AMC Update Thursday 4/10/03

All My Children Update Thursday 4/10/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

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Chris and Michael are fighting at the bar. Opal gets caught up and gets knocked down by mistake.

Jackson has just presented Erica with an engagement ring. Erica is amazed by the size of the ring and is speechless. Jackson tells her he can’t wait any longer and asks her to marry her.

Edmund is at Mia’s with Maddy and Colby. Edmund and Mia are in the living room, talking about the article he has written. Maddy and Colby are playing in Mia’s bedroom. They come out with a gift-wrapped present and ask whose it is. Mia hadn’t realized that she had left the gift she bought for her son William out on her bed. Edmund asks who William is. Mia hesitates at first, but then tells him William is her son.

Aidan and Maria are having a picnic. Aidan is worried that when Maria finally gets her memory back, she’ll realize what’s truly important in her life – Edmund and her kids.

Erica tells Jackson that she can’t just answer right away, and she needs a lot of time. Erica tells him that her heart is torn and she doesn’t have time to face him right now. Jackson tells her he’s never been more in love with her. He wants her to spend the rest of her life with him. Erica tells him that he’s being selfish, and that he’s in no position to make demands. She’s quite shocked with Jackson’s smugness. She tells him that he thinks he knows everything about her, but he doesn’t know that she went to see Chris in the morning. Jackson is surprised by this and asks what happened. Erica tells him that Chris thinks Jackson has made a complete fool out of her.

Chris apologizes and pulls Opal up. Michael tells Chris that he needs to take anger management classes. Opal gets on Michael’s case. She tells him he’s lucky that he’s still alive. Michael tries to introduce himself to Opal, but she doesn’t shake his hand. She stiffly says she knows who he is. Michael leaves. Opal comforts Chris. She tells him that she knows why Chris is so upset. Chris tells her that if she cares so much, where was she when her best friend was jumping into bed with Jackson. Opal starts making excuses for Erica. Chris stops her and asks her if she ever gets sick of covering for Erica. Opal says that she is in fact sick of it.

Mia tells Edmund that not many people know about William. She tells him that she had given William up for adoption as soon as he was born. Edmund asks if she has any contact with him. Mia says no, but she does keep presents and letters for him. Edmund is confused. Mia tells him that she doesn’t actually send him the presents and letters…she keeps them all hidden under her bed. Edmund asks her why she does that. She says that it’s just in case William grows up and wants to meet her. Then she can show him that she never forgot him and never stopped loving him.

Maria tells Aidan that if she suddenly got her memory back, she wouldn’t just forget him. Aidan tells her that she doesn’t know that for sure and it’s not something she can control. Maria agrees that she may not be able to control her memory spurts, but she doesn’t want to think about that right now. Aidan says it’s something that’s always on his mind.

Jackson tells Erica that it doesn’t matter what Chris says, and that he didn’t manipulate her into bed. Jackson tells her that she just wants to know that Chris still loves her besides all of this. Erica says that’s exactly what she wants. She asks Jackson why he wants to marry her anyways. Jackson tells her it’s because he loves her besides all her little flaws. He kisses her. Just then Erica’s secretary walks in and tells her that the reporter is ready for the interview. The reporter and cameramen suddenly rush in. Jackson tries his charms on June, the reporter, and asks her if she can give him 5 more minutes with Erica. June tells Jackson that if he’s willing to share his big news, she’ll work him into the interview. Jackson tells her there is no big news. He says bye to Erica and leaves.

Mia says she knows that her letters and presents will probably never get opened. Edmund tells her she can’t know that for sure, and that he does the same thing. He writes to Sammy’s birth mother every now and then and keeps her up to date. Edmund says that if one day Sammy wants to get in touch with his birth mother, he won’t stand in the way. Mia admires Edmund for being strong enough to allow for the possibility for Sammy to meet his birth mother. She feels there may be hope for her too.

Maria and Aidan sit down for tea. Aidan tells her that he will deal with Maria leaving. Maria gets irritated. She asks him how he expects to deal with it, and how he thinks she will deal with it. He says that she won’t have to deal with anything, and that she’ll just end up going back home to Edmund and her kids. Maria says she wants to change the subject.

June asks Erica whether she can ask about her private life in the interview. Erica says she wants to focus on Enchantment’s achievements, and tells June to not throw any curve balls in the interview. The cameras go live. Jackson is watching from outside.

Opal and Chris are talking. Just then they spot the TV at the bar. They have the TV turned up so they can watch the Erica interview.

June asks Erica if she’s set a wedding date yet. Erica hesitates to answer. Just then June tells her that she’s not asking about Chris, and that she’s wondering about the other man in Erica’s life. She says her new love Jackson has been spotted buying a very expensive diamond ring and asks to see it. Erica asks how she can show her a ring she doesn’t have. June asks her why Jackson was at her office right before she came in. Erica dodges the question. June springs Michael Cambios on her. She asks her if Michael is after Enchantment. Erica says that there is no way Cambios Industries is going to get near Enchantment or Erica. June says that she’s heard that Michael is quite irresistible, and that he knows how to get what he wants. Erica laughs and says that Michael is certainly not that irresistible. She says that in fact Michael’s father, Alexander Cambios, is the one with all the charm. In any event, she says, Enchantment isn’t going anywhere.

Michael is watching the interview in his hotel room and is outraged by Erica’s responses.

Chris turns to Opal and asks about Erica’s new ring. Opal says she doesn’t know about any ring. She tells him that he needs a vacation to get away from Erica. Chris asks Opal whether any one in Pine Valley is on his side. He rushes off. Myrtle walks in just then and asks Opal what’s going on. Opal tells her that it’s Erica again.

Edmund and Mia sit down together. They kiss. Just then Maddy and Colby come back from the bedroom. They’re playing a pretend game. Maddy says that she doesn’t want to pretend to be an angel. She says she used to be an angel, but now she’s alive. She wants to play mommy. She says she wants to be a mommy that doesn’t remember her babies, and kiss other boys. Then she’ll get her memory back one day and come back to her babies. Edmund and Mia are listening to the girls. Edmund realizes how Maria’s refusal to come home has affected Maddy.

Maria is getting frustrated with Aidan. She tells him she’s with the man she chose. Aidan says he wishes she would just go ahead and get her memory back. He says he wants to find out whether she truly loves him, or if he’s just a detour during her memory loss. Maria can’t believe what he’s saying. Maria tells him that he needs to relax and realize that she’s with him. She says that she’s getting her memory back in bits and pieces, but she’s still with him. Aidan says he’s trying to relax, but the pressure is still there. He says he’s still scared that she’ll leave. She says she can’t give him any guarantees, but he needs to trust her. Aidan tells her that all this insanity has to stop, and that they both can’t go on living with so much uncertainty.

Edmund tells Maddy that it’s time to go. He pulls her aside and asks her if she wants to visit Maureen. Maddy says she doesn’t want to. Edmund tells her that she should know her mother loves her a lot. Maddy asks why Maureen loves Aidan more.

After the interview, Erica asks June to leave before she loses her temper. Erica is still reeling from the brutal interview. June and all the cameramen leave. Jackson walks in. Erica wonders what Jackson is still doing at her office. Jackson tells her he found something that belongs to her. He puts the ring on her desk.

Mia tells Edmund not to worry and that Maddy will sort things out as she grows up. Mia tells him to just give Maddy his undivided attention. Mia wonders whether she’s complicating things more for him. Edmund says she isn’t. Maddy comes over to Edmund and asks to go home. Mia leans down to Maddy and tells her she can come back to her place whenever she feels like it.

Maria asks Aidan why he wants to bail, and why he wants things to be over. Aidan says he can’t stand to lose her, and he can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with her memory. Maria says that they should just be true to their feelings. She says that he’s the only thing that’s important to her, and that it’s the only thing she knows for sure. Aidan kisses her.

Opal and Myrtle sit down to talk about Erica’s love triangle. Opal says that if Erica loved Chris, she wouldn’t have slept with Jackson. She says that she encouraged Jackson to pop the question before Erica finds another guy. Myrtle wonders what’s going to happen with Chris. She says that if any woman can drive a man to murder, it’s Erica. Opal says that Chris would never hurt Erica. However, she is worried that Chris will turn all his hatred towards Jackson.

Chris is at the airport. He buys a ticket out of Pine Valley. He runs into his private investigator friend there and tells him that he needs his help to take revenge. His friend says that he’s already given him all the information he has on Jackson. Chris threatens that if he doesn’t help him, he’s going to end up back in jail.

Jackson asks Erica to make a final decision. Erica says she wonders what life would be like if they were married. She asks whether the magic between them would eventually disappear. Jackson says it certainly wouldn’t, and that the magic would only grow. Erica doesn’t know what to say. Jackson says he can give her a million reasons why she should be with him, but if she doesn’t think so, there’s nothing he can do about it. He gets up to leave. He says that he’s waiting for an answer, but he’s not going to beg for one. He tells her the next move is hers, and leaves. Erica takes the ring in her hand and thinks about what Jackson just said.

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