AMC Update Tuesday 3/25/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/25/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Maria and Maddie come in from riding.  Maddie wishes her daddy could join them, so he wouldn't be so sad.  Just then, Edmund comes in with Mia, laughing.  They plan to go riding.  Maddie is upset that Mia is there.  Edmund sits her down to talk to her about being rude.  She still can't understand why things have changed.  Maria has them leave so she can talk to her. She explains that sometimes people stop loving each other, so Maddie asks if that means she'll stop loving her.  Maria assures her that will never happen.  She has to run off to take a test so she can become a doctor again, she explains.

At B.J.'s, David fusses over the baby as Anna watches.  He doesn't want Anna to take her to the park.  Maggie comes in and says that Anna might as well face it because David is always right.  Maggie walks off to order breakfast as David explains what happened with Henry.  Maggie tells him that he was rude.  David says he just thinks Henry is a know-it-all.  When Anna points out that Henry is just interested in Maggie, David says that he'd better stay away from his cousin.  Anna says he's being over-protective and apologizes to Maggie for his behavior.  Maggie is not mollified.  David yells at a woman who sneezes as she's walking in the door for spreading germs.  Anna asks him what's wrong with him and says he's being ridiculous.  She gets insulted by his comments because he implies that she's not a good mother.  She tells him how much she worries about Leora, too.  She says the difference between them in that he lives in fear and she's trying to rise above that for the baby's sake.  She doesn't want Leora to grow up in fear.  He agrees that he's been over-protective but asks if the park isn't too risky because of all the germs.  She seems to decide something and tells him to take the baby home, saying she has some errands to run.

Aidan plays the tape for Jack where he recorded Chris talking to Flanders, the wanted felon.  Jack can't believe they would meet in such a public place as the Valley Inn.  Jack worries that Chris is out of control because of Erica breaking it off with him.  Aidan thinks that Jack is just trying to frame Chris because of Erica.  Jack denies it vehemently.  He just wants to stop Chris before it's too late.  Jack tries to phone Erica but is told she's with Chris and that he left orders not to be disturbed.

Chris visits Erica at her offices to say goodbye.  She is on the phone canceling her wedding plans.  Erica and Chris start to argue, but instead they make up.  They talk about their feelings and why she has pushed him away.  He ends up putting the ring back on her finger just as Jack walks in.  They tell him the news.  Erica says that they want to put their past mistakes behind them and she hopes Jack understands.  He agrees that she can count on him, then he leaves, after Chris says he appreciates Jack for looking out for her.  Erica wants to celebrate with Chris but she's called away so she asks him to wait.

Kendall has a nightmare that she brings breakfast to Michael in bed, and Erica pops up next to him.  She tells Michael about it and he laughs.  He says it's preposterous because he's crazy about her.  She apologizes.  She is tempted to stay in bed but has to go to work.  She goes to take a shower.  He says he'll join her.  He makes a phone call to have flowers delivered to Erica with a note saying, "I hope it's not over".  He sees Kendall in the mirror at the end.  She looks upset so he thinks he's been caught, but instead she goes over to him and says she's so lucky but he doesn't have to buy her flowers every day.  She goes back in the shower, so he quickly orders flowers for her, too.

Chris reads the flowers' card while Erica is out. She returns and looks at the card. He doesn't say anything to let her know that he looked.  She lies that it's from Maxie Berlin.  He says that he has to go off to an important meeting. She wonders if everything is okay.  He says it's fine and he promises that now that he has her back, he won't ever let her go.

At PVU, Henry looks for Maggie.  Regina gives him a hard time about Maggie, asking if his mother scared Maggie off.  He's annoyed with her for telling Maggie where his family's restaurant is.  Maggie arrives, bring breakfast burritos.  She can tell something happened between them, but he doesn't say anything other than that she's late.  She stares at him until he says that there are too many distractions there for studying.  She says she has the answer to that.  She grabs his hand and they rush off, with Regina watching.

Aidan looks for a late Maureen at PVU.   She finally arrives and they kiss and coo.  He worries because of what happened with Julian.  She tells him about riding with Maddie and what happened afterwards.  He wonders if Maddie doesn't like him any more than she does Mia, but Maria assures him that Maddie will come around eventually.

Edmund and Mia come back from their ride, joking about how inexperienced she is at riding.  They see a cat and she picks it up.  It reminds her of when she and Jake were there, so she grows suddenly sad.  She explains it to Edmund and he is sympathetic.  She doesn't understand how you can have a connection with someone and then one day they're just gone.  He can relate.  They talk about moving on.

David talks to Leora about how he doesn't want anything to happen to her.  Anna arrives at Jack's office but then breaks down crying on his shoulder.

Michael gets a delivery of flowers with a note that says, "It sure as hell isn't over" (something like that; sounds like Chris).

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