AMC Update Monday 3/31/03

All My Children Update Monday 3/31/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Maddie is scared as Luis attempts to rob Joni. Reggie is able to stop Luis, telling him to stop joking around. "I hope you guys learned your lesson," Reggie says, telling them they should not be walking in the park at night. "You scared us half to death you stupid jerk," Joni replies before walking away. Reggie tells Luis he picked the wrong person to mug. He goes to school with Joni and she could link them. Reggie suggests that Luis leave town. Luis tells Reggie this is going to cost him. He gets out a club.

Edmund and Mia are on a date and are enjoying wine at his home when Maddie bursts in and tells her dad they were mugged. Joni tells Edmund it was just a couple of guys playing a stupid joke. Edmund asks Maddie if she's OK and she says she has a tummy ache. He tells her to go upstairs and get her pajamas on and he'll make it go away. Mia offers some ginger ale and crackers and Edmund tells her where to find them. Joni tells Edmund she hopes he isn't mad. He says he's not but asks if these guys were friends of hers. She says no way. The doorbell rings. It is Isabella there to bring something for Sammy. She greets Joni, who is on her way out. Edmund mentions that Maddie isn't feeling well. Isabella says she'll help take care of Maddie. Mia re-enters the room saying she can't find the kitchen. Edmund gives her directions and Mia leaves again. Isabella is not happy seeing another woman with Maria's husband. When Mia returns with the ginger ale and crackers, Isabella tells her she didn't need to fix anything because she's there now. And she's sure Maddie's mother is on her way. Isabella asks Edmund if he called Maria and he says no. Isabella decides to call her but Edmund tells her not to. Mia sees this is the time to leave and Edmund tells her he'll call her tomorrow morning. "Why is that woman here?" Isabella asks Edmund. He explains Mia is his date for the evening. Isabella thinks Maria needs to know about Maddie, but Edmund says she doesn't want to be bothered every time Maddie sneezes. He says Maria is moving on and so is he. Isabella accuses him of giving up his fight. He says he's not giving up, but he has to be realistic. Maria doesn't want him. Isabella says she won't accept that – not now, not ever. She leaves.

Anna is talking to Aidan and Maria at the Pine Cone Motel. She apologizes to Aidan for not being there for him when he was wrongly accused of murder. Aidan tells her no apology is needed, and, looking at Maria, says his life is finally headed in a good direction. They ask Anna how things are with David and Leora. Anna says she thinks things are fine, but the look on her face shows more worry than anything else. Anna leaves and Aidan and Maria get passionate. Aidan suggests they skip dinner and head right to the romance and she's in favor of that. They kiss but are interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Isabella, who tells her that Maddie is sick with a stomach ache. Maria says Edmund hasn't called her so it can't be serious. How serious does it have to be before she goes to her daughter, Isabella snaps. It's no wonder Maddie has a stomach ache. Her world is falling apart. Maria leaves to go to Maddie but Isabella stays behind. She tells Aidan that Maria needs time alone with Edmund. Besides, she wants to talk to him. Aidan tells her that both of them want the same thing for Maureen (Maria), for her to be happy. Isabella says she was happy with her husband, but he's taking her away from that. He's taking advantage of her because she can't remember. At Wildwind, Maria arrives to check on Maddie. Edmund realizes that Isabella got to her. Maddie is happy to see her mother and tells her she feels better already. Maddie says her mommy used to be a doctor, then corrects herself and calls her Maureen. Maria says she can call her mommy. Maria mentions she took an organic chemistry test to learn how to be a doctor again. Her knowledge came back to her as she was taking it, but that doesn't mean her memory will come back in other areas, she says. She's also going to audit some pre-med classes. Maddie asks her if she'll spend the night.

David, meanwhile, seems distracted while working at the clinic, where a young boy, Georgie, has been brought in with heart problems. The boy has had a pacemaker since he's been about 4, and he needs to go to the hospital because of a problem with the pacemaker. The boy's father says his son had a lot of surgeries before he got the pacemaker. Later, Janelle tells David that this boy is alive because of his pacemaker. She asks him what he's waiting for. Leora's condition won't heal itself and he's putting her in danger. She asks if he would wait if it was any other child. He says a pacemaker will be more effective if her heart was bigger. Janelle says without it her heart will grow weaker. Janelle asks how Leora is doing day to day. David says sometimes she seems fine but other times she seems like she's just not there. Anna arrives and tells David Leora is fine and with the nurse. She seems stronger, Anna says. David tells Anna about the boy with the pacemaker and they go home.

Erica and Jack have just stopped kissing when Chris walks in. Erica tells Chris she meant to call him and tell him she was going to see Jack. Chris tells her he knows why she's hear. All the time he thought she was sleeping with Michael Cambias she was fooling around with "my good friend Jackson." Erica tells him he can't be serious. She came to see Jack to ask him to get rid of Cambias. Chris tells Erica she's embarrassing herself. "Have the guts to admit it," he says. Jack tells Erica it's time to tell Chris the truth. Erica tells Chris this is not what he thinks, but Jack tells her not to lie anymore. Chris tells Jack he trusted him, but both of them make him sick. Erica asks Jack to leave them alone so she can talk to Chris. She says he owes it to her to let her explain. He says she has no right to think he owes her anything. Erica says it wasn't an affair. It happened one time and it wasn't planned. She never meant it to happen. Jack's daughter was sick and she wanted to help him get through it. Erica says she knows she ruined things between them. "You're such an incredible man," she tells Chris. "I wanted it to work between us. We could have been so happy together." Chris tells her she's playing him even now, hoping he'll forget everything and sweep her away. He tells her that he's had it with her and they are through. Just before walking out, he tells her that she uses sex and no one is every going to love her for herself. Moments after Chris storms out, Jack walks in. He asks Erica if it's over and she nods. She says she feels numb. Jack says he's sorry, but they could not keep lying. It's better this way, he says. Erica says this isn't better. "Do you have any idea what you've done to me?" she tells him.

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