AMC Update Monday 5/5/03

All My Children Update Monday 5/5/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Carlos tells Greenlee that Sydney wrote the emails but they were based on his own feelings. Greenlee says they were all lies. Carlos says he would never lie to her. She asks him why he didn't write the emails himself rather than using a ghost writer. She says those words gave her hope and permission to have him come into her life. Now his scam is over. Carlos says he's still the man she knows him to be. She says she doesn't know who he is. He says he was just trying to be honest. She orders him out and slams the door in his face.

Liza and Simone are on the phone to retailers trying to get their products on store shelves. They are not having success. They surmise that the lawsuit against Fusion is scaring people away from Fusion products. Tad and Boyd enter. Liza wonders how they know each other. They say they were both checking out the lawsuit and decided they could cover more ground together. Tad says they found out the lawsuit is bogus and it has been withdrawn. They pour champagne to toast their good news. Tad and Boyd explain that the woman who filed the suit dropped it after learning she could go to jail for extortion. Boyd says whoever is behind the suit was after Enchantment and his formula. Simone has a new idea for a promotion, and Tad is supporting it. She wants to shoot a video promo for Fusion eyes at WRCW and Tad says he'll help. Liza is skeptical, saying this could land the company in bankruptcy or Simone in jail. But she relents, telling them to leave the studio before the night crews show up for the morning show. Simone says she'll call Carlos to help and Boyd tags along, saying he wouldn't miss this. Tad tells Liza that no one will even know they were there. Once at WRCW, they prepare a script and the cameras. There are two TV monitors next to each other, and Tad tries to explain to Simone that if one particular one is on, they are on live TV.

Greenlee arrives back at Fusion and finds Liza. Liza tells Greenlee the good news about the lawsuit, but Greenlee is unfazed. Liza asks her what's wrong. Greenlee asks whether she'll ever be able to trust anyone again. She tells Liza about Carlos not writing the emails. Liza asks if she is more upset about the emails or about opening her heart to someone. Greenlee asks Liza if she thinks she's using this as an excuse to shut someone out of her life. She says she doesn't like being alone, but why does love have to come with lies.

Carlos arrives at WRCW and Simone tells him that she needs him to help with the promo. He says this is something he can't do. He's had a rough night, he tells her. She guesses correctly that this has something to do with Greenlee. He says Greenlee now sees him as a total stranger. Simone says where there's a will there's a way. All he needs to do is read the cue cards. Simone calls Liza and says there's a change in plans. She tells her to watch WRCW. She puts Carlos in front of the camera and tells him to read the cards with as much soul as he can muster. Suddenly he's on live. Liza turns on the TV and she and Greenlee watch as Carlos recites lines about how the eyes can see straight to the soul. Tad walks to the TV monitors and sees both of them on. He's horrified to see that this is on live. "We're on the air? You idiot," he tells Simone. Simone says she thinks it's brilliant.

Joe tells Bianca that Jack is conscious and wants to see her. Erica is at Jack's bedside and tells him that she's grateful that he's alive and came back to her. "Don't I always," he says. She says she was so scared she was going to lose him. She kisses his hand and tells him she would have been lost without him. Bianca comes into the room and he thanks her for coming. Outside the room, Kendall asks Joe if Jack is out of the woods. He says he has a long road ahead of him and there may be setbacks. Kendall thanks him for keeping her in the loop and Joe thanks her for bringing Erica to the hospital. She won't forget her kindness, he says. Lena walks into the hospital and sees Kendall. Joe re-enters Jack's room and determines all his vital signs are looking good. He and Erica leave, leaving Bianca alone with Jack. He senses she is happy, and surmises that there must be a woman in her life. "I think she's the one I've been looking for," Bianca says. He is happy for her. Myrtle comes to the hospital to inquire about Jack and Erica greets her with a big hug. Myrtle says this must be difficult for Erica since she and Jack are not together anymore. Erica corrects her, saying they most definitely are together now. She says the fact that Jack cheated death shows her that she's been cheating life. She doesn't want to waste any time without Jack again. Bianca approaches Myrtle and Myrtle asks if she and Lena have come to an understanding. Erica intervenes before Bianca can answer and tells Myrtle that the visiting hours are very strict. Myrtle leaves and Erica tells Bianca she needs to talk to her. Bianca tells her that Jack is happy about her new relationship. Erica says Jack doesn't know all the details. Erica tells Bianca she believes Lena is going to hurt her. Bianca snaps back, asking why she insists on ruining her happiness. Erica tells her she's learned something disturbing about Lena. Bianca says nothing she says could change her mind about Lena. Bianca thinks this is because Erica can't accept her being in a lesbian relationship. Jack told her to never close her heart to love. She wishes she could hear that from her mother. Bianca walks off and Kendall approaches Erica, seeing that she told Bianca about Lena. Erica says she wouldn't listen, but maybe she'll listen to Kendall. Kendall says not in this lifetime. Erica asks if she would see it in her heart to help her sister. Maybe she could reason with Bianca. Kendall says she can try, but she's not sure if she'll be able to change her feelings.

Bianca walks Lena to her door at the Valley Inn. Lena asks Bianca if she wants to come in. Bianca seems unsure, and Lena tries to dismiss it. But Bianca says she wants to come in. She wants to know what it feels like to be with somebody and never want them to leave. She enters the room.

Erica is back in Jack's room, and he asks her if she said all those things to him because she thought he was dying. She says she meant them all, and she loves him with all of her heart. Jack asks if he had to take a bullet for her to realize that. He says he's going to ask her again. "Will you marry me? Erica says yes.

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