AMC Update Friday 4/25/03

All My Children Update Friday 4/25/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee is picking up papers from the floor at Fusion when Carlos walks in. She asks him where he's been. He say he's been around. He talks about work and she asks him if he got her message. He says he didn't. He continues talking about work when she stops him, saying she didn't call him to talk about work. Greenlee says she and Kendall had a fight and he was the only one she could think of to turn to. Carlos asks if she needed him and she says that she did – is that so bad? She says he is the first person who has touched her since Leo died. He says he used to be someone that she wouldn't have looked at twice – can she now picture him in her life? She says she can. She asks if he could picture her in his life. Carlos says maybe they should stop trying. She says he may be the last person she would have pictured herself with but that doesn't mean he's the wrong guy. Carlos tells her she should be in court supporting Simone. Greenlee says Simone caused her own problems and needs to deal with this on her own. Carlos tells her she's cold and walks out.

Simone arrives in court with Kenny to face a charge of prostitution. She is nervous, but he tells her he'll get her record wiped clean. Kenny asks the judge to dismiss the charges. The judge notes that Simone has previous offenses of defacing public property and trespassing. Kenny says both those matters were disposed of and she is not a prostitute, she is an upstanding citizen. Simone tells her the women she works with will swear that she is law abiding. Suddenly the three prostitutes who Simone shared a cell with burst into the courtroom in all their glory. Dressed in their hooker garb, they urge the judge to let Simone go free. They have a seat behind Simone, who complains to Kenny that this is help she didn't need. Kenny tells her to trust him. She says she does and takes hold of his hand. Kenny uses a file to block the hand-holding from the judge. The judge asks Kendall how she got on such good terms with these women, and she tells him she shared a cell with them. The women go on and on about how Kenny got them out of jail and about their experiences at the Fusion party. Carlos walks in and stands in the back of the courtroom. The prostitutes notice him and ask if they could get a "piece of that." The judge asks Simone if he's her boyfriend. She can only look back at him and smile. The judge says he's heard enough and drops the case against Simone. Simone is overjoyed and thanks Carlos for coming. She asks if he wants to get a drink to celebrate her freedom and he says yes. The prostitutes want to come along, but Simone tells them she can handle it from here. She starts to leave with Carlos, but returns to thank Kenny, who looks like he's feeling abandoned. She tells him she'll make it up to him. After Simone leaves, the three women flirt with Kenny, who makes a run for it, saying he has someplace he needs to be.

Jamie finds Laurie and Joni at BJ's and asks Laurie why she wasn't at the student council meeting. She blows off his question and walks away. Joni won't speak to him either, and he asks if she's freezing him out as well. She tells him to ask a professional, or would be charged for that too? Reggie walks in and watches the encounter. Jamie tells Joni he doesn't understand. Joni says she knows he left there with Holly, the prostitute. He asks if Laurie knows. Reggie enters the conversation and gleefully asks Jamie if he got it on with the hooker. Laurie approaches and says that Joni didn't tell her something she didn't already know. Jamie tells the group that he didn't sleep with a prostitute, much to the amusement of other customers, who turn and stare at him. Jamie says all they did was talk. He admits she stayed the whole night but didn't charge him anything. Joni says at least that's the same story Holly told them. Laurie asks Joni and Reggie if she could talk to Jamie alone. She tells him he didn't have to go public with this. Jamie says Joni wouldn't let it go. He tells her that when he is with someone, he wants her to be someone he cares about, someone like... Laurie interrupts, telling him to not go there. Jamie asks why not. She says she doesn't like saying things that will hurt him. She leaves and Reggie comes back, asking about how good Holly was. Jamie tells him to shut up and leaves.

Kendall barges into Michael's apartment and asks him who is the "slut" he's been seeing on the side. Is she part of the million lies he's told her? Kendall says she heard him on the phone with the woman. Michael tells her it was a business call. Does he do business in bed, she demands? She says she doesn't believe him and he tells her she can believe whatever she wants. Kendall tells him he has been using her. Michael says he chose to be with her while his father lies in a hospital waiting to draw his last breath. He says she is so convinced everyone is against her like her mother. She hates Erica and now she's turning that hate toward him. Kendall tells him Erica has nothing to do with this. He ruined this relationship, she says. Michael tells her she is failing to take responsibility for her own irresponsible behavior. He sees now how wrong he was about her. Kendall says she wanted to help him escape feelings that he wasn't measuring up to his father's standards. She says she worried that she wasn't good enough for him. Now she knows he's not good enough for her. Michael tells her she broke his heart. That's impossible, she says, because he doesn't have a heart. She throws the necklace he gave her at him. He picks it up and tells her to keep it. It means nothing to him, and neither does she. Kendall takes the necklace and tells him to go to hell. She storms out. He gets on the phone to call Lena, who is with Erica and Bianca and doesn't answer the phone.

Bianca tells Erica, who has found her with Lena in a room at the Valley Inn, that this is exactly what it looks like, and her timing couldn't be worse. Erica tells them that Enchantment is under siege. Someone in the company has built a paper trail to make it look like she is behind the lawsuit against Fusion. Lena asks her how she knows this. Erica explains that Liza Colby found the paper trail and has proof that Erica is behind it. Lena surmises that the paper trail makes Erica look like she bribed the woman who filed the suit. Bianca asks her mother if she did it. Erica says of course not, someone has set her up. Lena asks how serious the charges are and Erica says they could land her in jail for 20 years. Erica asks Lena that as her chief financial officer, how this could have happened on her watch. Lena, knowing full well she's the guilty person, tells Erica she'll find out who is responsible. Bianca asks her mother if she will leave now. Erica asks if she should be surprised that she found them there together. Bianca says she shouldn't if she's been paying attention. She says she and Lena have some issues that they are trying to resolve. Erica tells them they're both integral parts of Enchantment and she'll see them back at the office. Bianca says not now. They'll come to the office when she says so. Lena tells Erica she would move heaven and earth to prevent Bianca from being harmed. Erica leaves, and Lena buries her head in her hand. Bianca asks her what's wrong. Is it over before they've even started? Is she sorry she stayed? Lena tells her she's not sorry, and that Bianca is an extraordinary woman. Bianca beams, particularly because Lena views her as a grown woman. Bianca tells her that she's drawn to her. She wants to see where this relationship takes them. She asks if Lena wants the same, and Lena says she does. Lena says they'll see what happens, and she's here to stay. She tells Bianca that when she's with her she feels like she knows who she is. Bianca says they'll talk more later. As she leaves, she tells Lena that she knows they're going to find what they're looking for. Alone, Lena asks "what have I done?"

Kendall storms into Fusion steaming mad and throwing things. She refers to a "big loser." Greenlee says she can only be talking about Erica or Michael. Kendall says it's Michael. He's been cheating on her this whole time. Greenlee asks who the other woman is. Kendall says he denied it, and tried to turn it around and make it look like everything was her fault. Greenlee says men like Cambias aren't worth it. Kendall asks how she could have been so stupid and naive. How can she even trust herself again? Greenlee tries to comfort her. She says except for Leo, men are the lowest life form. Kendall says she doesn't want to believe that, and Greenlee says she doesn't either. Maybe they just need to look for a new crop of guys. Kendall asks her about Carlos. Greenlee says whenever she tries to talk to him toads come out of her mouth, and besides, they are too different. She says he could have been the one who got away or the next best thing. Kendall pulls a check from her purse, telling Greenlee this is the next big thing. It's a check for $15,000. Kendall says this is what she gets for surviving Michael Cambias. She pawned Michael's necklace. She's surprised it was actual diamonds. She offers the money to Fusion. She says it can be used for their next ad campaign or whatever else is needed. She says something good had to come out of this mess with Michael. Greenlee is touched, and they hug.

Bianca finds Erica at the Valley Inn lounge. Erica is surprised to see her. She thought she had plans with Lena. Bianca says their plans fell through. Bianca tells her mother, however, that she and Lena will get together and she needs her to stay out of it. She says Erica needs to understand she's a grown woman who can handle her own relationships. She wants to pursue this knowing that Erica is not going to be hovering over her. Erica agrees, and tells Bianca to be happy and careful.

Michael calls Lena again and this time she answers the phone. He tells her that she needs to make sure she gets what he needs from Bianca. She tells her she's not going to use Bianca to get the formula. She won't take orders from him. He says if she doesn't, he'll take her down. She says she'll take him down with her. He says there's no way he'll find a loophole to hang him. She mentions his father, and he tells her to leave his father out of it. She can see she touched a nerve. Michael warns her, but she says Bianca is worth much more than any of this.

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