Liza says she’s trying to be careful. In the background, Simone yells out in excitement. She says that everyone is begging for their product, and have been lining up outside of stores hoping to find Fusion products inside.

Simone asks Carlos if he still wants to bail out on her. Carlos says all he wanted to do was reach Greenlee, but she hasn’t called. He says he really blew it by reading off Simone’s cue cards, which means the words that were supposedly coming from his heart were not even his. Simone promises to not tell Greenlee, but Carlos is convinced that Greenlee will never forgive him. He says he lost her trust. Just then, two cops come in to the office. Everyone wonders what they’re doing there. One cop responds that no day would be complete without arresting Simone. Simone is shocked!

Mia comes into the stables where Edmund is getting ready to ride. Mia tells him that she thinks they should call it quits. She fears that Maddy will never accept her. Edmund gives her a hug and says he likes her too much to let her walk away. Mia is glad to see that Edmund cares so much. She says she wasn’t exactly looking for another romance after Jake. Edmund says he wasn’t either, and was merely waiting around to see if Maria would come back to him. He tells Mia that now all he wants is to be with her. They kiss.

Jackson tells Derek that things between him and Chris hadn’t been so great lately. Erica is surprised that Jackson brought up Chris’ name. She tells him that they have already discussed this, and that Chris isn’t behind the shooting. Jackson tells Derek that he just wants to be extra careful. He asks him to arrange for some security outside of Erica’s place. Derek leaves, and Opal comes in. Opal is glad to see that Jackson is doing so well. She sits down next to him. Erica says she’s going to check on Enchantment and will be back soon. She kisses Jackson and leaves. Opal tells Jackson that she had some really strong premonitions about him dying. She says that he wasn’t meant to live, and she fears something bad is going to happen.

Outside Jackson’s hospital room, Erica sees Chris. Chris asks to speak to her in private. He says he want to apologize for everything that has happened. Erica tells him that Aidan had told her what was going on, and that she now knows he didn’t do anything.. Chris says that means everything to him, and he’s glad she still has faith in him. Erica warns Chris that Derek may be calling to question him. Chris tells her he’s come to say goodbye.

Liza calls Kenny and leaves a message. She tells him that something bad has happened and that Fusion needs his help once again. Tad tells her she’s overreacting. Liza turns to Tad in anger. She says she can’t believe what he has done to her. She says she’s facing a divorce. All she has left is her daughter and her television station. She says now WRCW may lose its broadcasting license because of the stunt he and Simone pulled.

The cops drag Carlos and Simone into jail. They quip about Simone missing her regular cell, and that they’re glad to see her back. Carlos calls one of the cops over to his cell. He says that Simone had nothing to do with the broadcast. He says he did it alone. Simone looks at him in shock and screams at him in front of the cops. She says Carlos is trying to play the knight in shining armor. Carlos continues to talk to the cops and says that Simone is just covering for him. Just then Liza and Tad walk in. Liza intervenes and says that she owns the station, and doesn’t want to press charges. Tad stops her and says she should just ask how much the bail is. Liza argues with Tad…Simone continues arguing with Carlos. Tad ends up behind bars. It’s a real mess. Just then Kenny comes in and says he has some bad news.

Mia tells Edmund she’s going to prepare a nice picnic for Maddy. She is determined to be accepted by her. Edmund is glad to see that. They kiss and say goodbye. Mia says she feels good about their relationship. Edmund agrees.

Opal continues talking to Jackson. She says she’s really glad to see he’s ok, but doesn’t understand why she had such a strong premonition.

Erica asks Chris why he’s leaving. She says he’s going to look very suspicious if he leaves now. Chris says he’s going to have to take the chance. He says he wanted to make sure that she knows he didn’t shoot Jackson. He says that he will make whoever was behind it pay. Erica gets scared and asks if he knows who the real shooter is.

Opal drops her glass of water suddenly. She’s having another premonition. She insists that Jackson is not safe, not by a long shot.

Kenny tells Liza that he’ll do everything he can, but they might be looking at a felony charge. Liza shakes her head in disappointment. Behind bars, Simone admits that she screwed up, and she will make up for it. Liza firmly tells her that she thought Fusion would be a legacy for her daughter, but all of Simone’s stunts have really hurt the company. Tad tries to interrupt her, but Liza turns to him and says he is just as much to blame as Simone. She looks at all three of her friends in jail. She tells them to enjoy their time in prison and leaves.

Edmund and Maddy are skipping happily in the park. They spot Mia and walk towards her. Mia has prepared a really nice picnic spread. Maddy is surprised to see Mia, and doesn’t seem very happy. Mia tries to talk to her. She says she’s glad to see that Maddy got out of school early. Edmund also tries to make Maddy feel more comfortable. He tells her that Mia went through all this trouble just for her. Maddy doesn’t say anything, and Mia gets worried.

Jackson asks Opal if her hunch could be wrong. He wonders if it’s Erica who’s really in trouble.

Erica tells Chris that she would like to see him around. Chris says he wouldn’t feel comfortable sticking around during her wedding with Jackson. Chris hugs her and says he’ll always love her. He leaves. Erica stands alone in tears. Opal comes out of the Jackson’s room and asks what happened. Erica tells her that Chris just said good bye for good.

Flanders roams the woods. He takes his gun and hides it under some leaves. He seems to be getting ready for Chris.

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