AMC Update Tuesday 4/29/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/29/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

David and Anna rush Leora to the hospital. Joe is waiting for them there. He takes Leora into the emergency, and asks David and Anna to stay outside. David tries to comfort Anna, but she asks him not to touch her. She says there better not be anything wrong with her heart. David realizes that if anything happened to Leora, he would be blamed. He tells Anna not to pull away from him and asks to hold her hand. Anna rushes back to him and hugs him. She tells him that she can’t breathe, and won’t be able to handle it if anything happened to Leora. Anna asks if they made the right decision about Leora’s heart. David tells her that the fever doesn’t have anything to do with her heart and that they definitely did the right thing. Anna doesn’t seem convinced.

Kendall goes to see Michael. She says that she knew he was sleeping with someone on the side, but she didn’t realize it was Erica’s close assistant. She asks what Lena was doing at his place. Michael dodges her questions. Kendall declares that she’s figured everything out. She says she knows that Lena came to Pine Valley around the same time as Michael, and that the meeting in Aspen was a total set-up. Michael of course keeps denying all her allegations, but Kendall continues pressing. She says that even the lawsuit against Fusion can be traced to Enchantment, where Lena works. Kendall tells him that she knows she’s right. Michael tells her that no one will believe her, especially Erica. Kendall says she doesn’t care if no one believes her…she says she wants to join forces with him

Erica goes to the community center to look for Jackson. She asks Reggie where he is. Reggie tells her that he left the other night without saying good-bye and still isn’t back. Reggie says they should assume that Jackson is out making some other woman very happy. Erica frowns on this comment. Reggie continues playing with Erica’s mind, but after realizing Erica is really distressed, he tells her that he doesn’t know where Jackson is. Erica rushes out. Joni comes in from the back office and tells Reggie that he’s got guts. She tells him that he just told off one of the richest women in Pine Valley! Reggie doesn’t seem interested and says she’s just not his type. Joni makes a face and goes back to work. Luis rushes in all of a sudden. He grabs Reggie and asks what he told Jackson. Reggie says he didn’t say anything. Luis insists that the DA has been hovering around him. He tells Reggie that if they don’t back off, he’s going to kill both of them. Joni is watching all this from the back office.

Jackson is lying wounded and unconscious in an alley.

Anna and David wait patiently outside Leora’s room. Joe comes out and says Leora is fine. Anna asks him whether Leora’s pacemaker had anything to do with the fever. David insists that they’ve talked about this. Anna wants Joe’s opinion. Joe tells her that Leora has a weak immune system, and that’s why she had the fever. Anna asks if they should reconsider the pacemaker. David blows up. He says that they have already made their decision, and even Joe had backed them on it. He says he doesn’t want to talk about this and goes towards Leora’s room. He calls out for Anna to join him, but she tells him she wants to talk to Joe alone. David angrily goes into the room. Outside Anna asks Joe to be honest with her. Reluctantly, Joe says that they should probably consider a pacemaker. He says that Leora is not gaining strength as they hoped she would. He says waiting could be dangerous.

Michael asks Kendall if she’s hoping to get a full confession out of him. Kendall tells him that now that she knows his agenda, she wants to be a part of it. She says she would rather be on his side than go running to Erica. She says she knows Erica will not believe her and will probably turn everything on her. Michael seems skeptical. He asks what she gets out of it. Kendall says she wants Erica’s throne once Boyd’s formula has been stolen and Enchantment has been taken over.

Chris continues calling Flanders and wonders why he can’t get through to him. He fears that Flanders may do something without his approval. Erica comes in. Chris is a bit confused by her visit. She tells him that something is terribly wrong, and that Jackson is missing. Chris is stunned. He asks how long Jackson has been missing. Erica admits that it hasn’t be 24 hours yet. Chris asks if they had a fight and Erica says no. She says that she went to the community center and found out from Reggie that he never even came home. She says that she went back to the bar and Jackson’s car is still there. Chris wonders if he hooked up with some other woman. Erica says that if he had, he would at least be safe. She says she’s called everyone she knows, but no one knows where he may be. Chris looks a bit worried. Erica notices his expression and asks if he knows what happened. Chris seems to wonder about Flanders.

Jackson gains consciousness and tries to yell for help. He can hear someone in the building next to him and tries to call out.

David leans over Leora and talks to her. Anna comes in and watches David. She joins him and watches Leora lovingly. She asks David to join her outside. David tells Anna that he doesn’t care what Joe may have told her. Anna says she wants what is best for Leora. She tells him that she signed the consent papers for Leora’s surgery. David is shocked. He asks Anna how she could have gone behind his back and sign the consent papers. He says she’s overreacting and should just trust his instinct. Anna insists that she’s trying to do what’s best for their daughter. She says Joe agrees. David tells her that Joe is not a heart specialist. He tells her that he’s scared too, but he can’t allow Leora’s life to be in danger. He warns Anna that he will fight her if she decides to pursue this.

After Luis leaves, Joni approaches Reggie. She asks him why he still hangs out with such a creep. She tells him to call the police since Luis just threatened both his and Jackson’s life. Reggie tells her not to get involved. He says that he promises no one will get hurt. Joni asks him if he knows more about Jackson then he told Erica. Reggie tells her to forget what she saw and heard. He rushes out. Joni goes after him.

Luis stands over Jackson. He smiles at Jackson’s condition and says no one is going to come to his rescue.

Kendall tells Michael that if they team up, they’ll be able to get twice as done. Michael says he can’t trust her, but Kendall says she can prove she’s trustworthy. She says she’ll stay quiet about his affair with Lena. If he doesn’t agree, she’ll go tell the world. She smiles and says she’s learned a lot from him. She sees now that it is essential to be cold-blooded in business affairs. Kendall asks him if he’s in. Michael puts out his hand and they shake. He pulls her close and says that she was wrong about his feelings for her. He kisses her.

Erica asks Chris if he’s holding something back. She says that she can still read him, and can tell he knows something. Chris insists that he doesn’t know anything specific, and people tend to make enemies in the law enforcement business. Chris tells her that he will do everything he can to find Jackson. Erica thanks him for coming through for her. Chris hugs her and tells her everything will be all right.

Jackson loses consciousness again. Luis says that he’s going to make sure no one disturbs them. As he’s walking away, Reggie approaches. He asks what he’s doing. Before Luis can answer, Reggie dodges him and runs to the back of the alley. He sees Jackson lying there and asks Luis what he did. Luis says he found Jackson this way. Reggie says he doesn’t believe him. He takes off his jacket to cover Jackson and tries to rush to get a doctor. Luis pulls him back and says he’s not going anywhere. They struggle a bit and Reggie gets punched out. A stunned Joni watches quietly from behind.

David tells Anna that he’s not going to change his position. Anna insists that they knew they would have to consider a pacemaker, and that they were just waiting for Leora to get a bit stronger. David says he’s got rights and will take her to court. Anna says he’ll never get to court because she’ll have him locked away.

Michael and Kendall release from their kiss. They laugh about their new plans. Michael warns Kendall that if she’s lying to him, she’ll regret it.

Reggie gets up and tries to run away again. Luis grabs him again and pins him down. Just then they hear police sirens and Luis runs off. Reggie begs Jackson to wake up. He puts his jacket over him and tries to make him more comfortable. Joni rushes over and tells Reggie she called the cops. She asks if Luis killed Jackson. Reggie says he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t care right now. He asks Joni to get the police, and goes back to tending to Jackson.

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