AMC Update Friday 5/2/03

All My Children Update Friday 5/2/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Henry and Maggie go into the Chinese restaurant of his family. Maggie is worried that her presence will upset his mother. Henry dismisses that, telling Maggie she has changed his life and made him find other passions in his life, including holding her. They kiss and Henry's mother watches disapprovingly from a distance. Later, the mother talks to her son alone, speaking in Chinese. He asks her to speak English. She says she knows he played the guitar at a night club. Why didn't he tell her? He asks if she would have come. She says she would have been too busy. He asks if she would have wished him well. She says she would not. Then there was no reason for her to know, he says. Maggie approaches and greets Henry's mother warmly. His mother isn't as warm to Maggie. Henry tells his mother that Maggie is his girlfriend and he cares for her. She says she has nothing against this girl, but it's his duty to study hard and avoid distractions. He tells her if she wants to keep him from being happy, she can't really love him. She tearfully asks him how he could question her love for him and runs into the kitchen. Maggie tells him they can't leave without him talking to his mother first. Henry says he needs to think about his dreams, and taking her hand, he says some of them are coming true. He says he's sorry he has disappointed his mother, but he's not the person she thinks he is. He tells Maggie that he loves her and she says she loves him. They kiss and she suggests they leave and go to her place. As they walk out, Henry's mother comes out of the kitchen and watches them.

Greenlee is preparing a candlelight dinner for Carlos. She notices a picture of Leo, picks it up and smiles. "You think this is funny don't you," she says, referring to how she switched her outfit three times. "I know this is OK. You still love me and I'll always love you." She kisses the picture and puts it out of view. Carlos knocks on the door and Greenlee opens it to see he has brought her a dozen yellow roses. As Greenlee goes to retrieve a vase for the roses, he tries to open a bottle of wine. He has trouble with the corkscrew, and when she gets back, Greenlee notices he is struggling. He tells her she has gone to a lot of work. She mentions the meal is from the Valley Inn. The china and crystal are unused wedding presents. He says it must be hard to have him here. She says it's not hard. "I know in my heart Leo would be OK with this," she says. They make small talk about the yoga class they did and Greenlee goes into the next room to get the food. He nervously rehearses lines he can say to her. She returns and puts the food on the table. Staring at the table, she says she thinks it looks stuffy. He says he has a better idea, and they put the food on a blanket and eat on the floor. She compliments him for his use of words and he says the words are genuine. He calls her an angel and they kiss. As the kiss becomes more passionate she starts to unbutton his shirt. He stops her, gets up and turns away. She asks him what's wrong. She says this is what she wants. She knows he's thinking this is too fast, but she re-read his emails before he came and that removed all doubts. He tells her those emails are not his words. He didn't write them.

Michael is questioning Kendall about the reason she went to see Erica. Kendall tells him he's not going to see her squirm. She says they can't work together if he doesn't trust her. He asks her why she went to see Erica. She says she had to make sure Erica didn't suspect that Lena was his mole and she doesn't suspect a thing. Kendall asks Michael if Lena does everything he asks and he says she does. "Did you tell her to seduce my sister?" Kendall asks. Michael says Lena's assignment is to seduce Bianca to get the formula. Kendall says that would hurt Bianca but Michael says he knows she doesn't care about Bianca. She says she thinks Bianca doesn't deserve to get hurt. He asks if she wants Enchantment or not. Of course, she says, she wants Enchantment. He asks her if Erica thought it was strange she went to see her. Kendall says she did, but she just wanted to tell her she was right about Michael, that he didn't really love her. He tells her if she's lying to him she'll regret it. She raises her voice, saying if she wants to take down Enchantment she doesn't need him. He tells her to wait then instructs her to make no more strategic moves without talking to him first. Bianca enters the hospital and asks a nurse to find Dr. Martin. Michael leaves and Kendall approaches Bianca and asks about Jack. Bianca says Jack is unconscious but she is more worried about her mother. Kendall tries to comfort Bianca, who tells her to "save it." Kendall says she knows Bianca feels bad. Bianca says she's sure Boyd felt worse when Kendall took advantage of his feelings for her. She says that was totally unforgivable. Kendall asks if Lena is a friend or a girlfriend. Bianca says Lena is her girlfriend. What they have is real. Kendall asks her how she knows. Bianca says she doesn't want to talk to her about this. Kendall tells her she doesn't want to be alone because she's a good person. Bianca asks what is this about. Kendall asks if they can go someplace private. She has something to tell her.

Erica is at Jack's bedside. She tells him maybe this is all her fault. If she had accepted his proposal he might not be in this condition. "If you don't come back to me I'll never forgive myself." Erica tells him she'll never leave him. Chris, who is watching this scene from the window into the room, is confronted by Aidan, who asks if he did this. Chris denies that he shot Jack. Aidan says he saw him talking to Flanders. Chris says he told Flanders repeatedly not to do something stupid. Aidan reminds him that Chris was very threatening toward Jack at the community center then went to see Flanders after that. Does Chris think Flanders acted alone? Chris says he thinks Flanders did, but he still feels someone responsible. He says Flanders was on his way out of town and he stopped him and asked him to help settle a score. "If there's blood in the water I put it there," he says. He says Flanders knew he hated Jack and blamed Jack for him losing the woman he loves. He says he wanted him dead. Erica walks out of the room just in time to hear his comment and gasps. "You did this? You shot Jack?" He tells her he did not, but she doesn't believe him. She asks Chris how could she have been so wrong about him. Chris says he never wanted this to happen. Erica says he may never wake up and if he does, he may not be the same. She tells Chris to stay away from her and Jack. "I swear I never want to see your face again," she says. Chris leaves and Aidan tells Erica to remain strong because Jack will open his eyes. He tells her that Chris didn't do it but still feels responsible. Erica says she feels responsible too. He tells her not to blame Chris for this. She says someone shot Jack, so who could have done it? He promises her he'll find out. Erica returns to Jack's bedside and asks him to wake up. A nurse enters and suggests she take a break. Erica says Dr. Martin told her that the bullet was removed and there was no major damage. She says he may wake up anytime and she wants to stay. The nurse says it's OK. Erica tells Jack that she loves him and she's sorry she didn't have the courage to do what her heart was telling her to do. "It's not too late. I accept your proposal," she says. "For the rest of my life I want to be by your side. Please come back to me." Jack wakes up and tells Erica he heard her say she loved him. Erica asks if he knows who she is. He says he does, she is his heart. "Yes, I am your heart and you're mine," she says.

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