AMC Update Friday 4/18/03

All My Children Update Friday 4/18/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Mia, Edmund, Liza, Maddie and Colby are enjoying ice cream at B.J.'s when David Hayward walks in. Edmund decides to see what's up and approaches him. David tells him if he's there to ask him about Maria's visit forget it. Edmund didn't know Maria went to see David and asked what she wanted. Edmund persists, asking David if this visit was about Maria's memory. David tells Edmund he doesn't want to get into this because he has his own problems. Edmund reminds David that Anna still doesn't know about the experimental drug. David asks Edmund if he's threatening him, then agrees to tell him what Maria said. He says Maria asked what he could do to keep her memory from coming back. Back at the table, Liza tells Mia that she could have been wrong about advising Mia to steer clear of Edmund. She says Edmund may be exactly what she needs right now. Mia says she never thought she would feel this way so soon after Jake. David asks Edmund if he's happy now, but Edmund is not upset about what David has said. David asks Edmund why he has changed his attitude, and Mia then walks into their circle. "I see," David says. David leaves, and Mia tells Edmund she thought he might need to be rescued. She asks Edmund if he's OK with Maria not wanting to get her memory back, and Edmund says that he has told her before that he is. She says now she believes him. Maddie approaches her father and asks if she can spend the night at Colby's house, and Edmund agrees. Mia tells Edmund that she mentioned to Liza that she'd like to spend some time alone with him, so Liza must have instigated this sleepover. Mia tells him she's not trying to engineer anything. Edmund says this was a sweet thought. He doesn't think they're ready for intimacy, but he says it's something to look forward to. Liza approaches them and wishes them a nice evening. She leaves with the kids and Mia asks what they do now. Edmund tells her he has an idea.

Maria sees Aidan at S.O.S. and tells he she went to a doctor's appointment. Maggie walks in and asks if they're there for open mic night. After Aidan excuses himself, Maria tells Maggie that she feels bad because she just lied to Aidan about here whereabouts. Maria confides in Maggie, telling her that she feels like she's going crazy. She's worried if she gets her memory back she may remember loving Edmund. She says David told her there's not much she can do. They decide to change the subject and talk about something more upbeat. Maggie tells her she doesn't know if things between her and Henry will ever work out. Henry walks over to them. Later, the foursome are sitting at a table socializing when a man at the microphone announces he has a new performer who is too shy to perform in person. He has a cassette tape from an act known as Free Radical. He plays it and it is a recording of Henry playing a song on a guitar. The crowd listens intently and gives it enthusiastic applause when the tape is completed. Henry smiles and Maggie asks him if he's mad. She admits that she turned in the tape and gave him the name Free Radical because it is a term from Organic Chemistry. Maggie tells Henry that his playing made people happy, and he says no one is happier than him. Later Henry tells the person in charge of the evening that he is Free Radica. The man tells him congratulations. Henry asks if it would be OK to come back next week and play in person. Aidan and Maria start dancing, and Aidan tells her she seems distance. Maria confesses that she lied to him about her visit with David. She tells him that whatever happens they'll survive this and her love for her won't change. They hug, just in time for Edmund to enter with Maria and see them.

Lena tells Michael that Bianca is not the right person to get the formula from. Michael says he thought he was the one giving orders and she was the one taking them. He says Bianca is ripe for the plucking and who better to do that than the company whore. Lena stands up and slaps him. Lena tells him to never call her a whore again. Michael apologizes, and tells her she can use her own euphemism. He tells her he pays her to take their enemies to bed. Lena protests, saying Bianca is so young. Michael says her youth and inexperience will be something new to her. He says there's no turning back. He won't go to his father empty-handed. Lena insists that going after Bianca won't work because Boyd won't give his formula to her. Michael asks her if she's falling in love with Bianca. Bianca got to her, he surmises. Lena doesn't answer, but says he's right about her. She is a whore and all she cares about is getting paid. Her job is following his orders. He says he agrees there would be better ways to get the formula if Kendall had done her job. He says unfortunately Kendall has more morals than people thought. Lena says she abandoned her morals long ago. Michael tries to kiss her but Lena abruptly gets up and leaves, saying he'll be satisfied with her performance.

Bianca calls Lena and tells her she had a good time. Lena, somewhat distracted, tells her that she did too. Bianca tells Lena that she sounds weird. Lena says she could not sleep so she's making some coffee. Bianca asks if they can plan their next date. She suggests going to a movie. Lena agrees and Bianca tells her she'll call her tomorrow. Lena tells her she's very special.

Bianca rails against Kendall to Boyd, but he is defending her. He says he knows Kendall tried to get the formula from him at the urging of Michael. He says he can't sit back and watch Cambias use her. Bianca says she's sick about what Kendall did to Boyd, her only defender in town. She says Kendall came to Boyd to try to seduce him into giving her his formula all on her own. Boyd says he knows Kendall came over here to use him but he's not giving up on her. Bianca says if he keeps giving her chances she'll see Boyd as a pushover. She tells him to forget about her and move on, as long as it's not with Lena, because she really likes Lena. Boyd says he hopes Lena doesn't disappoint her. And Bianca tells him not to go banging down Michael Cambias's door. Boyd says he's not through with Cambias. Later, Boyd is sitting alone when Simone comes downstairs. She tells him she is doing some research about sexy men. She knows she can sell makeup to men. Boyd warns her against telling him her secrets since he could steal them and take them to Enchantment. Simone agrees to put her work down and notices a glass of wine. She asks if Kendall had been there. Boyd says she was, but he's not going after something that won't happen. Boyd kisses Simone. Simone tells him that Kendall is a damn fool. Boyd asks if that means he has a shot with her. She says she knows he's on the rebound and won't get involved.

Greenlee goes to Fusion and finds Kendall in the dark in tears packing a box. Kendall says she's quitting and moving to Florida because she's a failure. Greenlee takes the box from her, prompting Kendall to tell her not to stop her. Greenlee says she's not stopping her, she's helping her pack. Kendall says she's ruined everything; everything is falling apart. Greenlee asks her what happened, did she do something to Fusion? Kendall says this has nothing to do with hurting Fusion. She only hurt herself and Boyd. She says what she did made sense at the time. She says she thought she could help save Fusion and help Michael make peace with his dying father. She tells Greenlee that Boyd has developed an anti-aging formula and she wanted to get it from him. Greenlee starts to catch on, and asks Kendall if she slept with Boyd to get the formula. Kendall says she tried to but she only humiliated herself. Greenlee tells Kendall this is not the first time she used sex to get what she wants. Kendall says Boyd is disgusted with her. How can she tell Michael about this now? Greenlee asks her why she has to tell Michael. Greenlee says she told Michael she would get the formula. Greenlee asks why Michael wants the formula. Kendall says he wants it to prove himself to his dying father. Greenlee tells Kendall she ran into Michael and he wants a part of the company. She suspects he wants the formula to cash in. Kendall says this is not about money, but Greenlee tells her that Michael set her up. A tearful Kendall insists that Michael loves her. He makes her want to live. Greenlee says she doesn't need Michael to want to live. Greenlee tells her to stay put until she gets back and walks out. A tearful Kendall calls Michael, but he won't pick up the phone. Kendall begs him to call her, saying she needs to hear his voice. She tells him she loves him. After she hangs up, Michael deletes the message. Someone is at his door. He opens it and finds Greenlee. She tells him she can see through him. Whatever he's planning for Fusion he needs to call it off now.

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