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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/30/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Anna threatens David again. She knows he recently conducted experiments on Maria and that Edmund paid him. She says she can have him arrested. Anna tells him she knows he has stopped, but would still put him in prison if it meant saving her daughter. David asks why she has stopped trusting him. Anna says it’s because she sees how fearful he is of Leora’s condition. She says he checks on Leora every second, as if he’s second-guessing his own judgment. David tells her she’s making a terrible decision.

Mia and Greenlee are at the gym, waiting for a yoga class to start. Mia asks how things are going with Carlos. Greenlee says she’s not sure, but it’s obvious she likes him a lot. Just then Simone and Carlos come in, playfully tickling each other. Carlos freezes when he sees Greenlee. Greenlee gives them both a piercing look.

Erica desperately calls Jackson. She wonders if he’s just trying to avoid her. Suddenly, Kendall bursts into her office. Erica’s assistant tries to stop her, but Kendall pleads Erica to hear her out. She says she’s there to save her.

Chris asks Opal if she’s seen Jackson. Opal says she doesn’t know. Just then she feels a bit faint and seems to have a premonition. She says someone is dying.

Jackson is rushed to the hospital. Joe takes him into emergency and begins working on him. Reggie and Joni wait outside. Reggie looks really distraught and he keeps asking every nurse that comes out how Jack is. Joni comforts him and says Jackson will be all right. She asks him whether Luis shot Jackson. Reggie tells her it’s none of her business, and she should stay out of it. When Joni presses on, Reggie tells her that if they tell anyone, they’re going to end up in an alley just like Jackson.

Greenlee pulls Simone away and asks what’s going on. Simone tells her not to be jealous. Just then Lena and Bianca come in together. Greenlee sarcastically tells Bianca that she’s glad Erica has hired a girlfriend for her. Bianca chooses to ignore the wisecrack and says that if it wasn’t for Lena, they would have never found who was behind the Fusion lawsuit. Greenlee’s expressions change and she asks if they really got to the bottom of it. Bianca says that Lena traced the suit money to an ex-employee name Barton Philips. Greenlee says she knows every employee there, but has never heard of a Barton Philips. Lena tries to cover up and says that he was only on contract. She asks Bianca to go to the other side. Greenlee gets really suspicious. Before she can pursue Lena any further, she notices Simone making the moves on Carlos. Greenlee pulls him back from Simone and asks him to warm up with her. He quietly goes along. Lysistrata comes in and asks the class if they’re ready for some yoga.

Erica asks Kendall why she put the moves on Boyd. Kendall says she had made a big mistake, and that Michael was cheating her all along. She says she now wants to help bring down Michael. Erica says she’s had enough of Kendall’s help. Kendall gets frustrated and starts walking out. She says she had come to warn Enchantment, but as usual, Erica will not hear any of it. She says that when Michael comes after Enchantment, Erica will regret not listening to her. Erica says that unlike Kendall she will never allow herself to be played by Michael. Kendall admits she got played by Michael, but she’s the one playing him now. Erica tells her she’s way out of her league.

David tells Anna she’s being very unfair. Anna tells him she loves him. She insists that Leora is getting weaker by the day. David doesn’t change his position. He says he is an expert and is not willing to risk Leora’s life.

Joni continues arguing with Reggie. Reggie insists that if they squeal on Luis, they’re going to be in big trouble. Anna and David walk over and are surprised to see Reggie. Just then the cops come in. They tell Anna that Jackson has been shot. David looks over at Reggie and says he must have had something to do with it. Reggie says he didn’t, but the cops approach him. Joni tells them she’s the one who called 911. She says all Reggie did was help Jackson. The cop asks Anna if they should take Reggie in. Anna believes Reggie and asks the cop to leave him alone.

Chris asks Opal if she usually has such premonitions. Opal says she does and she’s never wrong. She urges Chris to find Jackson.

Greenlee and Carlos have partner up for the yoga class. They sit face to face, holding each other’s hands. Lysistrata instructs the class to concentrate on their partner. Greenlee and Carlos gaze into each other’s eyes. Suddenly Greenlee gets overwhelmed and starts to cry. The whole class looks over and Carlos asks what happened.

Erica doesn’t know if she should believe Kendall. Kendall says Michael is after Boyd’s formula and Enchantment. She says the only way she could convince him that she’s on his side was to pretend to be after Erica’s throne. Erica says she can handle it alone. Kendall says Michael has a secret weapon. Erica says she’ll bite, and asks what Michael’s secret weapon is. Kendall says that if Erica is ready to trust her and work with her, she’ll tell her all she knows. Erica hesitates at first but finally agrees. Kendall tells her that Michael has a spy at Enchantment. Erica assumes it’s Barton Philips. Kendall says that Barton Philips doesn’t even exist. She says that Lena is the spy. Erica is speechless. Kendall tells her that Lena has been sleeping with Michael, and her target is certainly Bianca. Kendall starts talking about the formula and Erica stops her. She says she doesn’t care about the formula anymore and just wants to make sure nothing happens to Bianca.

After the yoga class, Bianca and Lena get in the sauna. They’re having a good time, talking about the class and Greenlee’s outburst. Lena starts giving Bianca a massage.

Greenlee sulks and Simone and Mia tend to her. They see that Carlos wants to approach her, so they make an excuse and leave. Before Carlos can come over, Lysistrata comes to congratulate Greenlee for unclogging her emotional plumbing. She says it’s obvious that Greenlee was holding back and hiding all her feelings – but now things are going to be different. Lysistrata asks Carlos to come over and continue talking to Greenlee. She herself runs off. Carlos holds Greenlee’s hand and urges her to open up to him. He asks Greenlee out for dinner. They decide to meet at her place. Carlos starts walking away, but Greenlee pulls him back and kisses him

Joni leads Reggie into the prayer room at the hospital. Reggie insists that prayers don’t ever help, and that they’re only for little white girls. Joni tells him he should at least try. She kneels and begins praying. Reggie begins to leave, but then turns around. He joins Joni and decides to give it a try. He asks God why He allowed Jackson to be shot. He says he’ll owe HIM one if Jackson pulls through. Joni says Amen.

Erica tells Kendall she wishes she had listened to her warnings about Michael. She worries about Bianca and tries calling her. Kendall tells her that perhaps they should wait, and that maybe Lena isn’t pretending to have feelings for Bianca. Erica isn’t hearing it. While she’s on the phone she gets another call. It’s Joe. He tells her Jackson has been shot. Erica is stunned. She tells Kendall what happened and starts running out. Kendall offers to take her to the hospital.

Anna checks on Leora. She comes out and tells David that her fever is down. Anna asks him is he’s going to continue fighting her. David says he won’t have a chance behind bars. Anna tells him that Leora doesn’t have a chance without the pacemaker. David says he hopes she doesn’t regret her decision.

Chris is at the bar and asks the bartender if he’s seen Aidan. The bartender says Aidan hasn’t shown up. Chris desperately calls Flanders, but doesn’t get through. There’s breaking news on the TV. Chris looks over and discovers that Jackson has been shot. He’s shocked, and wonders what Flanders did.

Bianca and Lena are still in the sauna. Just as they are getting closer, Simone comes in and tells Bianca she needs to leave. She says she just saw the news and that Jackson has been shot. Bianca is speechless.

Erica rushes into the hospital and barges into Jackson’s room. The nurses try to stop her, but she says she must see Jackson. She leans over Jackson and begs him not to leave her.

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