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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/16/03

By Shahla
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Kendall asks Michael if he wants her to sleep with Boyd in order to secure their future. Michael seems hurt that she would ever suggest such a thing.

Greenlee is at Fusion, looking for some receipts. She’s trying to figure out how to resolve the lawsuit against Fusion. Carlos sneaks in and drops a rose on her desk. He tries to woo her away from her work and asks her out for dinner. Greenlee says she really has to work.

Anna comes home. David is busy getting a bottle ready for Leora. He insists he can handle her, and doesn’t give Anna the chance to take care of her own baby. Anna is upset and while David is in the bedroom, she leaves.

Erica is back from a conference in NY. She sits alone in her office and takes out the ring Jackson gave her. She calls Jackson and tells him he was all she was thinking about while she was away.

Michael tells Kendall that the thought of her being with another man disgusts him. She’s confused. He says she misunderstood what he was saying. She tells him she knows how it feels when parents don’t approve. He says that’s why they need to try extra hard to prove themselves to their parents. Michael says he’s happy with Kendall’s reaction, and it just proves his father wrong. Kendall gets curious and asks what he told his father. Michael says forget about it and tries to dodge the question. Kendall stops him and asks him again.

Jackson tells Erica he’s still waiting for an answer to his proposal. Erica says she can’t just answer like that. Jackson says she’s had all the time in the world. Erica says she has to go, and they get off the phone. Boyd comes into Erica’s office. He says he has something that will change her life and Enchantment’s future.

Anna comes over to Jackson’s. She asks him why he too seems so upset. He says it’s because of Erica and that he can’t believe he allows her to have such a hold on him. Anna says he’s doing the right thing by asking himself such questions early in the relationship. She says she should have done the same with David.

Greenlee finds a necklace in her drawer. She tells Carlos that Leo had given it to her, but she had taken it off during the Fusion party. Carlos gently asks her more about the necklace, but she suddenly says she has to go. She goes over to David’s. He asks her what’s wrong. She shows him the necklace. She tells him that she had taken it off for a while. She says she has done everything to forget Leo. She says even after all the time she has spent mourning and crying, she still wishes that he would come back to her. David comforts her and asks why she’s beating herself up about it. Greenlee says that she hasn’t been able to go on wit her life. David senses that there’s another guy in the picture. He says that her new guy is forcing her to move on with life, but her past keeps pulling her back.

Anna asks Jackson what would happen if Erica said yes to his proposal. Jackson says that they would have a spectacular wedding, and live happily ever after. Anna tells Jackson that she knows he would like to give Erica all the love in the world, so that she would never leave him. Anna says she used to think the same way. She thought she too could change David with her love, but she knows now that she was wrong.

Michael tells Kendall that his father thinks the only reason she’s with Michael is for his money. Michael says that he loves her and that he knows she would never be with him for his money. Kendall is surprised that Michael said “I love you”, and is totally smitten. She says she’s glad that he stood up to his father for her. Michael says that he trusts her and loves her, but sometimes her wonders what would happen if his bank account was really empty.

Boyd shows Erica his new cream. He says the cream stops the aging process, and that everyone’s going to go crazy for it. Erica is ecstatic and hugs Boyd. However, she says she’s concerned about the competition - especially Fusion. She knows that Fusion is very desperate right now, especially with the lawsuit. She says that the Fusion girls and Kendall in particular may try to lure Boyd away.

Anna tells Jackson that she has taken the backseat ever since Leora came into their lives. Jackson suggests to her that if she ever wanted to, she’s strong enough to raise Leora on her own. She says she would never want to do that. She says the baby is a strong bond between her and David, and she would never leave him.

David tells Greenlee that Leo would want her to move on with her life. He says that she’s young and beautiful. Greenlee interrupts and says that it’s not about sex. David says he never said that, and if anything, she’s the one who keeps bringing it to that level. He asks her how she met Carlos, and what he does. Greenlee hesitates, but then tells David that Carlos is just a handyman. She begs David to not pass any comments on Carlos’ profession. David tells her that he has no problem with it, but obviously she does.

Michael tells Kendall that he is so lucky to have her. He says that he’s so flattered that Kendall would even consider sleeping with someone else to secure their future. Kendall says that was never an option, but Michael says her thinking about it was enough. Michael goes on about his father. He says that if he can’t prove himself, his father will give the job to someone else and that he will end up working in some back office. Michael urges Kendall again to somehow work on Boyd so that they can continue their relationship.

Erica warns Boyd that if Kendall ever came to him, it would be for the wrong reasons. Boyd tells her that if Kendall came to him, he would try to help her. He says that you have to take risks in love, otherwise you’re always going to wonder what would have been. Erica thinks about this and when Boyd leaves, she picks up Jackson’s ring again.

Kendall tells Michael that her life would be empty if he ever left. Michael tells her that he’ll find a way to get to Boyd. She says that he would never be able to do it since Boyd really hates him. Michael tells her that no matter what happens, she’ll always be in his heart. Kendall suddenly feels overwhelmed and scared that he’s going to leave. She says that their future is the most important thing to her and that she’ll do anything for them. She says she has to go. Michael closes the door behind her and smiles.

Greenlee says that maybe she has a problem with Carlos’ status because she comes from money. She says that when Leo came into her life, he changed everything. David encourages her and says that maybe Carlos will change her life once again. David says he feels like that about Leora. He says he never realized he could love Leora and Anna that much. He admits that he has been treating Anna like a stranger ever since Leora came into their life. Greenlee says that it’s all still new and they just need some time. David insists that he’s been acting terribly towards Anna lately. He says if he keeps it up, he’s going to lose Anna. Greenlee says that he can’t let that happen.

Anna tells Jackson that she can’t live life without David. She says that although he’s being irrational, she understands what he’s feeling. She says she wants to help him overcome his fears, and that she loves him even more when she sees he’s so vulnerable. Jackson gives her a hug and is glad Anna seems to be feeling better about the situation with David. Anna leaves. Once Jackson is alone, he starts thinking about Erica again.

David calls Anna and leaves a message on her cell phone. Just then Anna comes home. David apologizes for his behavior. Anna says it can’t continue this way, and that she needs to also prove to herself that she’s a good mother. She begs David to also give her a chance. David says that he knows she’s a good mother, and she’s the one who’s been strong throughout the pregnancy. He says that when he operated on Leora, all he felt was fear. He says he’s been operating forever, but he has never felt that way. He tells Anna he loves her and Leora very much. Anna hugs David and tells him she loves him as well.

Carlos is at Fusion. He puts the rose he gave Greenlee in water. He turns off the light and is about to leave. Just then Greenlee comes in.

Michael is on the phone to his father. He says that he’s very close, and will soon prove that he’s a worthy son.

Kendall goes over to Boyd’s. Boyd asks her what she’s doing at his place, and why she’s not with Michael. Kendall walks in and takes off her shawl to reveal a very sexy dress. She tells him that if she really wanted to be with Michael, nothing would stop her. Kendall tells Boyd that he’s the one she wants to really be with.

Erica comes over to Jackson’s. She tells him that she’s come to a decision. Jackson smiles and lets her in.

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