AMC Update Thursday 4/17/03

All My Children Update Thursday 4/17/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

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Erica is at Jackson’s. He’s happy to see her and let’s her in. He asks whether she’s there to make his life or break his heart.

Kendall is at Boyd’s. She pulls out a bottle of wine. Boyd is confused and asks what she’s doing there. In a very seductive way, Kendall tells him she’s there to be with him. She tells Boyd that when she saw him with Simone the other night, she knew she was with the wrong man. Boyd tells her he hopes she’s not using him. She leans over and kisses him.

Bianca, Lena and Myrtle are chatting over drinks. Myrtle complains that there aren’t enough men around for her to dance with. Knowing her date is over anyways, Bianca calls Boyd. She asks him to come over and join the party. He says that he can’t because of Kendall. Bianca gets off the phone and tells Lena and Myrtle that Boyd’s going to get lucky tonight.

Greenlee meets Carlos at Fusion. She tells him that she can’t help it, but everywhere she turns, she’s reminded of Leo. She tells Carlos that even he reminds her of Leo. She feels frustrated because she really does want to move on. At the same time, she’s not sure if Carlos is the one.

Jackson tells Erica that she’s a coward because she isn’t answering his proposal. Erica tells him that she’s in agony, and she’s trying to figure out what she wants to do. Jackson tells her that he’s had enough of her excuses. He says he just wants to love her forever. He says he’s sick of being good ol’ reliable Jacks who she comes running to when she needs help. Erica tells him that he’s her closest friend, and she wouldn’t know what to do without him. Jackson says she’s going to find out soon enough. He says he’s had enough and that he’s not going to stick around anymore.

Lena leaves the table to get another round of drinks. While she’s away, Myrtle asks Bianca how well she knows Lena. Meanwhile, Lena goes to the other side of the bar and meets Michael there. She asks him whether they’re plan is going to work. Michael says he has faith in Kendall. He tells Lena to continue charming Bianca. He says if she has trouble being with a girl, she should close her eyes and pretend she’s with him. This angers Lena and she tells him to go to hell.

Kendall tells Boyd she misses hanging out with him. She says that Michael isn’t interested in her and that he really doesn’t get her. She says that she relates a lot more to Boyd, being a small-town girl. Boyd comes and sits next to her. He asks her what she really wants from him.

Carlos tells Greenlee that she needs to be loved again. He leans over and kisses her. Greenlee kisses back but then pulls away and says she has to go.

Bianca tells Myrtle that she’s still getting to know Lena. Myrtle says she should take her time and not let her guard down. Lena comes back to the table with an older man by her side. She says she found a dance partner for Myrtle. Myrtle is flattered and accepts the man’s invitation for a dance. Lena and Bianca are left alone. Bianca apologizes for bringing a chaperone to their date. Lena tells her that she knows how it feels to be protected. She shares a story about her mother’s death, and tells her that her mother never accepted her for what she was. Bianca says she knows how she feels and that her father too passed away before he knew that she was gay. They talk about taking risks in life and living life to its fullest. Lena reaches over and holds Bianca’s hand.

Boyd tells Kendall he doesn’t know what she wants, but he knows it’s not him. Kendall tells him that it wasn’t easy for her to come over. She says that she would like to have another chance with him. Boyd kisses her. He pulls her towards the stairs. She asks where they’re going. He says to his bedroom. Kendall hesitates a bit. She asks if he wants to make love to her. Boyd says isn’t that what she wants? Kendall hesitates again and says she’s not ready. Boyd says isn’t that why Michael sent her? Kendall slips and says that it was entirely her idea, and that Michael had nothing to do with it. Boyd screams and says she has sunk lower than he ever thought.

Erica tells Jackson to stop being sarcastic. He says he wishes she would just tell the truth. He says the truth is that she loves him, and that he will love her back and always be there to catch her when she falls. Erica tells him that she wishes she could say something to make him understand its better for them to not be together. She says she can’t imagine him not being in her life. Jackson gets really upset. He says he doesn’t want to be just a friend.

Myrtle has a headache and wants to go home. She says she’ll get a cab. Bianca insists that they will drive her back. Lena looks a bit disappointed but gets up to join them.

Greenlee is at the gym and bumps into Michael there. Greenlee is sarcastic to him and asks him what he’s really doing in Pine Valley. Michael tells her that it doesn’t matter what she thinks of him. He says that the truth is that Fusion is in trouble. He says that if they need it, Cambios Industries will help them out. Greenlee asks if he’s making her an offer. Michael says that she should at least consider it. Greenlee asks what he would get in return. He says that he would get a piece of the company. Michael tells Greenlee that he’s a business man who happens to be in love with Kendall. He says he just wants to help out.

Boyd tells Kendall he thought he knew her. He says she used him to help Michael out. She says that Michael had nothing to do with it, and that she’s just trying to help Fusion out. Boyd is terribly angry. He says that he would have loved her if she had just asked him. He asks her to leave. Just then Bianca and Lena come home. Kendall rushes out. Boyd goes upstairs and helps Myrtle into bed. Lena tells Bianca that it’s late and she should leave too. Bianca asks her to stay.

Jackson tells Erica he wishes she would let him love her. He says since she’s made her decision to not be with him, he’s going to make his decision too. He says that he’s going to walk away. Erica tells him that she does love him and that he doesn’t need to walk away. He says that if she really does love him, she’ll let him go. He leaves the apartment and Erica runs after him.

Lena tells Bianca that she would like to see her again soon. She says she likes her. Bianca smiles and says she likes her too. They hug and Lena leaves. Boyd comes down. Bianca asks what happened between him and Kendall. He says that Michael sent her over to try to sleep with him and steal his formula. He says that Michael will do anything to get his hands on the formula.

Greenlee turns Michael’s offer down and leaves him. Just then Michael’s cell phone rings. It’s Lena. She tells him that Kendall failed. Michael says that it doesn’t matter and that they can still work on Bianca. He says that Bianca is Boyd’s best friend and that he will eventually tell her what the formula is. He tells Lena to somehow tease the secret out of Bianca. Lena doesn’t seem very happy with this new plan. Michael tells her to not go soft on him and to get him what he wants.

Erica chases Jackson down the street in the rain. She tells him that she needs him and she doesn’t want to see him go. Jackson tells her good bye and continues walking away. Erica stands in the rain and calls out after him.

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