AMC Update Monday 4/21/03

All My Children Update Monday 4/21/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Maria and Aidan and Edmund and Mia stare at each other awkwardly. Maria asks Aidan if he's OK with this. He pretends that he is but she doesn't believe him. He admits he's trying but they're running into Edmund a lot. Maria says there's not much they can do because they're in a small town. She doesn't want to leave town because her kids are here. Mia asks Edmund if he wants to go somewhere else. Edmund says no, he promised her music and dancing. He takes her in his arms and they begin to dance. Henry and Maggie approach Aidan and Maria and tell them that they are celebrating at the restaurant of Henry's family. They ask them to go along. As Aidan and Maria walk out, Maria stops to look at Edmund dancing with Mia. She smiles. Mia tells Edmund she wants to be alone with him. He suggests they get out of there and find a quiet place to talk. "What if I don't want to talk," she says. They kiss. She asks if they should go to Wildwind. He says there are too many memories here. He wants to go somewhere else.

Henry, Maggie, Aidan and Maria go to the Chinese restaurant and are enjoying themselves. Maggie and Henry slow dance and kiss, then Maria comments that the music playing is their song, so she and Aidan dance as well. Henry's mother arrives and is unhappy to see him with his friends. She thought he had an early class tomorrow. Henry takes her aside and tells her that something happened today that made him feel alive. She accuses him of being disrespectful. He says he's happy and is going to stay that way, regardless of her.

Stuart is preparing his art gallery for an exhibit when Adam enters. Stuart wonders why Adam is there, then surmises that Adam must not enjoy being alone in his big house. Adam comments on what he views as poor art, and Stuart tells him all the artwork was done by amateurs for a special exhibit. Adam admits that he's come here because he's the only family he has left. Stuart tells him that he's not alone even though some of his children have moved away. Everyone he loves is happy and alive, and JR is having the experience of a lifetime, Stuart tells him. Adam asks Stuart if he's heard from JR. Stuart admits that he got a letter from him today. Adam's letter is probably still in the mail, he says. Adam demands to know what JR wrote in the letter but Stuart doesn't want to give any details. He tells him that JR is in the South Pacific and is working hard. Adam presses Stuart for details, but Stuart says he promised JR he wouldn't tell Adam anything about this. Marian walks in and is not happy to see Adam, asking them if he's trying to drive away another family member. Adam asks Marian about the letter but she tells him it's private and to stop badgering Stuart. Adam tells them thanks for nothing and walks out. Marian urges Stuart not to tell Adam about the letter because JR specifically asked them not to.

Carlos walks into the gallery and Stuart warmly greets him. He can tell something is bothering Carlos. Marian asks how they know each other. Carlos tells Marian her husband saved his life. While in high school he was failing every subject until Mr. C, as Carlos calls him, taught an art class and made him realize his talent. Carlos says he gave him confidence and he got his diploma because of him. Marian gets a call and leaves the room, and Stuart again asks Carlos what's bothering him. Is it lady trouble? This must be one special lady, he says. Carlos says she's very special, but he knows it's never going to work out. Carlos says she needs time to heal but he keeps pushing her and has hurt her more. Stuart says he could never hurt anyone. Stuart tells Carlos that he always went after what he wanted in high school. He asks him if he'll bring some of his sculptures for the exhibit, and Carlos excitedly says yes. Later, Adam returns to the gallery to apologize to Stuart and Marian. Despite Marian's objections, Stuart hands Adam the letter from JR. The letter says he misses his dad most of all, but urges Stuart not to tell his dad where he is so he doesn't try to find him. Adam thanks Stuart for letting him see the letter, and says JR is just where he needs to be, as are Colby and Hayley.

Liza takes Colby and Maddie to Fusion and finds Kendall, who is not in a good mood. Why are these kids here, she snaps? Liza tells Kendall she doesn't have to sleep at her desk. Kendall says Fusion is in serious trouble and she needs to determine what to do. Liza says this will be here in the morning. What's really going on. Kendall tells her she really screwed up and she wishes she hadn't told Greenlee what she did. Kendall says she was trying to save Fusion and help Michael and she totally messed up. Liza asks what Michael has to do with Fusion. Kendall says she can't explain it, but asks Liza if there have been times she would have done anything for love. Liza admits she would have. Kendall tells Liza that she gets it, but Greenlee doesn't get it. She's just jealous that she has love in her life. Kendall prepares to leave, telling Liza that she's going to find Michael and tell him how much he means to her. After Kendall leaves, Liza calls Tad, telling him that she needs him.

Greenlee is confronting Michael. She is appalled that Michael tried to get Kendall to sleep with Boyd to get his formula. Greenlee says Kendall hasn't figured him out but she has. She wants to know what he's really after. Michael says he loves Kendall and everything he's told her is the truth. Michael urges Greenlee to please tell him Kendall didn't sleep with another man. Greenlee tells him he just wants to get the formula then he'll dump Kendall in a heartbeat. Michael turns the tables on Greenlee, accusing her of using her grief for Leo to make everyone unhappy. He tells her she's wrong about him and Kendall, and expresses dismay that Kendall tried to sleep with another man. Greenlee says she knows he's going to pretend to dump Kendall so she'll come crawling to him. Michael tells her he's not going to let her reduce what he has with Kendall into something vial and bitter. Greenlee warns him to stay away from her and her company or he'll be sorry. Kendall walks in and asks what's going on. Michael asks Kendall if what Greenlee is saying is true, that she tried to sleep with Boyd. "You told him?" Kendall says angrily, and orders Greenlee to get out. Greenlee tells Kendall she's dumber than she thought and she and Michael deserve each other. Kendall tells Michael she told Boyd she wanted him so she could try to lure him and his formula to Enchantment or maybe even get the formula from him. She thought that's what he wanted. Calling her sweetheart, he pulls her into a hug. Kendall tells Michael that Boyd was onto her. She couldn't even pretend she wanted another man. Michael tells her that he didn't want her to do that. This shows that the woman he loves thinks he can't do anything for himself. She ran straight to Boyd when she realized how much money she could get off his formula. He tells her she's like a stranger to him. She asks if he wants to break up with her. He hugs her and tells her no, but he needs some time to think about this. He tells her he's not OK with this but maybe he will be after she thinks. Kendall tells him she doesn't love Boyd, she loves him. She asks him to please not give up on them. He asks her to leave so he can think. Kendall walks out, saying she's sorry and never meant to hurt him. Michael lays on his couch smiling. "I have her exactly where I want her," he says.

Tad arrives at Fusion and wants to know what Liza wanted. She asks him if he still has his private investigator's license. She tells him about the lawsuit filed against Fusion by the woman who claims she can no longer taste salt, although he already has heard about it. He says it sounds bogus. He tells Liza he'll make a few calls and gets on the phone. He gets some leads on determining the woman's financial condition to determine why she would have turned down a large settlement. Liza smiles at him, saying she thinks it's great that's he's being so passionate about this. Tad says other than this and his Harley ride with Lysistrada, his life has been barren lately. Greenlee storms in, muttering that she'll never try to help anyone again. Liza asks her where Kendall is, and she says Kendall is with Michael. She says she was trying to help Kendall but it backfired and Kendall let her have it. She tells Liza what Michael said about her interference, adding that everything he said is the truth. Later after Liza leaves, Greenlee tries to call Carlos, who apparently doesn't hear the phone because of some loud machinery he is using. Greenlee leaves a message, asking him to call her.

Mia and Edmund are in a room. Mia tells him she knows his heart belongs to Maria, and if she gets her memory back they'll be together. But she says she's OK with that, "because tonight, you're mine." They kiss and fall onto the bed. After making love, Edmund tells her she was incredible. She tells him she has no regrets.

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