AMC Update Friday 3/28/03

All My Children Update Friday 3/28/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Liza is at her office putting files in boxes when Tad walks in. Liza tells him there's some big changes around here. Tad asks if Adam fired her. Liza says no, she quit. She tells him she and Adam are divorcing. "Again?" Tad questions, adding "third times the charm." Tad tells her he thought she would never break free of Adam. Liza tells him that Adam has been fair in working out a custody agreement. She says she plans to work at Fusion. Tad says she's making it sound so easy, but she says it's far from easy. She says it's not easy to break up her daughter's family. Tad asks her if their kiss contributed to the break up. Jamie, who has just entered the room, says no, he did. Tad asks Jamie why he blames himself for the failure of Adam and Liza's marriage. After Liza excuses herself, Jamie tells Tad that Adam got on him and he hinted about Liza's kiss with Tad. Tad tells him that didn't break up the marriage, but it did get him a punch in the chops. Tad does tell Jamie, though, that he needs a little more discretion. That upsets Jamie, who tells his father that he's a fake. He says he needs to set an example for himself. Later alone in her office, Liza is visited by Doug Lewis, who asks if he can have his job back at Chandler Enterprises. Liza tells him she knows he didn't lose his job because of downsizing. Doug admits he was fired. He had just lost his wife and he was stupid. Doug says he needs the job back so he can take care of Laurie. Liza says she'll talk to Adam and she gives him the name of Lysistrada. When Doug says he and therapists don't get along, Liza says Adam was the same way, and he and Adam are a lot alike. Later, when Tad returns to Liza's office, he asks if Adam will rehire Doug Lewis. She says it will be a challenge. Tad asks her if she would give him a second chance. Everyone needs a second chance, he says. Liza asks him if he's trying to ask her for a second chance. Liza says she is sorry Tad is lonely but that wouldn't be a good idea. Tad says she's probably right. Liza tells him she was wrong when she says that when she kissed him, it could have been anyone. It had to be him. She says he was there when she needed him. She tells him she loves him and they take each other's hand.

Adam takes Colby to BJ's, where a children's party is going on. He points out a dancing bear. Colby approaches the bear and asks him if he can fix her family. Laurie enters with Petey. She tells Adam that she knows JR ran away. "Let me have it," she tells him. Adam tells her that JR left town to get away from him. He asks her if she's heard from him but she says she has not. Joni enters with Maddie. She tells Laurie she's sorry for telling JR about Laurie kissing Jamie. Laurie tries to excuse herself but Joni tells her to not walk away and please forgive her. Joni says she'll never narc on Laurie again. Laurie asks Joni if she misses Jamie. Joni says she misses her worse. She asks if they can be friends again and Laurie agrees. Joni tells her about spending a night in jail because she broke into the school to put up Fusion posters. She says she went to the DA's office where she ran into Reggie, who she thinks is scary. Laurie tells her that Reggie is a sweetheart. Joni asks Laurie how things are going between her and Jamie. Laurie says she doesn't know. Suddenly there is a person in a green dinosaur suit standing by them. He takes off the head of the costume. It's Jamie. Laurie asks how long he's been listening. He says long enough to hear Joni ask her how things are between them. He says he heard that Laurie brought Petey to the party and decided to crash it. He sees that Laurie and Joni have made up, and Joni asks Jamie to forgive her as well. Joni leaves to take home Maddie, who has a stomach ache. Jamie tells Laurie he misses her. Colby approaches Jamie and asks him why he's with Laurie since she is JR's girlfriend. Laurie tells Colby that Jamie is just saying hi. She says they're not on a date. Laurie tells Adam that nothing is going on with her and Jamie. Jamie balks at her comment, but she tells him they can't be more than friends because she still loves JR. She leaves, and Adam tells Jamie he's sorry. Jamie tells Adam to stay out of it. Adam tells him to shut his mouth before someone shuts it for him.

Kendall and Greenlee are discussing their mothers and Kendall comments that they have something common. They both survived mothers from hell. Greenlee tells Kendall they shouldn't have a contest for bad mothers because she would win. Kendall says there's no way Greenlee would win the evil mother contest, but Greenlee says her parents didn't want her. Her father told her so. Suddenly Mary enters and tells Greenlee she doesn't want to leave things the way they did. She wants to be a decent mother. And she doesn't want Greenlee throwing her life away at this ridiculous company and with a janitor. Simone walks in, and she and Mary give each other dirty looks. Mary reminds Greenlee that Simone slept with her father behind her back. Kendall pipes in, saying Mary's probably slept with more married men than Simone. Mary asks Greenlee if she's going to let her co-workers talk to her like that. Greenlee says yes. Greenlee tells her mother she will never turn into a lonely loser like her. Mary tells her she hopes she someday will understand her actions. She tells Greenlee she is empty inside and no one will fill her up. After Mary leaves, Kendall tells Greenlee that she needs to dream big dreams and fall hopelessly in love. Greenlee asks to be alone, and after Kendall leaves, Greenlee calls Carlos and leaves a message. She tells him she's sorry and asks him to call her.

Chris meets with his spy in the park and gets a file. He says by the time he goes through the file, he'll know who Erica is sleeping with. After looking at the file, he says it brings him back to Cambias. The spy mentions that Erica has been spending a lot of time with Jack, but he pulled all the material about Jack from the file. Chris says Erica and Jack are old friends, but he asks to see the information about Jack. He sees that Erica was with Jack numerous times at his home and office. Chris says he thought Jack was protecting her because he knew about her affair. The spy says Jack knew about it up close and personal. Chris tells the spy he'll take care of it from here.

Jack is trying to get Reggie to reveal who he is protecting, but Reggie isn't saying anything. Suddenly Erica barges in and tells Jack he needs to help her stop Michael Cambias, who is trying to break up her engagement to Chris. Reggie pipes in and asks Erica for his $50,000 in reward money. She tells him it's in a trust fund. He says that means 10 more years of working minimum wage. Jack has Reggie leave the room, and Erica returns the subject to Cambias. She says he has turned Chris into a jealous rage. She insists that Jack have him deported or arrested or something. Jack says he wouldn't lift one finger to help her and Chris. Erica says Michael is going around acting like they are lovers. He's making Chris think she's cheating on him. Jack reminds her she is cheating on Chris -- with him. Erica remarks that she doesn't sleep with men she doesn't love. "You just said you love me," Jack tells her. Erica tells Jack he's impossible. She's made up with Chris. Jack says she's tired of going through men like water and urges her to be brave. He tells her to tell him how she feels. Erica tells him she hates him ... she hates him for being right. She then tells him she loves him. They kiss. They end their kiss just as Chris barges into the office.

Reggie and Luis are in the park and Reggie tells him he hasn't told anyone. Joni and Maddie approach them and Luis puts his hand in the pocket of his jacket and makes it look like he has a gun. With Reggie standing behind him, Luis tells Joni he wants all her money.

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