AMC Update Thursday 4/24/03

All My Children Update Thursday 4/24/03

By Shahla
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Michael reluctantly lets Boyd in. Boyd tells him that he can see right through him. He says that Enchantment has filed for a patent for the anti-aging cream, and that Michael is too late. Michael tells Boyd that it’s not over till he says it is.

Kendall is at the bar, chatting with Aidan. She’s clearly very bitter about Michael and takes out all her frustrations on Aidan.

Lena and Bianca are hugging at the airport. Bianca once again pleads her not to go. Lena proposes that Bianca come with her.

Flanders calls Chris for a meeting. He tells Chris that Jackson and Erica are together up at the penthouse as they speak.

Erica lets Jackson in, wondering why Jackson is being so stiff. Jackson tells her he needs to ask her a few questions regarding Enchantment’s conspiracy. Erica can’t believe that Jackson is playing hard to get. She tells him to ease up, and that she forgives him. Jackson can’t believe how arrogant Erica is! He’s certainly not there to ask for forgiveness, and he had made it pretty clear that he was no longer going to stick around as a friend. Jackson is only there to interrogate Erica about the Fusion case.

Lena tells Bianca that they could go travel all around Europe. She begs Bianca to drop everything and run away. Bianca finds Lena’s suggestion incredibly romantic, but she doesn’t understand why they have to run away. Lena hesitates. Bianca asks what is going on. Lena tells her that she’s scared because she’s never felt this way before.

Michael admits that he was only stringing Kendall along to get Boyd’s formula. Boyd says that he shouldn’t have hurt Kendall in this way. The two of them exchange a few more words and then Boyd goes in for a punch. Michael grabs him by the neck.

Kendall is going on about how life sucks and Aidan asks her what happened. Kendall tells him that she ruined her relationship, and has ended up heartbroken. She warns him to not be blind in love.

Flanders suggests taking care of Jackson once and for all. Chris’ phone rings, but he can’t hear properly due to a lot of interference. Chris suspects that he’s hearing interference because of a transmitter. He accuses Flanders of wearing a wire. He searches Flanders for any bugs, and then checks himself. He finds a transmitter on his jacket. He doesn’t know what to make of it.

Jackson tells Erica to realize that the charges against her are very serious. He says he’s not there for a social call, and he is merely doing his job. Erica can’t understand why her friend is acting so stern. Jackson tells her she could stay behind bars for as long as 20 years! Erica can’t believe it. She tells Jackson that if he wants to just take revenge, he can do it another way. She wonders how he could profess his undying love one day, and then come over to arrest her the next day. Jackson reads out a list of all the charges against her. Erica says she’s really disappointed in Jackson, but she really is innocent. She says that she didn’t even know that there was a lawsuit against Fusion. She tells him to go after the real culprit – Michael Cambios.

Michael and Boyd pull away from a headlock. Michael tells Boyd to get serious. He asks Boyd how much his formula is worth. Boyd tells him his formula is not for sale, and neither is he. He leaves.

Bianca tells Lena that she’s glad she risked getting heartbroken again and followed her to the airport. She asks Lena to stay and to not run away. She wonders if Lena has anyone waiting for her in Prague. Lena says no. Bianca tells her to be strong and to face the challenges in her life. Just then, Lena’s flight gets announced.

While Kendall goes to the bathroom, Chris approaches Aidan. He pushes Aidan and asks why he bugged him. Aidan tells Chris he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Some waiters come to try and stop Chris, but he shows his FBI badge. Chris takes Aidan aside and asks him again. He tells Aidan that he considered him a friend. He wonders who put Aidan up to this. Chris thinks back to his meeting with Aidan at the community center. He realizes that Jackson is behind the whole thing, and that he has used Aidan.

Erica tells Jackson that she suspects Michael. Jackson calmly listens to the whole story and asks if she has any proof. Erica tells him that she is working on getting the facts. Jackson gives her the benefit of the doubt and says she can take some time to clear her name. He apologizes for using up her time and turns to leave. Erica asks him why he’s turning his back on her so easily. She asks why they can’t just pick up where they left off. Jackson says he didn’t want it this way, and that Erica chose the path for them. Erica gets more and more furious. She tells Jackson that she doesn’t need his help, and she welcomes a life without him.

To stop Chris from making any bad moves, Aidan tells him the whole story. He says that Jackson had been suspecting him, and so they bugged him. Chris asks what they have on him. Aidan tells him that his meetings with Flanders are quite suspicious, since Flanders is a known hit-man. Chris tells Aidan that his meetings are legitimate, and that he is still working undercover.

Kendall bumps into Boyd. She takes a deep breath and approaches him. She asks him to forgive her. Boyd tells her that she should open her eyes. Kendall says that none of it was Michael’s fault, and if one more person accuses her boyfriend, she’s going to explode. Boyd says he cannot believe Kendall is being so blind. He tells Kendall that Michael has been using her all along. Kendall thinks she knows what he’s talking about, and tells him that Erica won’t get away with it. Boyd tells her that Erica has nothing to do with the Fusion lawsuit, and that it’s just another one of Michael’s ploys. Kendall seems confused. She says that if Michael was after Fusion, he could have easily bought them out. Boyd explains that Michael was never after Fusion and was just using Kendall to get the anti-aging formula. Kendall can’t believe it. She tells him that Michael wants to stay with her, and that his father is ill. Boyd tells her that she needs to wake up. Kendall asks for proof. Boyd tells her that he was just at Michael’s place, and that he told Boyd exactly what he wanted. Boyd tells Kendall that he would never lie to her. Kendall admits that Boyd has always stuck up for her. She doesn’t know what to do. She says she’s going to settle this once and for all and rushes off.

Lena decides to not leave and stay with Bianca. She and Bianca happily check into a hotel. The bellboy mistakenly calls them sisters. Lena confidently tells him that they are a couple. Bianca feels so happy that Lena feels the same way she does. Just then, Lena’s cell phone rings. It’s Michael. He wonders why Lena isn’t half way to Europe by now. She tells him she didn’t leave. He says he’s glad and now they can continue with their plan. He tells her to slip into something sexy for Bianca and seduce her. Lena tells Michael that she’s not interested in his plans. While Michael is screaming at Lena on the phone, Kendall walks up to Michael’s apartment. She hears him screaming at someone and realizes that Michael is not who she thought he was. After Lena gets off the phone, she turns back to Bianca. Someone knocks. It’s Erica! Erica rushes in and tells Lena that she’s been desperately looking for her. She then spots Bianca and wonders what is going on.

Aidan tells Chris to not make any stupid moves. He says that Flanders is not trustworthy, and has his own agenda. Aidan tells Chris that if Flanders makes any wrong moves, Chris is going to end up going down with him. While Aidan and Chris are talking, Jackson shows up. Aidan tells Chris to cool off, and Chris leaves. Jackson approaches Aidan and asks what is going on. Aidan tells him that Chris knows everything about their setup. Jackson is disappointed and wonders what Chris’ next move is going to be. He says they better watch out since Chris seems to be quite furious.

Chris goes back to see Flanders. He tells him that Jackson has recorded every word they have said to each other, thanks to a mutual friend whom Chris trusted. While Chris’ back is turned, Flanders pulls out a gun and tells Chris he will go take care of things. Chris runs after him.


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