AMC Update Friday 4/11/03

All My Children Update Friday 4/11/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Reggie has headphones blaring loud music into his ear while people around him are moving boxes as part of some charity work. Jack approaches from behind and jokingly tells Reggie that he's decided to give him the $50,000. The headphones make Reggie oblivious to anything going on around him. Jack gets Reggie's attention and tells him to take off the headphones and get to work. Reggie says his job was to make sure the boxes got there, and they're there now. Reggie wants to leave but Jack says he's not going anywhere until this work is done. Reggie tells him he wishes Jack's lady love were there, maybe he'd be in a better mood. Jack tells Reggie to keep his nose out of his personal business. Joni walks in, telling Jack that her church group is helping on this project. She sees Reggie and asks what he's doing here. Jack tells Reggie that Joni's parents are huge supporter of this charitable project and he can't cause her any problems. Jack walks away, and Joni tells him Reggie they don't need gang members hanging around here. Reggie turns around and bumps into something and grimaces in pain. She tells him she guesses he is too delicate to be in a gang. He blurts out that he took a beating for her. She instantly asks him if the brute he was hanging around with beat him up. How bad did this creep hurt him, she asks. Reggie insists he's not hurt, he's just faking to try to get out of work.

Maria, Aidan, Maggie and Henry are out socializing. They are talking about the organic chemistry test. Maria comments that Henry is the top student in the class. Henry immediately excuses himself, saying he needs to order some food. Maggie follows him. She tells him that he aced the exam too. He says it was only because he copied from her test. She says that was just because of a panic attack. He is brilliant. Back at the table, Maria tells Aidan that Maggie and Henry are young, but for her medical school will be a real chore. Aidan tells her that she's meant to do it and he'll be cheering her along until she can't take it anymore. She asks him how she got so lucky to have him. They kiss. Later while Maria and Maggie are alone at the table, Maria asks Maggie if things are getting serious between her and Henry. Maggie says she thinks so, but he seems to be a little closed. Maria says men are often that way, but usually they start to open up. Maggie says she thinks it's related to his mother, who thinks that he'll only be successful if he's a doctor. She says there is an artist inside Henry waiting to come out. Henry is talking music with someone. Aidan approaches and asks him about his musical abilities. Henry says he doesn't play for other people and he's not that good. So, Aidan asks, he's not going to take it anywhere? Henry says music is not practical, only becoming a doctor is practical. Later, Maggie and Henry and Aidan and Maria slow dance.

Brooke is back at the office after some time away and Edmund comes in. They talk briefly about some of Jamie's recent problems then Brooke tells him to tell her some pleasant news. Edmund tells her he wanted her to know this before she heard office gossip. While doing the story on Fusion Cosmetics, he struck up a friendship with Mia and they have been going out. Brooke tells him his personal life is none of her concern. Furthermore, this is the last time she wants an update on his love life. Edmund says he merely wants her to know that he saw Mia a few times is all. She repeats that his dates are none of her concern. So, he and Brooke will be co-workers only, Edmund can see. Brooke tells him she didn't stop loving him. She just stopped expecting him to come back. She gets a phone call and needs to leave. She tells Edmund to be careful, but not too careful because life is too short not to take chances.

Mia arrives at home and finds Liza, who complains how she has watched the same video with Colby 150 times. Liza tells Mia that Jake called and left a message for her. Liza asks her if she's OK. Mia says it doesn't bother her that her ex calls and tells her where to send his mail. She says she's completely over Jake. Liza tells her she doesn't have to put up a brave front. Mia turns the subject to Edmund, and tells Liza that her brief friendship with him was only a three-day infatuation and they're not seeing each other anymore. They mutually decided the timing wasn't right. Liza suggests that maybe Mia was using Edmund to get over Jake. She says if Maria gets her memory back, she'll want Edmund back. Mia says that will be Aidan's problem, not her's. She's not in the mix. As Liza goes to check on Colby there is a knock on the door. It is Edmund. She asks him what he's doing there. He says he's there to kiss her, he thinks. He wants her reaction to that idea. She says her reaction to the kiss would be more important. Edmund tells her he thinks they're thinking too much. He kisses her tenderly.

Anna greets David wearing a sexy black dress ready to go out to dinner, but all David seems interested in doing is putting together a mobile to put on Leora's crib. David tells her that he called the babysitter to cancel. Leora is too much for her to handle, he says. Anna protests, saying that the babysitter is a trained nurse. David tells her they can have a romantic dinner at home, but Anna says she wants to go out. She doesn't want to eat there with David in his sweats. David asks her what's more important, going out to dinner or taking care of their daughter. Anna tells him not to lay this on her. David tells her he'll interview qualified candidates to be Leora's babysitter. Anna says this babysitter was qualified since she's a nurse. She says they need to go out and relax, maybe even have sex, which hasn't happened since Leora was born. David says he'll get dressed up and they'll have dinner there. Anna, still not happy, tells him he needs to rethink some things or they're going to have a conversation that he won't want to hear. He asks if she's leaving him. She says no, but she will take the advice of other doctors and see that Leora gets a pacemaker. David protests, telling her that Leora means everything to him. "That's the problem," Anna says. Anna says she feels like she's being shut out. He agrees he'll make no more unilateral decisions when it comes to Leora. He suggests they open a bottle of wine and lay by the fire. He says he doesn't want to waste this sexy dress. Suddenly Leora cries. Anna starts to go to her but David stops her and insisting on seeing what's wrong. David returns, telling Anna that he changed Leora's diaper. He gives Anna a bottle of wine and goes to change. The phone rings and it is Jack. He asks Anna if she's free for dinner sometime so they can catch up. She says's she's available right now.

Erica is on the phone talking to a colleague about the new season colors. She is unhappy because the colors are too similar to last year's colors. Erica insists on new colors and tells her colleague to see an eye doctor because obviously she is color blind. She smells something and turns around to see Myrtle has arrived with a crock pot full of beef stew. It's Erica's mother's recipe, Myrtle says. Erica tells her she has no time for this, but Myrtle insists on them eating the stew and having a chat. Erica complains her life is falling apart and no amount of beef stew or Myrtle's carnival wisdom will fix that. Myrtle tells her she's going to make time to talk, and they are going to talk turkey. As they sit down to enjoy the stew, Erica tells Myrtle she misses her mother. Myrtle says she'll have to pinch hit for her. She asks Erica if her engagement with Chris is really over. Erica, starting to get choked up, tells her that it's "over and dead." Myrtle tells her she'll work through the pain. Erica mentions damaging headlines and humiliating television coverage but Myrtle says that is not what's causing the pain. Erica starts crying and admits she's hurting. She asks herself, why can't she keep a love? Myrtle says maybe Chris's love wasn't meant for her to keep. Erica says the breakup wasn't all her fault. It was Jack's fault too. She says he wouldn't leave her alone. He is impossible, she says. What should she do about him? Myrtle tells her she has to either decide to love Jack or let him go. Myrtle says she thinks Erica loves him but she's terrified of making a complete commitment. She says every time one of her relationships hits the fan she turns to Jack. He's not going to stand around and help her pick up the pieces every time. Erica seems to have a revelation, and tells Myrtle she's right. She says if she had Jack in her life, she wouldn't need another man to be in the fallback position. Myrtle tells her that her father brainwashed her into thinking she can't hold onto a man. She says she can have a man and be happy in herself. Erica shows Myrtle the ring Jack gave her. Myrtle asks her if she's going to wear it or use it as a paperweight. Erica asks her what she should do. Myrtle tells her she'll know the right thing to do. After Myrtle leaves, Erica looks at the ring and puts it on her finger. Quickly she takes it off and shoves it into a drawer. Soon she opens the drawer and looks at the ring again. She looks upward. "Mother, please tell me this is going to turn out right," she says.

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