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All My Children Update Monday 4/28/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

It is a hopping night at S.O.S. Kendall and Greenlee are drinking, laughing and commiserating. Kendall comments that one of the drinks they ordered is the same thing she was drinking when she met Michael. They switch drinks and make a toast. As they get a little tipsy and giggly, Greenlee asks Kendall if she knows who the woman is Michael is sleeping with. When Kendall balks at the question, Greenlee informs her that it's good to talk about these things.

Henry and Maggie walk in and Henry talks about his guitar gig here next week. The leader of a band playing there tonight approaches him and tells him his blues guitarist is out. He asks Henry if he'll stand in for him. Henry says he doesn't play the blues and turns him down. Maggie tells the band leader she'll talk to Henry. She asks Henry why he won't play. Henry says he doesn't perform well under pressure. She says this is his chance to show people how talented he is. He reluctantly agrees. As he prepares with the band, Greenlee and Kendall approach Maggie and kid her about Henry, with Kendall telling her they look cute together.

Jack is drinking alone at S.O.S. when a woman places her hand on his shoulder. He turns to see Anna. She realizes that she is not the woman he was hoping to see. He says he's not waiting for anyone and invites her to sit down. He asks her where David is and she tells him he's on his way. Leaving Leora for a night out is a big step for him, she says. She asks him what happened with Erica. He informs her that Erica turned down his proposal. She sympathizes and asks if there's a chance she'll change her mind. Jack says it doesn't matter if she does. She's already wasted too much of his time. She encourages him not to give up on her. She says there were so many times she wanted to give up on David but she didn't and she's glad. If she had they wouldn't have Leora. Flanders walks in and takes a seat. As he guzzles a beer, he keeps his eye on Jack. David walks in and Anna greets him warmly with a hug, happy to see he has arrived. David says he's forgotten there's a world out there apart from diapers and feedings. Anna thanks him for taking time for them. He makes sure the cell phone is in his view in case the nurse calls about Leora. Anna protests, saying that if the nurse calls they'll hear the phone. She tries to put it away, telling him she hasn't had his full attention for weeks. He tells her she has his attention, but he grabs the phone, saying they can't stop worrying about Leora. She tells him just to be there with her, and he tells her she's right. She looks gorgeous. They kiss.

Henry tells the band members he's never played in front of a crowd before. They tell him to relax. The band, the Gambling Guthries, is introduced and greeted with enthusiastic applause. The music begins, and Henry holds his own and thoroughly enjoys this experience. Greenlee and Kendall wonder where their next drinks are, and Kendall goes behind the bar looking for them. She approaches Jack, who tells her that Trey has been transformed to a minimum security prison. That's great, she says sarcastically, now he'll enjoy prison. She offers her condolences for his engagement to Erica, but he informs her they are not engaged. She walks away and Flanders continues to eye Jack. The crowd listens to the band, and loves every minute of it. Greenlee tells Maggie that Henry is great. David and Anna are enjoying the music too and comment that Henry is good. David grabs the phone, saying he wants to call the nurse. He immediately returns to Anna saying they need to go because Leora has a fever. They rush out.

Erica is at the Valley Inn bar on a business call when she sees Chris walks in. She quickly hangs up and approaches Chris, who has ordered a drink. "Aren't you even going to say hello?" she asks him. Chris says he was going to say hello but she was on the phone. Erica asks how he's doing and he says he's doing OK. He asks her the same. She admits she's been going through a difficult time. She tells him she and Jack had a terrible falling out. Chris says he's sure they'll patch things up. She says not this time. She tells him she turned down Jack's proposal. Chris says he's surprised she told him no. She says he shouldn't be. It wasn't that long ago that she was engaged to Chris. Chris asks why she is telling him all this. What makes her think he cares? She says she feels very comfortable confiding in him. She apologizes, saying she knows she doesn't have that right anymore. He tells her not to beat herself up. Jack will come around. Erica says no, she has lost him, and she has lost everything. Chris says she's not as alone as she thinks she is. He admits that sometimes he feels like picking up the phone and calling her. Erica says that feeling will pass. Chris says he's sorry it didn't work out with her and Jack. "You are a bad liar," she tells him, saying she knows he didn't want her to be with Jack. He says he was just being polite. Erica says the rift with Jack is probably for the best, but she can't imagine her life without him. She knows that's not what Chris wants to hear. "It's over between us, sweetheart," he says. She tells him she misses hearing him call her that. They were happy together, she says. She tells him to be happy. She hopes they can be friends again in the future and he says he hopes that too. She gets up to leave and kisses him on the cheek. Later Chris calls Flanders, who turns off his phone. Chris continues calling, muttering that Flanders better not do anything without talking to him first.

Lena sneaks into Erica's office and turns on her computer. She remembers Michael telling her that she'll regret it if she doesn't seduce Boyd's formula from Bianca. As she takes a disc out of her purse, Boyd surprises her by walking into the office. He asks her why she's at the boss's office so late. Lena sneaks the disc back into her purse and tells Boyd she is there to do a job for Erica. She asks Boyd if he's still working on his breakthrough formula. He says nothing. She asks if he's upset about her seeing Bianca. He tells her she can do whatever she wants to do. He asks if she left Bianca tonight to come here and work. Is this about the lawsuit against Fusion, he asks? She's surprised he knows about it, but tells him it seems quite serious. Someone from Enchantment is using company funds to implicate Erica, she says. It's her job to find out who transferred Enchantment money into a foreign bank account for the woman who filed the suit. Boyd tells her that Erica suspects Michael Cambias is the guilty party. Lena says they'll know for sure as soon as she finds out. Boyd asks her if she minds if he sticks around while she's working. She tells him to feel free. As she works, Boyd watches and Erica walks in. Lena tells her she's not having a lot of luck finding the guilty person. Erica asks to talk to Boyd in private, and when they leave the office Lena puts the disc into the computer. Erica asks Boyd whether he thinks Lena is involved in the money transfer. Has Lena asked about Boyd's formula? He says she has not specifically asked. Erica says she found Lena in Bianca's room, so they are together now. Boyd says he knows that, but Bianca told him to mind his own business. Erica says if Lena hurts Bianca or Enchantment she'll kill her with her own hands. They go back into Erica's office and Lena tells them she's afraid this is her fault. She says the money was transferred by an accountant from another firm named Barton Phillips who she had to let go. He didn't take his firing well, and she blames herself for this because she fired him. Erica asks Lena to print the information so she can take it to the DA's office. Maybe Jack will drop the case against her.

Michael gets on the phone and tells the person he's talking to come over now. Later, Lena is seen walking into his apartment. Directly behind her is Kendall, who watches outside Michael's door.

Henry and Maggie arrive at his dorm room. They kiss and begin to take off their clothes. They fall onto the bed.

Jack is the only person remaining at S.O.S. He decides to leave and as soon as he walks outside the door, there is a gunshot. Jack grabs his chest and falls to the ground bleeding.

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