AMC Update Thursday 5/1/03

All My Children Update Thursday 5/1/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Jackson fights for his life in the hospital. The doctors can’t find a pulse. Erica shouts at the doctors to do something and begs Jackson to fight. Suddenly, Jackson’s pulse comes back.

Bianca and Lena rush to the hospital. Lena wonders if she should leave Bianca alone with her mother. Bianca insists Lena stay with her. They stand outside the hospital room, waiting to hear something. Bianca starts crying, telling Lena that her father died very suddenly. She says she never got a chance to say goodbye, and he died without ever really knowing her. Jackson, on the other hand, has always been there for her. Lena hugs her and says Jackson will be all right. Just then the nurses wheel Jackson out and take him to another room.

On the phone, Michael’s informant tells him he has some information about Lena. Michael asks him to fax it over. Michael realizes that Lena had been keeping something from him

Edmund is at home working. Mia comes in and says she was just in the neighborhood. Edmund pretends to be really busy working. Mia is disappointed and turns to leave. Just then Edmund pulls her back and kisses her. Edmund tells Mia that she has a lasting affect on him. He says things used to be so complicated, but now he feels like himself again. Mia smiles and says she can’t get him off her mind as well. She wonders where the kids are. Edmund tells her that they’re gone for the whole afternoon. They resume kissing.

Maria and Aidan are out at the park with Maddy. Maria is glad to see that Maddy is warming up to Aidan. She gets a call from Anna, who has been looking for Aidan. Anna tells him that Jackson has been shot and is in the hospital. Aidan says he has to go, and promises Maddy he’ll come play with her again. Maddy is upset to see Aidan go, but Maria comforts her. Maddy asks to go back home and see her dad. Maria tells her he’s busy working.

Erica begs Joe to be with Jackson, and to do everything he can to bring him back to her. She stays in the room, picking up a few of Jackson’s things that were left behind. Kendall stands close by and wants to approach Erica to comfort her. Just then, Bianca rushes in and hugs her mother. Erica says she’s glad to finally see her. While mother and daughter console each other, Kendall leaves the room disappointed. Outside, Kendall asks Lena what she’s doing there and passes a few sarcastic comments. Lena asks if she has a problem with her relationship with Bianca. Kendall says she didn’t think women were Lena’s type. Lena says she has to make a phone call and excuses herself. As she is walking away, Kendall calls after her. She says to say hi to Michael. A shocked Lena turns around. She’s speechless, but continues walking away.

Aidan comes in and Kendall hugs him. Aidan asks how Jackson is, and Kendall gives him the update. She asks him if he knows who may have done this. Aidan says he’s surprised that she cares. Kendall says that she was with Erica when she heard, and drove Erica over. Aidan seems surprised, and asks Kendall what she’s up to.

Lena goes to see Michael. She tells Michael that Kendall knows everything. Michael says he knows, and asks where she saw Kendall. Lena tells him they were all at the hospital for Jackson. She tells him that Kendall came in with Erica. Michael seems a bit surprised, but insists that he can trust Kendall. Lena says they’re going to lose everything they worked for, and that the whole thing seems to be unraveling. Michael insists that Kendall will not let him down. He goes on to say that the only person he can’t trust is her. He tells Lena that he now knows that the story about her dead mother was made up. He holds the fax in his hand. Lena is shocked. She insists that her mother is dead, and that she even went to her funeral. Michael grabs her jaw. Lena screams in pain, but repeats that her mother is really dead. Michael shows her the faxed photo of her mother. Lena screams, asking him what he’s done to her. Michael finally lets her go. As he turns around, Lena grabs him from behind.

Mia tells Edmund that she really likes him, and had lied when she said that she didn’t want to sleep with him again. Edmund picks her up and begins taking her upstairs. Just then, Maria and Maddy walk in and catch them. Maddy yells at Mia to stop kissing Edmund. Maria and Edmund ask Maddy to apologize. Maddy calls Mia a liar and runs out. Edmund goes after her. Mia apologizes to Maria, and says that they didn’t know she was coming home early. Maria looks angry and asks Mia why Maddy called her a liar.

Bianca continues crying and Erica comforts her. She says she can’t help but think of her father’s death. Erica tells her it’s not going to happen again. She says she is confident that nothing will happen to Jackson. Bianca asks Erica who shot Jackson. Erica says she has no idea. Just then, Opal comes in. She says she knows who would want to hurt Jackson. She says she saw how upset Chris was when he found out about Jackson and Erica. She says she thinks that Chris may have had something to do with it. Erica says that’s just not possible, and that Chris is harmless. Bianca agrees. Opal insists that she is never wrong, and that she’s seen Chris at his worst. She thinks he is definitely capable, especially when he has Erica to push him over the edge. Erica tells Opal she’s wrong, and that Chris was genuinely upset when he found out about Jackson. Erica asks to be left alone and that she’s really suffering. Opal corrects her. She says that Jackson is the one suffering right now, and that it’s because of Erica.

Kendall asks Aidan why he can’t believe that Erica may have given her a second chance. He says people don’t just change over night. Kendall says that’s just what he wants to believe. She says that if Maureen changed over night, he would lose the love of his life.

Michael and Lena are struggling on the ground. He gets Lena under control, and warns her to never raise her hand on him again. Lena asks if her mother is all right. Michael tells her that her mother is safe in Belgium, but he knows now where she is. He threatens to kill Lena’s mother, unless Lena does as she is told. Lena sits down, frustrated. She begs him to leave her mother out of it. Michael says he knows her mother used to work for the secret police. Lena wonders why Michael doesn’t have a kind bone in his body. He says he is not capable of feeling love, certainly not the kind she is feeling for Bianca. He makes it very clear. He says that if Lena continues as planned, her mother lives. If not, her mother will lose her life. He assures her that either way, Bianca will know the truth about her soon.

Joe tells the girls that they were successful in removing the bullet. He says they can’t predict what kind of long term damage the bullet may have caused. The girls wonder if he may have some kind of brain damage. Joe says it’s a possibility. Erica insists on seeing Jackson right away.

Kendall and Aidan continue arguing. Aidan tells her that everyone has a past, especially Michael. Kendall informs him that she’s back together with Michael. Aidan can’t believe it and tells Kendall she’s being blind. Just then, Erica, Bianca and Opal come out of the hospital room. Bianca and Opal go down for coffee. Erica approaches Kendall. She thanks Kendall for helping and tells her she will be in touch. After Erica leaves, Aidan tells Kendall that he was surprised to see Erica be so nice to her. He says perhaps people can change. They apologize to each other.

Maddy and Edmund are sitting in the barn and talking. Maddy tells him that she doesn’t want Mia to be her mom. Edmund says that she won’t be, but he and Mia are going to continue to be together. He says that it’s not Mia’s fault that he and Maria aren’t together. He asks Maddy to come back to the house and apologize to Mia.

Maria asks Mia what she said to Maddy that was misleading. Mia says that she told Maddy that she was just friends with Edmund. Maria accuses Mia of saying one thing, but doing the other. She says she’s confusing Maddy. Mia is taken aback by Maria’s anger and calls her on it. She tells Maria that if anyone is confusing the kids, it’s her. She says that Maria is always displaying her affection for Aidan, and the kids feel she would rather be with Aidan than with them. Maria tells Mia that she’s way out of line, and that she has always been honest with her kids. Maria warns her that she will always be in Edmund’s life because of the kids. Just then Maddy and Edmund walk in. Maddy apologizes to Mia. Mia thanks Maddy for the apology. Edmund asks Maddy if she feels better. Maddy screams that she still wishes Mia would stay away from her dad, and runs off. Maria goes after her. Edmund apologizes to Mia for Maddy’s behavior. Mia says she’s more worried about Maria.

Michael shows up at the hospital. Kendall asks what he’s doing there. To not look suspicious, Michael kisses Kendall and pretends to still be her boyfriend. Aidan excuses himself. Michael asks Kendall what she was doing with Erica.

With Joe’s permission, Erica goes in to see Jackson. Opal and Joe walk off, exchanging concerns about Jamie. Bianca sits and waits outside. Lena walks over and Bianca is glad to see her. Lena holds out her hand. Bianca asks where they’re going. Lena asks her to trust her and leads the way.

Erica sits beside an unconscious Jackson. She holds his hand and talks to him. She apologizes for all that she is done, and begs for him to wake up. Chris watches her from outside the room.

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