AMC Update Tuesday 4/22/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/22/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee comes into work in the morning, hoping to find Carlos there. She checks her phone messages, but is disappointed to see that Carlos hadn’t left a message. Just then Kendall walks in, wearing the same clothes she was wearing the night before. Greenlee teases her, and asks her whether she slept at Michael’s place. Kendall is furious. She tells Greenlee that she shouldn’t have gone and said anything to Michael. Greenlee tells her that she went to make sure that Michael would stop using her. Kendall insists that Michael loves her and just wanted to help Fusion. Greenlee tells her she’s just being naïve.

Liza goes to see Tad. She asks Tad whether he was able to find any dirt on the lady who sued Fusion. Tad tells her that after going through the lady’s bank accounts, he can conclude that someone paid her to sue. Liza says she knew there was something going on. They wonder who is trying to destroy Fusion.

Adam goes to see Michael. Michael had been expecting him. Adam tells Michael that since Michael’s father has been a good business partner in the past, he will help Cambios Industries in any way he can. Michael asks what the catch is and why Adam would be interested in Michael’s business.

Bianca asks Lena if she would like to go to a concert with her. After some hesitation, Lena tells her that they can’t see each other anymore. Bianca is stunned and asks if she’s joking.

Erica is sleeping on the couch at home. She dreams that Jackson has come back to her and has decided to stay in her life. She wakes up disappointed, but determined to not let Jackson leave so easily. She gets dressed and is about to go look for Jackson. Just as she is about to leave, Palmer comes in. He says he’s really excited that she and Jackson are getting hitched, and he wants to be able to give Erica away at the wedding. Erica tells him that Jackson left her. She tells him the whole story and says she has to go after Jackson.

Jackson is at the community center, day dreaming about Erica. He’s very frustrated and caught up in his thoughts. Reggie and Joni ask him what’s going on. Jackson tells them to mind their own business.

Bianca asks Lena if she’s done anything wrong. Lena says although she would love to pursue things, she just can’t. Bianca says she’s always the victim. Lena says she doesn’t want Bianca to become a victim, and that’s why she doesn’t want to pursue a relationship. Bianca calls Lena a coward and asks her not to use the standard break-up speech. Lena looks genuinely sorry, and tries to tell Bianca that she’s better off without her. Bianca is not having any of it. She says she’s sick of always being rejected. She says she doesn’t need anyone in her life anymore. She leaves.

Kendall accuses Greenlee of making sure that everyone around her is just as miserable as she is. Kendall says that Greenlee is just jealous of her because she’s got someone to love. Greenlee tells her that she’s just being conned. Kendall grabs her.

Adam tells Michael that Cambios Industries needs Chandler Enterprises. A skeptical Michael makes a few personal attacks. He asks whether Adam’s company is still running since Liza embezzled millions. He then asks why Liza left him. Adam keeps his cool and asks Michael whether his father ever taught him to not get personal. Adam implies that if Michael’s father was around, he would have never messed up the deal with Enchantment. Michael doesn’t like that everyone always praises his father more. Adam leaves, realizing that Michael is very much like him when he was young.

Liza and Tad discuss the facts they have been able to gather against the lawsuit. They get a contact to fax them some more information. From the fax, they see that someone had wired the money into the account of the lady who sued. Liza and Tad are proud of their achievements. Tad asks her to stay for dinner. Liza says she has to go confront the person behind the whole charade. She kisses him on the cheek and turns to leave. Just then they see Adam standing at the door. Liza stammers and says that she was just getting some help from Tad. She says she was just leaving. Adam is curiously calm about the situation. Liza leaves. Adam smiles at Tad and leaves as well. Outside, Adam pulls a secretary aside. He tells her that he needs a favor.

Kendall tells Greenlee that if anyone was conned, it was Greenlee – especially since Leo was a known con artist. Greenlee is furious that Kendall brought up Leo. She tells her to care more about her friends and company. Kendall tells her that she doesn’t care about Fusion anymore, and that there’s no hope of saving the company. She runs to Greenlee’s desk and tosses all her papers to the ground. Greenlee screams that it took her hours to figure out some calculations that were on those papers. In retaliation, she cuts up all of the roses that Michael had once sent Kendall.

Joni and Reggie argue as usual. Reggie picks up a paint gun and tells her to get out of the way so he can get some paint. Joni tells him not to point the paint gun at her. Jackson intervenes. He tells them to find something constructive to do.

Erica explains her actions to Palmer. She tells him that it’s not her fault that Jackson has left. Palmer reminds her that Jackson loves her a lot, and that he has waited forever for her. Palmer says that perhaps Jackson has been the most deserving from all the men Erica has married. Erica says that he still shouldn’t have left. Palmer tells her to give it some time. Just as Palmer is about to leave, Bianca comes in. She says she’s come over to get some documents signed. Bianca asks why Erica is not at work. Erica tells her that it’s because of Jackson. She tells her that Jackson has walked out on her since she told him she can’t marry him. Bianca says it’s about time Jackson walked away – taking out her frustrations on her mother. Erica is surprised at Bianca’s reaction. Bianca asks whether she gave Jackson one of her standard break-up lines. She asks her mother whether she was just stringing Jackson along all this time. She calls her mother a coward for not allowing herself to love Jackson. Erica denies all the accusations and says she really did love Jackson. She says that she wants to keep her best friend in her life. She can’t understand why her own daughter is also against her.

Jackson takes Joni aside and tells her that Reggie just puts up a front. He says that Reggie has had a tough life and deserves a good friend. Joni wonders if she should cut Reggie some slack and become his friend.

Kendall and Greenlee are in a cat fight. They’re rolling around on the ground. Just then Palmer comes in and breaks up the fight. He asks what’s going on. Greenlee tells her version while Kendall insists on hers. Kendall says she quits. Greenlee says she’s ecstatic and can’t wait for Kendall to leave. After Greenlee leaves the room, Palmer asks Kendall whether she’s really going to leave. Kendall says she can’t take it anymore. Palmer tells Kendall that he expected a lot more from her. He says that he’ll be willing to pay for the upkeep of the building, but she needs to keep her end of the deal. He tells her that if she leaves, he’ll cancel his contract. Kendall realizes that if Palmer throws the girls out, they’ll have no where to go. She realizes that she does care about the Fusion girls and the fate of the company.

Meanwhile, Michael is on the phone with someone (most probably his father) and tells them that Palmer doesn’t suspect a thing. He says they have Palmer just where they want him. Lena comes in. Michael asks whether she has some good news for him. She tells him that she will no longer see Bianca. Michael insists that she needs to continue pursuing Bianca and get Boyd’s formula. He threatens her.

A secretary walks into Tad’s office with a box. Tad rummages through the box and sees that it contains all his office things. Adam walks in and says that his office has been cleaned out and that he should leave. Tad asks whether he was just playing cool in front of Liza on purpose. Adam says he was, but deep inside he can’t stand Tad. He tells Tad to get out.

Erica tells Bianca that she’s trying to spare Jackson any more heartache. In tears, Bianca says that she should have allowed him to love her. Erica realizes that there’s something else bothering Bianca. She asks, but Bianca runs out crying. Erica runs after her but is stopped by Liza at the door. Liza tells Erica that she has to talk to her urgently. She says she has proof that Erica paid some lady to sue Fusion. Erica has no idea what Liza is talking about.

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