AMC Update Tuesday 4/1/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/1/03

By Shahla
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Maria is at Edmund’s, singing Maddy to sleep. Edmund watches quietly from the door. He walks over and tells her that she’s free to leave now that Maddy is ok. Maria says she wants to stay.

Isabella is at Aidan’s apartment, arguing with him. She tells him that Maria belongs with Edmund and her children.

Carlos is at Fusion, checking his phone messages. He hears Greenlee’s message. Just then, Liza walks in. She asks where everyone is. Carlos tells her that everyone is gone. Suddenly, Liza trips. Carlos helps her sit down and offers to fix her broken sandal heel.

Meanwhile, the Fusion girls are at the gym. Greenlee checks her phone messages. She seems disappointed that Carlos hasn’t called back. Simone tells her to not be so cynical and pessimistic, and that there is still some romance left in the world. Kendall suddenly declares that Michael is gone. She says that he checked out of the hotel without ever telling her. The girls ask her why he would ever leave. Kendall says it’s because of Erica.

Chris is at the penthouse, packing up his things. In his anger, he throws a framed photo of him and Erica across the room. Just then Bianca walks in and sees the shattered frame on the ground.

Erica is with Jackson at his office. She argues with Jackson, telling him that if it wasn’t for him, she’d still be with Chris. Jackson says he never forced her to sleep with him. Jackson suddenly gets furious and asks Erica if she told Chris that he had forced her to bed. Erica hadn’t said that to Chris, but she doesn’t exactly deny it in front of Jackson. Jackson accuses her of always only thinking of herself, and trying to manipulate men.

Isabella is tells Aidan that he has no idea what her family has suffered. She accuses him of taking Maria away from them. Aidan tells her that he understands her pain, especially because he lost his own mother when he was very young. Isabella says that he should then understand how it feels to be Maria’s children. Aidan says he’s not going to stand in the way of Maria and her kids. Isabella leaves by saying that her prayers will be answered and that her family will be together once again.

Maria wonders why Edmund wants her to leave. He tells her that Isabella sometimes gets over worried, and that Maria should go live her own life. Edmund apologizes for Maria having to break her plans. Maria asks him what his plans were. He admits that he had a date with Mia, but Isabella wasn’t too happy about that either. Maria asks him what he was thinking earlier, standing at the door. He says that the lullaby she was singing to Maddy was the same lullaby she used to sing when Sammy was a baby.

Kendall is going on about Erica running Michael out of Pine Valley. Greenlee says that Erica runs a huge company, and that she doesn’t have the time in the day to chase out Michael. Greenlee says that Michael is smart enough to know what the truth is, and he wouldn’t allow people like Erica to push him around. She says that if Michael left, it’s because he wanted to. Kendall then wonders if Michael wanted to get away from her – just like Erica said he would. She says that Erica was right.

Bianca asks Chris what’s going on. Chris tells her to ask her mother, and that if she doesn’t reveal anything, then she should ask her uncle Jack. Bianca looks confused.

Jackson tells Erica that he didn’t ruin anything. Erica tells him that he is determined to break up all her relationships – and that this time he used his sick daughter. Jackson says that’s ridiculous, and that he wouldn’t do something so disgusting. Erica tells him she felt sorry for him. Jackson pulls her towards him and asks if she loves him.

Carlos fixes Liza’s sandal. She thanks him and is impressed by his skills. She tries to get up but then falls back – her leg hurts. Carlos pulls her leg towards him and starts massaging it. Liza is more impressed, and wonders if there’s anything he can’t do. Liza asks what he does in his free time, and if he has a girlfriend. Carlos says no. Liza tells him that Greenlee isn’t taken. Carlos says that Greenlee is a great girl, and she’d be perfect for someone, but that she’s not for him.

Kendall wonders if she should track Michael down. Greenlee says she shouldn’t chase men around. Greenlee says that all guys are the same, and women always fall for it. Mia agrees that they shouldn’t be chasing men around.

Chris says good-bye to Bianca. Bianca insists that Erica still loves him, and that he shouldn’t leave.

Jackson tells Erica that she shouldn’t blame him for all the men that have left her. He says that she drove them away. Erica asks him why then is he still sticking around. Jackson says he still loves her enough to stick around – that he can handle anything she throws his way. Erica tells him that it’s not making her happy, and that she’s miserable. Jackson says that it’s Erica’s father’s fault. He says that because she couldn’t get her father’s love, she drives out all the men in her life on purpose.

Maria watches Edmund sitting with Maddy. She suddenly remembers how Edmund had deceived her by giving her David’s drugs. Edmund realizes what she is thinking about and apologizes. Maria says that he’s already apologized enough, however she still seems uneasy. She says she needs to call home. Just then, both Edmund and Maria realize that Maddy is burning with fever.

Erica screams at Jackson for trying to blame her father. Jackson pleads with her to love him, and to prove her father wrong.

Simone asks Greenlee why she has stopped believing in love. She says that after Leo, Greenlee doesn’t seem to want to fall in love again. Greenlee says that she no longer believes in love at first sight, and that Kendall shouldn’t keep her hopes up. Greenlee tells Simone that she might as well join one of those TV reality shows. Mia says that those shows are great because at least the woman gets to choose her man, and not the other way around.

Liza tells Carlos that he shouldn’t give up on Greenlee. Carlos admits to Liza that he was the one sending the emails. Liza is surprised and happy, and tells Carlos to keep pursuing Greenlee. Carlos tells Liza that Greenlee doesn’t see herself with someone like himself. Liza insists that Greenlee is probably just afraid of loving again.

Maria gives Maddy some medicine. Edmund tries to take Maddy up to her room, but she begs to stay with her mom. Maria holds her tight and tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Aidan packs a bag and leaves his apartment.

Simone says that Fusion is all about love. Fusion is all about a woman being in love and not being alone. That’s what women want. Kendall feels inspired by Simone’s little speech. She says she’s going to look for Michael. Mia agrees and says she’s not going to let Isabella scare her, and will pursue Edmund. After the girls leave, Greenlee also decides to chase her man….she calls to check her messages again.

Jackson sits alone in his office. He seems really sad and disappointed that Erica isn’t returning his love. He dreams of all the times he has shared with her. His heart only beats for her. He says that he will always love Erica.

Erica comes home and realizes that Chris has left. She sees the shattered frame, and realizes she really ruined things. She picks up the frame and starts crying. She hears someone inside and hopes its Chris – but it’s Bianca. Bianca asks what she did to ruin her relationship, and why Chris said to ask Jackson if Erica doesn’t come clean. Bianca suddenly realizes that Erica had slept with Jackson. Erica is surprised that Chris hadn’t told Bianca the truth when he’d seen her.

Maria is playing with Maddy. Edmund tells Maddy that she has a great mother, and that they’re lucky that mommy is a doctor. The three of them cuddle playfully. Just then Aidan walks in holding a bag.

Erica tries to explain herself to Bianca. Bianca isn’t having any of it and asks Erica when she’s going to grow up.

Jackson is still at the office. He opens his door and sees Chris standing there.

Carlos is about to leave the Fusion office. He walks towards the elevator. Just then the elevator door opens and Greenlee comes out.

Will Greenlee and Carlos finally get together? Stay tuned to find out!

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