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All My Children Update Monday 4/14/03

By Lori
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Maria (Maureen) is sleeping at the Pine Cone Motel while Aidan is dressed and ready to leave. He gently brushes his hand through Maria's (Maureen's) hair, grabs a handgun and puts it into the waistband of his jeans. Then he walks out, and Maria (Maureen) starts to stir. She is having a dream. In the dream, Maddie is a flower girl at her wedding. Maddie goes into the church followed by Maria (Maureen) in a wedding gown. As she marches down the aisle, she hears herself saying "Maria, wait." She turns around and sees herself sitting in a pew. She tells this woman in the pew that she is not Maria, she is Maureen. She turns to the front of the church and sees her groom is gone. She asks this woman if she chased him away. Maria in the pew tells her that no, "you did." The bride Maria tells Maria in the pew to leave her alone, but the Maria in the pew tells the bride Maria that she's not real. Maria (Maureen) wakes up in a sweat.

Edmund takes Mia into the chapel at Wildwind. As she admires the beauty of the chapel, Edmund asks her if she's happy. She tells him she's very happy and gets near to him for a kiss. Suddenly Maddie shows herself and tells them to stop it. She tells her dad that this is mommy's place and he should make Mia go away. Edmund asks Maddie what she's doing in the chapel. She says she likes to come here and think about her mommy, but she can't now because Mia's there. Mia tells her that's OK. Sitting down, she asks Maddie if this is where she first saw her mommy when she came back. Maddie says yes, and Mia tells her she knows this is a special place for her. "Go away," Maddie replies, adding she doesn't want her to come back because it will make her mommy stay away. Mia says she knows that this is where Maddie comes to feel close to her mommy, so she promises she will not come here again. But since she likes to hang around her daddy, she'll probably be at the house and other places around Wildwind. But she promises she won't keep her mommy away and won't take her place. Maddie asks Mia if she's going to marry her daddy. "No way," Mia says. "We're just friends." Mia asks Maddie if they can be friends and she holds out her hand. Maddie says she needs to find Sammy and leaves abruptly. On her way out, Edmund tells her to say goodbye to Mia. Maddie says goodbye in a sarcastic tone. "That went over well," Mia comments. "So you don't want to marry me," Edmund kids her. "Not a chance," she replies. She says she can't marry anyone until she figures out herself. She asks if this is where he married Maria. No, but it is where he married Brooke. He saw Brooke and told himself this was his true love. Then 10 minutes later he saw Maria and knew she was his true love. "I blew it with both of them," he says. "I blew it with Jake before we got down the aisle," she responds. "So we both tanked at love," he concludes. Mia says that leaves them with one option. What, Edmund asks, just fool around? She suggests he ask her that outside a church, and they kiss. Mia suggests they get out of here. She doesn't want Maddie coming in and finding them kissing. Suddenly Maddie runs in and tells her father the daffodils she planted are starting to bloom. He must come and see them right away. "I guess you can come too, Mia," she says.

Chris meets Flanders at a restaurant and Flanders asks him what score he wants to settle. Chris says this has to do with Jack Montgomery. He is making noise about running for office and he wants Flanders to dig up some dirt on him. Flanders tells him he needs to get rid of Montgomery for good, but Chris says that is not an option. Flanders says Jack put his brother away, so he thinks it's best that Jack be put away permanently. Aidan, equipped with an earphone and a strategically placed tape recorder, is listening to the conversation from across the room.

Jack is shooting baskets at a community center when Brooke walks in. She tells Jack that she leaves for two weeks then returns to learn he has a foster son and a possible fiancée. She thinks it's wonderful that he took on a foster son, but what was he thinking about Erica. Jack says he wasn't thinking, he's in love. He tells Brooke that he and Erica have realized their passion. She asks if this happened while she was engaged to Chris. Brooke is wondering if they he and Erica slept together. "You didn't," she urges. He admits that yes, they did. But it was mutual. He says he's ready to take the risk with Erica. She tells him that if he wants to love Erica he should do it from a distance. He should let her go and get on with his life. "Like you did with Edmund?" he says. Brooke admits that she chose the wrong person but she doesn't want Jack to do the same thing. Jack tells her that she took a risk and she got her answer. Now he needs to get his answer. Erica knows they're supposed to be together, he says. Their love is stronger than it's ever been. Strong enough to survive a marriage? Jack says it will get even stronger. Brooke says Erica will never change, and Jack says he doesn't want her to change. "You got it bad," Brooke replies. What is he going to do now? Jack says he has to wait for Erica's answer. Brooke says Chris is crazy about Erica. Jack says he's crazy all right. He thinks Chris would like to see him in pieces. He's made a lot of noise to that effect. Brooke says it's OK as long as it's just noise. But before leaving, she tells him to be careful. After Brooke leaves, Chris enters. Jack asks Chris why he's there. Chris says he's trying to figure Jack out. Chris says when he put an engagement ring on Erica's finger, that was the happiest day of his life. And Jack was there when Erica threw the ring at him. Did Jack enjoy that? Jack says he hasn't enjoyed any of this. This is not the way he wanted this to happen, he says. "That's bull," Chris replies, telling Jack to do the right thing and give up the idea of marrying Erica. Chris says he knows Jack is using Erica and he's not going to let that happen. Jack tells him this discussion is over. Chris says he's giving him an opportunity to walk away clean, and he'll do that if he knows what's good for him. Aidan arrives and listens to the two men outside the door. He hears Jack tell Chris that he's not going anywhere, and that Chris and Erica are over. As the two men start a fist fight, Aidan barges in and stops them. Chris leaves, but not before warning Jack that he gave him his chance. Jack tells Aidan that he thinks that was a threat. Aidan gives Jack the tape recording of Chris talking to Flanders. He tells Jack he's in

Tad and Joe are eating breakfast. Tad comments on the light meal his father is eating and wonders if this means he's going to have to be chief of staff again at the hospital following Jake's abrupt departure. Tad asks him if he's angry at Jake. Joe says Jake had his reasons for leaving and he's always been a bit impulsive. Lysistrada approaches their table and lays a big kiss on the lips of Joe, much to the shock of Tad. Joe obviously knows this woman, calling her "Lysie" and saying this is a pleasant surprise. He tells Tad they know each other from a medical convention. "He knows how to party," Lysistrada tells Tad. Joe says he could never resist doing the Macarena. As Tad watches this encounter in stunned silence, Lysistrada starts to tell Joe about her date with his son. Tad tries to stop her, but she tells Joe that she took Tad on the ride of his life. She says she could tell it was Tad's first time. Tad says he's been on a motorcycle before, but Lysistrada says he's never been on her hog. Joe gets a call and needs to leave. Lysistrada attempts to kiss him again but Tad stops her. She tells Joe that they need to get together over tequila shots so they can catch up. As he walks away, Lysistrada tells Tad that Joe is "such a hunk." Tad comments that it depends on how much tequila you've had. Lysistrada wonders if Tad is jealous. He says he's been jealous before, but never over
his father. It's just that he's not used to seeing a woman he's interested in lip-locked with his father. So, he's interested in her, she surmises. It depends, Tad says. As long as she doesn't psychoanalyze him he might be. He suggests a second date, something more tame this time. How about something novel, like dinner and a movie? So, he wants a tame date, Lysistrada notes. Tad suggests a classic movie, a classic dinner and a classic bottle of wine. Lysistrada says that's perfect. As she gets up to leave, she tells him to relax. He tells her he is relaxed. As she walks away, Tad sees Brooke at the next table laughing at him. "You're not even close to being relaxed," Brooke says.

Maria goes to Joe's office to tell him about her dream. She says she's really scared and needs his help. Maria says she's had a sick feeling ever since she woke up. Joe suggests she take this up with Dr. McMillian, but she says she wants to talk to Joe because he knew her as Maria and as Maureen. Joe asks her what scared her so much about her dream. She says it makes her question everything. She feels like she has a life and a future now. Joe asks if she feels remembering her past will threaten her future. She says she can't ignore her past. She wants to remember being a mother to her children. But she feels like she's straddling two worlds and wants it to stop. Every day she wakes up wondering if this will be the day her past comes crashing in on her. She wants to know when she'll remember. She says there are ties to Maria that can't be broken. Joe suggests her life as Maureen can't be ignored. She knows that's true. For the first time she feels connected to someone. She doesn't feel afraid anymore. Loving Aidan has changed her life, she tells him. She says she's never felt such complete love. Joe responds that Edmund and Maria felt that kind of love. Maria says that's what has her so scared. She says if she loses Maureen her love for Aidan will be gone. She says she's ready to do what she has to do. She can't go on not knowing. Joe says he can't give her answers. She says she knows that, but she also knows who can, and she hates it. She says David Hayward has the key to her getting control of her life. Joe gives her some of her medical records and suggests she have some more tests done. She says she has to see Hayward instead.

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