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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/23/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall starts cleaning up the mess she and Greenlee made while fighting. Greenlee comes in and is surprised to see Kendall. She asks why Kendall hasn’t left yet, since she had already declared that she was quitting. Kendall tells her that Palmer insists that she stays with Fusion, otherwise he will pull his financial backing. Greenlee accuses her of finding yet another way to bring the company down. She says that she doesn’t need Palmer and his building, and that she will find another way to make Fusion survive.

Liza shows Erica the proof she has against her. She says it is clear that Erica paid someone to sue Fusion. Erica insists that Kendall has just found another way to blame her. Liza says that the proof is going against her, and it would be better if she just confess.

Lena tells Michael that she refuses to play any more games. Michael insists that she still get the job done, or else he will turn her in. Lena says that for the first time she is seeing the truth. She says she will never exploit Bianca and that she really cares for her. Michael says that Bianca will never trust Lena once she knows the truth. Lena says that she is no longer afraid, and she is sick of always obeying Michael. She leaves and Michael calls after her.

Bianca sits alone in Erica’s office. She thinks about the conversation she had with Lena. While she is writing a few lines in her diary, Myrtle comes in. Myrtle asks her what happened. Bianca tells her that Lena can’t see her anymore. Myrtle comforts her. Bianca wonders why she’s always the victim. She says she will stop listening to her heart. Myrtle says that she thinks Lena really has feelings for Bianca, and that’s why she is pulling away.

Erica insists that she has no idea what Liza is talking about. Liza asks why Erica has always been trying to make Fusion look bad. Erica says that’s just what good business people do – but she would never stoop this low. Erica says that she will get to the bottom of it. She says that if there’s a “snake” at Enchantment, she’ll find him. Liza warns her to act fast, otherwise Fusion’s attorneys will be contacting her. After Liza leaves, Boyd comes over to Erica’s place. Erica tells him she’s glad to see him and asks him where Lena is. She tells Boyd the whole story about Liza and the accusation against Enchantment. Boyd wonders if Lena set them up. Erica is surprised by Boyd’s suggestion.

While Kendall and Greenlee are still arguing, Mia and Simone walk in. They look at the mess and ask what happened. Greenlee tells them that Kendall just quit, but has found a way to weasel back into Fusion. Kendall tells her side of the story. She says that Palmer will kick Fusion out unless Kendall stays on. Mia and Simone urge the girls to kiss and make up. Greenlee declares that she doesn’t need any of them and that she quits! Kendall tells her that she doesn’t mean it, and that she’s just taking her anger out on the company. The girls try to convince Greenlee that she’s wrong. Greenlee insists that the partnership never really made sense, and that she and Kendall are always fighting. Kendall, Mia and Simone remind Greenlee of all the good times. They tell Greenlee that things can still work out. Greenlee says there’s no way to get out of the lawsuit and that Fusion is ruined anyways. Just then Liza comes in and says they still have a chance.

After some hesitation, Boyd tells Erica that he doesn’t really trust Lena. Erica asks whether she would be capable of embezzlement. Boyd says he doesn’t know, but there’s something about Lena that’s not right. Erica says she knows that Lena hasn’t been clear about her sexual orientation. Boyd says that although he wasn’t sure about that also, it was really clear that she was into Bianca the other night. Erica realizes that Bianca was really upset in the morning because of Lena.

Myrtle continues to comfort Bianca. She tells her that she should stick around to find out if Lena comes back. She says that Lena, just like Erica, tends to run away just when things heat up. She tells Bianca that just because Lena seems to be pulling away, it doesn’t mean it’s over. Just then, Erica’s secretary interrupts Bianca and Myrtle. He says that Lena just e-mailed her resignation and will be on a flight back to Europe later on. Myrtle urges Bianca to go stop Lena.

Lena is at the airport, buying a ticket to Prague. She seems really sad and unsure of what she’s doing.

Liza tells the girls the whole story. She tells them that the lady who sued was clearly paid to do so. Liza says that someone at Enchantment paid – probably Erica. The girls can’t believe it. Kendall says she knew her mother would not stop until Fusion was ruined.

Erica thanks Boyd for helping out. Boyd says there’s something else she should know about. He tells her that Kendall tried to seduce him in order to get his anti-aging formula. Erica is surprised, but says she expected this from Kendall. Boyd tells her that Michael was behind the whole thing. He says that Kendall couldn’t even go through with it, and that it’s not her fault. Erica says she understands, and that even she tried to warn Kendall about Michael. After running all the facts through her mind, Erica comes to a realization. She says that Michael is trying to make it look as if Erica is after Fusion. She says that he seems to have everything covered, but she will give him a taste of his own medicine.

Michael places a call to Lena and leaves a message. He urges her to come back, otherwise she’ll have to face the consequences. After leaving the message, he calls his assistant/hit-man. He asks the guy to trace every one of Lena’s relatives. He seems to be planning to hurt Lena’s family.

Lena is still at the airport, waiting for her flight to be announced. At one point, she thinks she sees Bianca, but it turns out not to be her. When the flight is announced, Lena gets up sadly and gets in line. Just then Bianca calls from behind.

Kendall tells the girls that she can’t believe what her mother is up to. Greenlee says that if it wasn’t for Kendall, Fusion would be successful by now. Kendall accepts the fact that Erica is after her and that it may be in Fusion’s best interest if she left. Liza and the girls insist that she shouldn’t give up and let Erica win. They dare Kendall to be courageous enough to face her mother. Kendall realizes that she would be a coward to leave and accepts the challenge. She turns to Greenlee and asks if she will fight for Fusion as well.

Erica says she’s going to pull one over Michael. Boyd asks what her plan is. Erica says that Boyd should write down the formula for the anti-aging cream. Boyd insists that they’ll be more vulnerable, and that Michael will surely come after it. Erica says that when he comes, they’ll be ready for him.

Bianca asks Lena if she’s leaving because of her. Lena says she just has to go. Bianca asks for more of an explanation. She asks why Lena is bailing just when things were getting good. Lena says that the decision was made for her, and that she has to leave. Bianca asks what Lena is hiding. Lena says that she’s doing what she has to do for Bianca’s sake. Bianca wonders whether Erica put her up to this. Lena seems confused with that, and says Erica has nothing to do with her leaving. Lena insists that Bianca will eventually find someone who is more worthy of her. Bianca says that what they have is worth fighting for, but she can’t do it alone. Lena turns to leave, but Bianca pulls her towards herself.

Greenlee says that she’ll do whatever she can to stop Erica, even if it means working side by side with Kendall.

After Boyd leaves, Erica gets on the phone with her secretary. She asks if they’ve found Lena. Just then someone knocks. It’s Jackson. Erica says she’s so happy to see him. Jackson isn’t smiling. He tells Erica that there is a charge against her. He says she has been accused of conspiring against Fusion, and that she won’t get away with it.

Boyd goes to see Michael. Michael seems a bit surprised to see him.

Lena tells Bianca that it’s not their time to be together. Bianca can’t understand why Lena is fighting it so much. She apologizes and says she will not stand in the way anymore. She tells Lena that she’ll never forget her. She pulls away and wishes Lena a safe journey. Lena starts walking away, but then calls after Bianca. She walks over and kisses her!

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