AMC Update Tuesday 4/8/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/8/03

By Shahla
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Kendall and Simone are at Fusion. Simone is still angry at Kendall for treating Boyd badly. She tells Kendall to let Boyd go, but Kendall says she really cares for Boyd. Just then Michael walks in.

Boyd and Bianca are alone at Erica’s office. Boyd wants to show Bianca what he’s been working on. Lena is listening secretly from the door.

Jackson is having lunch. Opal walks over and tells him he should stop wasting time and go after Erica.

Chris is in his hotel room. He reads an article about Erica and Jackson in the tabloids, and doesn’t seem surprised that Erica moved on so fast. Just then there’s a knock on the door. It’s Erica. She asks if she can come in. Chris tries to close the door on her, but Erica stops it and pleads to talk to him.

Tad rushes over to Brooke’s place. He wonders why he has been called. Brooke wants to talk to Tad about Jamie being with a prostitute. Tad is confused and he thinks that Brooke found out about Jamie being in jail. Brooke is shocked that so much has happened since she left. Tad and Brooke get on Jamie’s case big time. Jamie tells them to back off.

Laurie is at the restaurant, talking to Joni. She tells her that she’s worried about Jamie. Joni wonders what Jamie has done that’s so wrong. Laurie tells her that Jamie left with Holly the other night.

Erica comes into Chris’ room. She tells him that she can’t let him go, and she needs to tell him what really happened. Chris is not buying it. He says he doesn’t know anything anymore and he doesn’t believe anything she says. Erica tells him that she loves him and has always loved him. She says she knows she ruined everything. She admits that she slept with Jackson and lied to Chris. Chris is pleased that she finally told the truth. Chris tells her that she’s free finally, and that she should leave. Erica tells him that she made a mistake. Chris tells her that Jackson played her like a fool and she should realize what he really is. Erica seems puzzled by this.

Simone leaves Kendall and Michael so they can talk. Kendall tells Michael that Fusion just got sued. Michael pretends to be surprised and tries to come up with solutions. Kendall tells him that Fusion is too small to take on such a huge lawsuit. Michael encourages her to pursue Boyd, and turn her company around.

Boyd shows Bianca a new cream he has invented. He says that after doing a lot of tests, he’s figured how to pretty much stop the aging process. Bianca is very proud of him and tries the cream on. She asks Boyd if he still keeps all the secret formulas locked up in his brain. Boyd says yes. Meanwhile, Lena is listening in on the conversation. Erica’s secretary spots her eavesdropping, and asks her what she’s doing. Lena says that she was just about to leave a note for Erica on her door. She leaves.

Inside the office, Bianca asks Boyd if he’s now seeing Simone. He says they’ve just had a few dates. Bianca tells him to stop waiting for Kendall. Boyd says he’s just worried about her and that he thinks Michael is up to something.

Michael tells Kendall that Boyd is crazy about her, and that she could really work on him. Kendall tells Michael that Boyd sees right through her, and her charms don’t work on him. Kendall tells Michael that Boyd had said that as long as Michael is in the picture, Boyd will have nothing to do with her. Michael suggests that they stop seeing each other for a while.

Jamie tells his parents that Holly spent the night, but he didn’t make any moves. He’s upset with himself for not using the opportunity. He says he never does anything wrong. Meanwhile JR keeps messing up, but everyone always loves him. Tad realizes that Jamie is really upset because Laurie still loves JR.

Laurie and Joni are trying to figure out what’s going on in Jamie’s mind. They hope that he hasn’t done anything stupid with Holly. Holly is standing being them and hears them call her a prostitute. She walks over and asks them why they care so much about Jamie.

Opal is still talking to Jackson. She tells him that he shouldn’t let Erica out of his sight, and that he should put all his efforts into building their relationship.

Erica tells Chris she doesn’t blame him for being angry. She asks if they could start over. Chris says he can’t forgive such betrayals. He says that even if they could start over, Jackson would find a way to get to Erica. Chris accuses Erica for just trying to ease her conscience and trying to go on with her life with Jackson guilt-free. He tells her that if she and Jackson end up together, it’s going to be the biggest mistake of her life.

Brooke excuses herself, thinking its better that Jamie and Tad talk man-to-man. Tad asks Jamie more about Holly. Tad tells him that he’s not the first guy to try to forget one girl by sleeping with another. He asks him whether he did in fact manage to forget about Laurie while he was with Holly. Jamie admits that all he thought about was Laurie. Tad tells him that he hopes he hasn’t done anything to make Jamie think that this kind of behavior is ok. Jamie says it’s not that at all. Tad asks whether Laurie knows and if she was upset. Jamie says she knows but she doesn’t care at all. Tad encourages Jamie to not let go, and that he’s got everything that any girl would want. He says that if Laurie can’t see that, then it’s her loss. Jamie says he thinks he’s a loser, and runs upstairs.

Holly tells Laurie and Joni that Jamie never treated her like a prostitute. She tells them that he didn’t pay her a dime. She says that when Jamie will sleep with someone, it’ll be for love.

Jackson tells Opal that he will pop the question when the time is right. He needs to make sure that Erica is ready for commitment. Opal says that time will never come, and that he needs to try harder to convince Erica. Jackson says he’s sure his love is strong enough.

Chris asks Erica to leave. Erica asks him not to end it like this. Chris screams that she’s the one who ended things. Erica says she hopes he can find it in his heart to forgive her. Chris says he doesn’t have a heart left. When he opens the door, a paparazzi photographer takes a photo of them. Erica tells the photographer to layoff and stop bothering Chris. She offers him an interview if he doesn’t print the photograph. The photographer takes the offer and leaves them alone. Chris asks her if she planned the whole thing out so she could convince Chris that she’s on his side. Erica says no, and that she really just wanted to apologize to him. Chris still isn’t convinced. She leaves.

Bianca bumps into Lena in the office hallway. Lena tells her that she would like to go out with her soon. Bianca says that would be nice. Lena suddenly starts leaning in, going for a kiss. Bianca stops her and asks her what she’s doing.

Kendall tells Michael that she’s not prepared to stop seeing him. She says that if Boyd can’t handle them being together, then that’s just the way it’s going to be. She says she would rather quit Fusion than stop seeing Michael. Just then, Boyd walks in.

Lena apologizes to Bianca and says she was just really drawn to her all of a sudden. Bianca slips and says Boyd’s magic cream must be working. Lena asks what she’s talking about. Bianca realizes that she wasn’t supposed to say anything, and tells Lena to change the subject. Lena says she won’t say anything, but asks more about the cream. Bianca tells her that Boyd’s been working hard, and that he keeps all the formulas locked up in his brain. Lena says that if anything ever happened to Boyd, all his work would go down the drain. Bianca says she never thought of it that way. She says she will talk to Boyd about this again. Bianca asks Lena again to not say anything to anyone. Lena promises. After Bianca leaves, Lena gets on the phone with Michael and tells him she’s a step closer to getting Boyd’s formulas on paper.

Michael says he has to rush off to a meeting. He leaves Boyd and Kendall alone. Boyd apologizes to Kendall for cutting her off on the phone earlier. Kendall asks him if they’re friends again. Boyd gives her a hug, and tells her that she can always count on him. Kendall asks him if he means that. Boyd wonders what’s going on. Kendall tells him that Fusion is in trouble and that he’s the only one that can save them.

Erica is back at her office. She tells her secretary to set up an appointment with the photographer that took photos of her. She also tells him to order some flowers. She’s obviously thinking of pursuing Chris and making sure he forgives her. Just then Jackson walks in. Erica asks him what he’s doing there.

Brooke asks Tad how his conversation with Jamie went. Tad says not so well. Brooke asks how their adorable little boy ended up on the couch with a prostitute. Tad jokes that it’s in his genes. Brooke tries to figure out what’s going on in Jamie’s mind. Tad is worried that Jamie is going to end up hating his brother.

Laurie tells Joni that they were wrong about Jamie. She says that Jamie didn’t do anything with Holly. Joni says that thinking about doing something is the same as actually doing it. Laurie thinks about this and wonders if she should stay mad at Jamie.

Kendall tells Boyd that Fusion is really desperate. She asks Boyd if he would work for them. Boyd says that if he would work for them, it would be for other reasons. He says that he wants something more with her. Kendall is surprised with this, and asks him not to turn her down. She says Fusion really needs him. Boyd says that one day she’s going to need him more than Fusion does. He gives her a peck on the cheek and leaves.

Chris is at the bar. Michael is sitting right next to him. Michael starts teasing Chris about Erica leaving him. Chris warns him to layoff. Michael is persistent and asks him whether he’s been dumped before. Chris gets really mad and shoves him. The two start fighting.

Erica wonders why Jackson has come to her office. Jackson takes out a gorgeous ring and puts it on her desk. Erica is speechless!

Will Erica say YES to Jackson's proposal? Keep watching to find out!

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