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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/15/03

By Shahla
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Lena and Michael are preparing dinner at home. Lena tells Michael that Boyd has shut down and is not responding to her charms, but she is working on Bianca. She asks Michael whether Kendall will pull through for him. Michael says he’ll get her to do what he wants. He tells Lena that he will create a situation in which Kendall will try to sleep with Boyd to get the formula. He says that Kendall thinks with her heart, and it’s easier to pull her strings that way. After Lena leaves, Michael calls Kendall. He pretends to be really disturbed and asks her to come over.

The Fusion girls worry about the lawsuit against them. Greenlee is the only one who is more positive and encourages the girls not to give up. Kenny, the lawyer, comes in and tells them they are in trouble. He says that his firm has become strict and will not allow him to put so much time in for free. The girls tell him that they can’t afford him, but Liza asks him what his standard fee is.

Bianca has dressed up very sexy for her date with Lena. Myrtle tells her she’s going to be breaking hearts tonight. Boyd walks in and tells her she looks gorgeous, but is wasting her time. He says that something is not adding up and is suspicious of Lena. Bianca tells him to layoff and to admit that he lost the bet. Boyd says he’s worried that Bianca will invest her emotions into a relationship that won’t lead anywhere. Bianca tells him to just let her enjoy the moment. Just then Lena walks in. She tells Bianca that she looks breathtaking.

Jackson and Aidan meet to talk about Chris. They decide they need to watch out for Chris and Flanders, his hit-man investigator buddy. Jackson says he doesn’t think the bureau will listen to him with such little evidence against Chris and Flanders. Aidan says he wishes he had more proof against the two. Jackson says that the situation with Chris could get ugly. He says that Aidan has already risked his life once and almost lost Maureen. Aidan tells him that he’s on board and isn’t going to bail. Jackson asks how things are going with Maureen. Aidan says he’s a bit worried about Maureen getting her memory back.

Maureen goes to see David. She tells him that she’s desperate. David is very surprised and lets her in. Maureen hands David her medical papers. David tells her that he’s not her physician and nor is he a neurologist. She says that he once was her doctor, and he’s the only one who knows her case well enough. She asks him whether she’s close to getting her memory back. David tells her he can’t know for sure just by her physical exams. Maureen looks desperate. She tells him she needs to know who she’s going to end up being…Maria or Maureen.

Bianca tells Lena that she looks great as well. Just then Bianca remembers that she forgot to call a contact in Hong Kong for Enchantment. She says she’ll call right away before they go out. Bianca says there’s a phone in her bedroom and that they can go up there to make the call really quick. Boyd panics and tells Bianca there’s a phone in the living room, hoping that the girls won’t go into the bedroom. Myrtle steps in and tells them to go on ahead upstairs. After the girls go up, Boyd tells Myrtle that he thinks Lena is up to something. He says that before making the date with Bianca, Lena had kissed him. Myrtle is surprised by this and says she would never let anyone harm Bianca. When the girls come back down, Myrtle announces that she will join them on their night out.

Kendall comes over to Michael’s. Michael tells her that if they can’t get Boyd’s formula, they don’t have a future together.

David asks Maureen if she wants to get her memory back. Maureen says that she just wants to know what’s going to happen. David tells her that even though she may be getting bits and pieces of her memory back in dreams, he doesn’t think she’s going to get her full memory back. Maureen asks him if he can do anything to make sure that she doesn’t get her memory back. David is shocked by this. He asks if she wants him to give her another dose of the drug that took her memory away.

Liza and Kenny are talking about the case. The girls realize that Liza is dipping into her personal account in order to hire Kenny. They thank Liza for believing in them. Liza tells them that she’s glad she can help, and she only hopes that her own daughter will one day be as determined as them. Liza and Kenny tell the Fusion girls that they’re going to settle the suit. They’ll pay off the lady who complained so she’ll drop the lawsuit. Kenny and Simone get on the phone right away. Greenlee thanks Liza for all that she’s done.

Kendall asks what Boyd’s formula has to do with their relationship. Michael tells her that he’s never felt like this about any relationship. He says that he’s changed all his priorities. He wants to stay in Pine Valley with Kendall and build a life together. He says he also has enough funds to get rid of the lawsuit against Fusion. Not knowing that Liza has already offered to pay for Kenny, Kendall is delighted by Michael’s offer. She also says that she would love to build a life with Michael, but she still doesn’t understand what that has to do with Boyd. Michael tells her that if he decides to stay with Kendall, his father is going to cut him off. His father wants results, and Michael has to prove his worth to his father by making something of himself. Michael says the only way he can do that is by using Boyd’s formula. Kendall still sounds unsure. Michael tells her that if they can’t do this, he’s going to have to leave. Kendall is surprised and asks him what exactly it is that he wants her to do.

Aidan tells Jackson that he will look after Erica. He will make sure that Chris and Flanders don’t get near her. After Aidan leaves, Jackson wonders what Chris’ next move is going to be.

Maureen tells David she just wants to know what’s coming her way. David tells her that he’s really sorry about her condition right now, and he’s sorry he ever played a part in it. Just then Leora starts crying. David asks Maureen to hold Leora while he gets her bottle. Maureen says she would love to hold Leora, but suddenly gets a flashback of when Sammy was a baby. She gets overwhelmed and says she has to leave.

Michael continues to play mind games on Kendall. He tells her he wants them to have a life together, but his father will stand in the way. He says his father always takes all the credit, and doesn’t let Michael prove himself. He tells Kendall that she deserves a great life, without Michael’s father trying to ruin things. Michael says that his father is very ill, implying that he may end up losing everything after his father’s death. Michael says that he has earned his inheritance, and he doesn’t want to lose it because of his father’s stubbornness. He says he needs to prove to his father that he deserves a piece of the Cambeos empire. Kendall still doesn’t understand what she needs to do. Michael tells Kendall that he knows Boyd is in love with her, and if the situation was right, Boyd would end up turning over the formula. Kendall asks Michael if he wants her to sleep with Boyd to get the formula.

While Jackson is alone in his office, Flanders quietly creeps in from behind.

Myrtle tells Bianca and Lena that she’s so glad they’re all going for a girl’s night out. She’s called her friend to join them as well. Lena and Bianca are surprised and disappointed. Bianca tries to tell Myrtle that she’s intruding, but Myrtle is pretending not to get the hint. Myrtle winks at Boyd and tells him while she’s around, Lena will not be able to make any moves on Bianca.

Kenny gets off the phone. He says the woman that has filed the suit is not accepting the settlement. He says she’s determined to take Fusion down.

It’s getting juicy…stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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