AMC Update Thursday 3/27/03

All My Children Update Thursday 3/27/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Things are a little hectic at Fusion, but Greenlee worries about Carlos and what he heard yesterday.  Carlos comes in with ink for the printer.  Greenlee doesn't say anything so Kendall chews her out for not saying anything to him.  She knows that Greenlee is just scared; she does care about Carlos.  Carlos gets printer ink all over and then Greens and Kendall try to help, so they get ink all over them, too.  It's a real mess.

Mia chats with Colby and Liza at home.  Mia suggests making s'mores but Liza said Colby rented a video to watch.  Mia asks what's up so Liza tells her about getting a divorce.  She says that they haven't told Colby yet because it's hard for Adam to break her heart.  She talks to Mia about why her marriage failed and asks if they can move in with her, so Mia says sure.  Adam drops by.  He sits Colby down and asks her if she wants to have an adventure.  She is excited until he explains that he'll be living in the house by himself and she'll be with Liza and Mia.  Adam explains that they will still be together with her, even if they are living in separate houses.

The chemistry test is over.  Maggie asks Henry what happened because he was cheating from her paper during the exam.  He says sometimes he just freezes up during an exam and he doesn't know why.  He says he's even been to therapy and they just tell him that he's putting too much pressure on himself.  He worries that he won't be able to make it as a doctor.  Maggie tries to comfort him but he abruptly leaves, saying he has to go and be alone.

Henry runs into Regina, who asks him if he found another poor sucker to cheat off.

Erica and Michael argue over about what happened with Chris.  Erica says that Michael is just trying to steal Enchantment from her.  He denies it but not very convincingly.  She warns that if he succeeds, she has things in place that will sabotage the company so that it will be worthless.  Then she accuses him of using Kendall to get to her, which he also denies.  He claims that Kendall is just for fun.

Erica comes in just in the middle of the ink mess.  Greenlee thinks she's there to snoop or something.  Erica tells Kendall that she needs to talk to her and that it's important.  Erica grills Kendall about her relationship with Michael and how they met.  She wonders if Kendall is in league with Michael but realizes that Kendall is being used by him.  Kendall thinks Erica is just jealous.

Lena visits Michael.  He tells her about Erica's visit.  They laugh that Erica ordered him out of town.  Lena knows all about Erica's plan for a "poison pill" (to sabotage the company).  Lena says Enchantment has never been so vulnerable.  Michael is still annoyed at Erica trying to second-guess him.  Lena thinks they should just move in but he wants to be more subtle.  He says that Erica has no idea that their real target is Boyd's formula.  They worry about how to get it.  Lena says she tried but he is in love with Kendall. Michael wonders how he can use Kendall to get to Boyd.

Greenlee insists on explaining to Carlos what he heard.  She says he is the first one she's felt something about since Leo.  Carlos says that's not true.  They get interrupted by Mary, Greenlee's mother, popping in.  Greenlee is surprised to see her.  She quickly introduces Carlos as someone who works in the building.  Carlos excuses himself.  Mary, talking to him like he's the help, asks him to move some boxes near the elevator that she almost tripped on.  Greenlee wonders why Mary is there and not on her cruise.  Mary says it ended on time and it was wonderful.  She asks Greenlee not to be mad about not loaning her the money. Greenlee asks her how she likes the company.  Mary says it's "nice" and thinks it's just a "distraction" for Greenlee from her grief.  Things don't go very well between them.  Mary says she wants a relationship with Greenlee and also that she found this great guy, Gunter, on the ship.  Greenlee thinks the guy is for Mary, but Mary says she picked him out for Greenlee.  He's seen her picture and is interested.  Greenlee says no thanks and that she's seeing someone.  Carlos is listening nearby.  Mary asks who she's with and Greenlee tells her that she just met him.  Mary laughs, calling him "the Mexican" and refers to him as a janitor.  Greenlee can't believe how snobby Mary is.  Mary says she's just like her and that's why she introduced him as the help and not her special friend.  She says that Greenlee was embarrassed.  Carlos comes in and yells at them both, partly in Spanish, then stalks off to the elevator.

Erica tries to convince Kendall that Michael is manipulating her, but of course Kendall won't listen.  Erica says she will find someone else to help her and leaves about the same time Carlos does.  They share an elevator.  Greenlee tells her mother to leave, too.

Bianca finds Maggie at PVU and asks her about her test, then about Henry.  Maggie is suspicious about what's going on with Henry and Regina.  Bianca asks if Maggie is in love with him, but Maggie says it's too soon to tell.  She says she helped bail Henry out of some trouble and she's not sorry.  Bianca, confused, doesn't know why she would be.  Maggie changes the subject and asks her about Lena.  Bianca says that they had dinner but that Lena is a hard lady to figure out. Still, she might get lucky, she says with a grin.  Maggie warns her to be careful and watch her back.

Mia gets Colby ready for a birthday party she has to go to.  Adam is going to give her a ride there.  Adam and Liza talk about how hard it is to explain divorce.  Adam says that maybe Colby has the best of both of them.

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