AMC Update Monday 4/7/03

All My Children Update Monday 4/7/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Jack and Erica are lying on the couch under a blanket sleeping, apparently after a night of passion. Chris sneaks in, points a gun at them and pulls the trigger. Suddenly Jack awakens, startled by the unnerving dream. Erica, wearing sexy lingerie, walks into the living room to find Jack, who spent the night on her couch. She is not real warm to him, telling him if he wants coffee he'll have to go out and get some. Jack tells her she knows how he feels about her. He wants to know how she really feels about him. Erica tells him that if he knows her so well, he should know what she wants right now. "You want me to leave," he says, and Erica tells him he's right. She says she needs time. "I was engaged to someone else a few hours ago." Jack tells her he's only there to make sure she's OK. She says Chris is no threat to her. He would never hurt her because he loves... loved, she corrects herself.... her. She tells Jack his his devotion is sweet. Her phone rings and she is informed that Opal is on her way up. Opal enters and says she's been trying to reach her all night. Then she sees Jack. "So I guess you two are back together already," she says. After Jack leaves, Erica tells Opal that Jack slept on the couch and "we're not together." She says she loved Chris. She just can't jump into a relationship with Jack. Opal tells her she and Jack have more history than the Middle East peace talks. She asks if Erica is still holding Bianca's custody issue against Jack. Erica says she's not. Opal can't understand then why Erica is pushing Jack away when any woman in their right mind, including herself, would snatch him up. Erica says she's just confused. Opal asks her if she's afraid of being happy. She says Jack loves her and isn't that what she wants? Erica says she makes it sound so simple. Opal says Jack is the real thing and she shouldn't let him go again. This could be her last chance. Erica says she can't make a decision about Jack without settling things with Chris. She needs to speak to him and even though Opal tells her it's not a good idea, Erica leaves to find Chris.

Jack goes to his office and finds Aidan, who asks him what he's trying to pull. Jack asks him what he did now. Aidan tells Jack that he said this investigation of Chris had nothing to do with Jack's interest in Erica. He didn't tell him that he's having an affair with Erica. Jack says that was none of his business. Aidan says his investigation is over. Jack tries to sway him, saying Chris is more dangerous now that he's lost everything. Aidan asks him if he's afraid. Jack admits that he is afraid, and he's also afraid for Erica.

Bianca and Lena are at BJ's talking discussing upcoming plans. Bianca tells Lena she needs a straight answer. Is this going to be a date? "Yes, a real date, if that's OK with you," Lena says. Boyd approaches them and Bianca informs him that Lena just asked her out on a date. Bianca excuses herself to check her makeup, and Boyd sits down to confront Lena. He wants to know why she's asking Bianca on a date. She says it will be fun. He asks her about the kiss she gave him. Was that fun too? "What are you trying to pull?" Lena explains that she likes men and women.

Bianca notices Laurie working at BJ's. She asks how she's doing and if she's still seeing JR. Laurie tells her that JR has left town and blown off college. She tells her that Jamie was interested in her but she refused to pursue that and now Jamie is in trouble. Laurie tells her that Jamie took off with a hooker last night. She doesn't understand how he can claim to like her yet take a prostitute home.

Holly, the prostitute, is sleeping on the couch at Brooke's house. She wakes up to see Jamie. She apologizes for falling asleep and tells him she won't charge him because they didn't do anything. Jamie tells her he's sorry he wasted her time. Telling him she knows a way for him to forget all his problems, she pulls him into a kiss. She starts to pull off Jamie's shirt when he backs away. He says he's not comfortable doing this on the couch. She suspects it's not the couch. She realizes this is his first time. She tells him she finds it sexy and urges him to not think so much. They again kiss. Brooke arrives home and sees her son on the couch with this strange woman. She says Jamie's name and asks him to introduce him to her friend. Holly hurries out of the house. Brooke asks Jamie how long he's known this girl. Jamie reveals he met her just last night and tells his mother that Holly fell asleep and nothing happened. Doesn't she believe him? Brooke tells him that she does believe him. But she doesn't understand why such a great kid like him would resort to bring a hooker home. What's wrong? He tells her it's nothing she can fix. She says he used to be able to talk to him about anything. Jamie says he's no longer interested in running to his mom with his problems and he goes upstairs. Brooke calls Tad and leaves a message, urging him to come over.

Kendall wakes up next to Michael at his new residence and tells him she is going to like being neighborly. She gets up to go to work but Michael questions her about her conversation the night before with Boyd. Kendall says she didn't talk much with Boyd but did talk to Chris, who dumped Erica after learning she was cheating on him with Jack. Both refer, tongue in cheek, to "poor Erica." Michael turns the conversation back to Boyd, asking her if she made him an offer to bring his secret formula to Fusion. Kendall says she has not, now is not the time.

Greenlee is alone at Fusion. She turns on the stereo and plays the song that she and Carlos danced to. Carlos enters and approaches her, smiling. He asks her to dance. She tells him no, someone might come in. Just then a strange man enters and tells Greenlee she is being sued. He hands her a summons. After the man leaves, Carlos tells her he wishes there is something he could do. Greenlee and Carlos have their heads together when Simone and Mia enter. They think there is some connection going on with Greenlee and Carlos but are soon informed about the lawsuit. They are being sued by a woman who claims their lipstick permanently damaged her taste buds. Simone calls Kenny, who arrives to look at the lawsuit. Simone tells him she knows he can take care of this before lunch. The women talk about whether to call Kendall about this, but Simone is upset with Kendall for her treatment of Boyd the night before. Simone tells Mia that Kendall sucked up to Boyd then dumped him as soon as Michael showed up. Greenlee interrupts them and tells them not to gossip on company time. They say they'll stop as soon as she tells them what happened between her and Carlos. Greenlee simply says she apologized to Carlos and he accepted her apology. Kendall arrives, and Simone makes it clear that she is not pleased with her about last night. They are interrupted by Kenny, who tells them that they have a problem that could finish their company permanently. He says this could cost their company a fortune in legal fees. This woman could call to testify everyone who ever tried this lipstick. The women say they don't have any money to deal with this and cannot lose this fight. Carlos suggests they call this woman who filed the suit and tell her they have no money and maybe they can work it out. Kenny advises them only to contact her through an attorney, but the woman decide to call her anyway. Simone gets on the phone and talks pleasantly to the woman, telling her they were hoping they could talk this out without getting lawyers involved. She smiles, telling the woman that they'll handle it that way, then hangs up. "She said she'll see us in court or in hell," Simone says. The woman said if they call her again, she'll have them arrested for harassment. Carlos apologizes to Greenlee, saying his suggestion made matters worse. She doesn't blame him. Kendall starts thinking about Boyd's formula and decides she needs to call him.

Bianca returns to her table to find that Boyd has eaten her food. Lena gets a call from Michael, but she say now is not a good time to talk. He tells her she needs to come over right away. Lena hangs up and tells Boyd and Bianca that it was her landlord telling her about a pipe that burst in her apartment. She leaves, giving both a quick kiss on the cheek. Bianca tells him that she just won their bet. Boyd says she did not, pointing out that Lena kissed both of them. He says he didn't want to tell her this, but Lena kissed him romantically. He says he just confronted her and she admits that she "swings both ways." Bianca says she sees nothing wrong if she's bisexual, but Boyd says he thinks she's playing one of them. Bianca says maybe it's just a case of her liking them both. Boyd gets the call from Kendall. She tells him she needs to talk to him. Boyd tells her to call her boyfriend and hangs up on her, which surprises Bianca. Boyd asks Bianca if she wants to see something that will blow her mind. As they leave, he tells her that when word of this gets out everyone will be after him.

Lena arrives at Michael's home and tells him she still hasn't been able to get the formula. He tells her that Kendall didn't get it either. He's afraid that Kendall has a conscience. Lena tells him he may need to turn up the pressure and he says he has already done just that. He says Kendall will have no choice but to get the formula. Her conscience will disappear when she sees her company is threatened by a little old lady and her lawsuit. Kendall will be desperate. Lena says Kendall won't know what hit her.

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