AMC Update Thursday 4/3/03

All My Children Update Thursday 4/3/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee walks into the Fusion office and finds Carlos there. She asks him if he got her phone message. She apologizes for saying some really stupid things and asks for his forgiveness. Carlos says he isn’t sure if he can forgive her.

Aidan walks into Edmund’s. Maria gets up to meet him, and Edmund takes Maddy up to her room. Maria tells Aidan that she’s not coming home and that she’s going to spend the night.

Simone walks into a bar and spots Boyd there. She suddenly trips and Boyd rushes over to help her. Myrtle is there as well – she had given Boyd a ride to the bar. Kendall walks in, and is very upset.

Bianca is at Erica’s. She asks her mother if she’s ever going to grow up. Erica is shocked by Bianca’s behavior. She says she was hoping that Bianca would be a bit more sympathetic.

Chris is at Jackson’s office. He asks him for an explanation for sleeping with his fiancé. Jackson tells Chris that his daughter was ill, and he needed comfort. Chris says that he can’t believe the excuse Jackson is giving. Jackson says that he’s not sorry for what he did, but he is sorry for how it’s hurting Chris. Chris is terribly upset and screams at Jackson for betraying him.

Erica asks Bianca why she’s so angry. Bianca says that it’s because Erica’s always throwing her heart out there, but then pulls back. She starts crying. She asks her mother when she’s going to start building a life, and when is she finally going to be happy. Erica comforts Bianca. She says that she really wanted to make it work with Chris, and that she really loved him. She says Jackson got in the way. She says that Jackson forced her, and he wouldn’t give up. Bianca tells Erica that she destroyed Chris because she couldn’t stop herself with Jackson.

Maria and Aidan are getting cozy on the couch and Edmunds. The door bell rings, and its Mia. She’s a bit surprised to see Maria open the door. She tells Maria that she had come over earlier, but Isabella had run her out. Maria apologizes and tells her that things have become really complicated. Edmund comes down and is happy to see Mia. He’s glad she came back, and wants to continue his date with her. However, he says that he wants to continue the date at home since he’s worried about Maddy. Maria is a bit uncomfortable that both she and Aidan, and Edmund and Mia are going to stay home together. She says one couple will have to leave.

Greenlee tells Carlos that she’s afraid of what might happen. She says she can’t deal with being alone again, especially after Leo. Carlos sits down with her and comforts her. He tells her that she should continue living, and not be scared of what will happen. She still seems a bit apprehensive, and apologizes for the things she said again. Carlos accepts her apology, but gets up to leave again. Greenlee asks him why saying sorry isn’t good enough.

Maria tells Edmund and Mia to leave. She tells Edmund that it’s ridiculous that he’s unable to live his own life. She says she will take care of Maddy and he has nothing to worry about. Mia is quite happy with Maria’s initiative, and Edmund takes Maria up on the offer.

Carlos tells Greenlee that he understands if the time is not right. Greenlee says that they’re strangers and she’s just not sure. Carlos tells her that he can’t be the guy who comes over to fix leaky faucets all the time. Greenlee says she’s willing to give it a try, and she wants him to stick around. He’s happy with that response and says there’s something he wants to show her.

Simone, Myrtle, Kendall and Boyd are sitting together at the bar. Simone and Myrtle leave the table for a while. Boyd takes the opportunity to ask Kendall why she’s so upset. She says that Michael left the hotel without a word. Suddenly Michael walks over. He tells Kendall that he has a new address. He’s taken the condo right across from her. Kendall is so happy to see him, and is pleased that he wants to be closer to her.

Bianca tells Erica that she’s not really a victim, and that she did what she really wanted to do. She tells Erica that she should realize that Jackson is the only guy that will ever make her happy. Time and again, Erica has turned to Jackson for love and comfort. It’s about time she gives their relationship a shot.

Chris accuses Jackson for having planned the whole affair, and wanting to break Chris and Erica up since the beginning.

Maria asks Aidan if he’s really ok with her spending more time at Edmund’s. Aidan says that he’s ok with it and that he will never stand in the way of her and her kids. They start making out on the couch. Maddy is watching from the door. She gets really upset and runs back up to her room.

Mia and Edmund are at the gym. They’ve got boxing gloves on and are playfully duking it out. Edmund asks her if she’s taking revenge for having to go horseback riding. Mia throws a punch and Edmund pretends to get knocked down. She rushes over to see if he’s ok. Just then he pulls her close and kisses her. She’s pleased to see that he was just pretending. He tells her that he was pretending about the knock-out, but not about the kiss. They kiss some more. Edmund’s cell phone starts ringing. He reaches over to get it. It’s Maddy.

Jackson tells Chris that this time it’s different. Erica has always left Jackson for other men. But this time, he wasn’t going to let her go. He says he wants Erica in his life, in his heart and in his bed. At that, Chris punches Jackson really hard. Reggie rushes in and stops the fight. Chris leaves in his fury.

Erica tells Bianca that Jackson was being very selfish and he wouldn’t let go. Bianca tells her mother to go talk to Jackson, and to finally admit what she feels. Erica says that she’s not sure if she can love a man who so easily dismissed her feelings for someone else. She says she’s not sure if she really loves him. Bianca says she’s sure Erica loves him, and that she shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Bianca warns Erica that even Jackson has his limits, and that she may end up losing him if she’s not careful.

Carlos has put on some nice Latin music. He’s dancing and pulls Greenlee towards him. She says she doesn’t know the words of the song. Carlos tells her to just lose control and forget about everything else. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything about him, while he seems to know so much about her. Carlos tells her to close her eyes and that he’s going to tell her a secret about him.

Boyd and Simone are sitting together, chatting away. Boyd is a bit upset about Michael showing up. Simone and Boyd agree they are no longer going to talk about those two and will just enjoy themselves.

Kendall and Michael are sitting together. Kendall tells him that Erica thinks he’s trying to take over her company. Michael tells her that Erica had come to him and accused him of coming in between her and Chris. He says that Erica told him to leave town. Kendall says she’s had enough and she’s going to really show Erica. Michael asks her if she has any ideas. She takes a look at Boyd, and implies they could some how use Boyd (which is exactly what Michael wants).

Bianca is getting ready to leave. She tells Erica that she’s tired of seeing her make the same mistakes over and over again. She says that she’s afraid she’s going to be just like her mother and end up alone as well. She leaves.

Maria comes down from Maddy’s room. She tells Aidan that Maddy is sound asleep. Suddenly Edmund and Mia come home. Edmund asks Maria if she’s ok. Maria seems surprised that they’re home so early. Edmund says that Maddy called him on his cell phone and told him to come home right away. Maddy comes down and says she called Edmund because she saw Aidan kissing her mommy. Mia and Aidan realize that things have gotten a bit complicated. They decide to call it a night and leave. Edmund and Maria comfort Maddy.

Carlos and Greenlee are dancing. Greenlee is really enjoying herself. She almost trips and Carlos catches her from behind. He holds her really close.

Simone and Boyd are flirting, but she sees that he keeps looking over at Kendall. Simone says she’s leaving. She tells Boyd that she’s going to wait till he stops obsessing over Kendall.

Kendall tells Michael that Boyd is a genius chemist, and that he could be useful in any plot against Erica. She says that she once tried to get Boyd to come and work for her, but Boyd has signed a contract with Erica. Michael wonders why Kendall never plays dirty while her mother always seems to be playing games. Michael tells Kendall that he hates the way she’s treated by her mother. He says that it would be nice to see Erica get knocked off her throne. Kendall falls for the trap and thinks that Michael is genuinely worried about her.

Erica is home alone. The door bell rings. She hopes its Chris and rushes over to the door. She’s surprised to see Jackson there. She tells him she doesn’t want to see him. He comes in and locks the door behind him. He says he’s not going anywhere, and that he’s spending the night.

Will Erica and Jackson get together? Keep watching!

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