AMC Update Wednesday 3/26/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/26/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall comes out of the shower to find that Michael is gone and left a note.

Michael goes to see Erica with the dead flowers and note that Chris sent him.  She acts like she isn't convinced that Chris sent them, but he's sure.  She phones Chris immediately.

Anna apologizes for being silly and crying on Jack's shoulder, but he doesn't mind.  He jokes that if she wants an easier job than being a mom, she's welcome to come back to the police dept. She snaps at him and then apologizes.  She talks about David.  He implies that David might be acting selfishly, like the old David, but she says David is very devoted to his daughter.  He says he'll always feel protective of her, even though she gave him the "we can only be friends" speech.  She blushes and denies it. He says he moved on so she wants to know with whom.  He can't say because it's "complicated".  She asks if that's in a good or bad way and he replies that it's both.  She is glad that he met someone and seems happier.  He tells her not to worry and that Leora will grow up to be as beautiful as she is, and Anna will always have him as a friend.

Maggie and Henry study in her room; she jumps on the bed as he sits nearby.  She is thrilled that seem to have everything down.  He hopes so but wishes he had gotten more sleep.  She reminds him they will be missing lots of sleep when they are residents.  They start having a tickling contest and end up horizontal, so they start kissing heavily.  Finally he stops and says they have to study.  She keeps on and says it will relax him, but he snaps that she needs to focus on something other than sex.  She retorts, "Who was just coming on to whom?"  He doesn't want to play around because he is really sweating this test.  She can't study any more, she says, so he suggests they go somewhere and just sit before the test, have coffee.

Maria is waiting in her classroom before her test, muttering chemistry stuff to herself as she studies.  Aidan comes in wearing a shirt and hat from PCU and jokes around.  She says she hopes he kept the receipts for when she fails her test, but he knows she will pass; he says she can do anything.  He says he has a secret weapon for her and gives her a brand new pencil he bought.  He says that in England they believe you must always take a test with a brand new pencil because it's never written anything wrong.  She agrees with the idea.  She asks if he is sure that he supports what she's doing (trying to regain part of her past).  He says, nope, he's happy if she is.  They kiss.  The professor, Shambala Stevens, comes in and so Maria introduces her to Aidan.  Aidan leaves so they can start the test. Other students come in, including Henry and Maggie.  Shambala asks Maria how she's doing and Maria jokes that she'd feel better if she has the answers written on her arm.  The professor gives her a stern look.

Greenlee gets another sweet email asking about how she slept and asking if she'll give him a chance.  He says that he fixed her faucet, now will she let him fix her heart?  Carlos says the last part as he walks in.  She still wants to know if he wrote the emails.  He wants to tell her but he wants to know what will happen next.  Will she love him more if she knows or will she think less of the emails if she knows he wrote them?  He observes that she doesn't seem happy when she's around him.  He doesn't think she wants them to come from him because he's only a fixit man.  She denies being a snob but seems heartened when he mentions that he write stories, so she can think that being a handyman is just his day job.  He says the best thing about working there is meeting her.

Erica yells at Chris for threatening Michael, but he denies it.  When she tells him everything, he calls her a liar for lying to him about the flowers.  She says that she lied because she was afraid that he would act like a jealous lunatic like he is now.  They keep arguing about Michael.  He tells her to open her eyes about Michael and the games he is playing.

Jack phones Janelle and asks her to stop by.  When she does, he asks her about David and Anna's baby and whether she thinks that David is being objective about the pacemaker.  She is surprised that he still hasn't put it in.  She is reluctant to second-guess the world renowned heart surgeon, but when Jack asks her if she would have waited if it were her own baby, she says no.

The other Fusion ladies come in, interrupting Carlos and Greenlee's conversation.  They want to know all the dirt but Greenlee won't talk.  Instead, Mia and Simone talk about their dates last night with Edmund and Boyd.  They are happy that for once, they all have men in their lives.  Kendall insists on cheering up Greenlee, but Greens says she doesn't need it.  Carlos walks in just as Greenlee says, "getting involved with someone like carlos is out of the question".  He leaves, upset.

Anna sits on a park bench, watching other couples with their babies in the park.  She tells herself to stop worrying.  David and Leora come up, and David makes fun of her for talking to herself.  Anna grins widely, glad that he brought her to the park after all.  David apologizes for earlier.

Aidan meets up with Maria afterwards because he was nervous for her.  She thinks she did okay on the test.  Henry and Maggie exchange glances during the test while Regina watches.

Erica visits Michael and tells him that she knows what he's doing, trying to provoke Chris.  She warns him that if he doesn't leave town right now, he will be very sorry that he took her on.

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