AMC Update Monday 3/24/03

All My Children Update Monday 3/24/03

By Lori
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Joni and her father, Arthur, are in Jack's office talking about Joni's arrest. Jack says he's confident he can keep this out of the newspaper. Arthur is viewing this as a serious matter and is upset by Jack's apparent opinion that it's nothing serious. Jack in turn chastises Arthur for letting his daughter sit in a jail cell overnight. Arthur says Joni needs to know the consequences of her actions, but Jack asks him if he remembers what it's like to be a teenager. Joni agrees she did something wrong and she should be punished. Jack asks her to wait outside, where Reggie has been listening. Joni accuses Reggie of eavesdropping. They trade barbs and accusations and he backs her against the wall. "You don't scare me," she says. He tells her she was sobbing her eyes out in front of her father in Jack's office making him think she's sorry when she's really not. Joni says at least she has parents who love her. Reggie tells her to shut up. Jack opens his door and asks if everything is all right. They say everything is fine. Joni's father tells her they need to go and they'll discuss her punishment. Jack asks Reggie what went on between him and Joni, but Reggie won't tell him a thing.

Adam has just hit Tad and says he can't get away with kissing his wife. Liza tells Adam that she kissed Tad because he was there. It could have been anyone. Tad leaves, but not before telling Adam that he would be a fool if he blamed Liza for this. Lysistrada tells Adam and Liza that they have things to work on. Adam says that their marriage is a joke. Liza had him just where she wanted him for the last seven years, he says. She is the one who has been controlling their marriage. He calls this the "sad pathetic last chapter" of their marriage. Liza says she has nothing to say. Adam recalls when Liza told him she loved him after Mia's accident. He says he wishes she would have had nothing to say then because they wouldn't be in this situation. Lysistrada excuses herself so Adam and Liza can talk. Liza tells Adam she does love him and wants him to be happy. But he can't take Colby from her. She looked into it and if he fights her she'll win. Adam says he won't fight for Colby. Liza says she's happy to hear that. Adam laments over his children, noting that all of them have left him except for Colby, and just give her time. Liza tells him Colby adores him. Adam says Colby is his whole world. Liza says she is her's as well. "At least we still have that," Adam says. Liza says it would be best if she and Colby move in with Mia. Adam says there is nothing left to say. As he walks out, he thanks her. For what, she asks. "For giving me more happiness than you'll ever know."

The Fusion women go to Greenlee's apartment as she prepares to have Carlos over. Greenlee tells them to leave, but they refuse. Kendall says she doesn't want to miss out on seeing Greenlee get back into action. Greenlee says he's just coming over to fix her plumbing, but the women know there is more to it than that. They are giddy as they think about Greenlee and Carlos, and insist that Greenlee wear something provocative. Greenlee comes out wearing a black sweater dress, but the women say that's much too conservative. Greenlee changes several times before the women approve of her dress. Carlos knocks on the door, and Greenlee says she's not ready for this. Simone says she could get rid of him, but Greenlee runs into her bathroom to check something on her sink. Carlos is surprised to find the women there and says he can come back later. Kendall says they were just leaving. Greenlee comes out and sees the women off. Carlos tells Greenlee he was surprised she called but happy. Does this mean he's not fired? Greenlee says she didn't fire him, well not really. She appears nervous and flustered and rambles on. She says she'll pay him the going rate for a plumber but Carlos says he'll fix her problem for free. As he starts fixing the plumbing, he tells her there is a problem with her water pressure. She walks into a back room turns something and they are heard screaming. The re-enter the picture all wet. He takes off his shirt and she stops and stares at him. He tells her she should take off her clothes before she catches cold. He tries to wipe her with a towel but she pulls away, saying she is fine. Greenlee gets a shirt for Carlos. After he puts it on he realizes it was Leo's shirt. He says he can't take it. Greenlee says she kept some of Leo's clothes, and kept this shirt because it had the scent of his cologne. But the cleaning lady accidentally washed it, and now it smells like soap and is just a shirt now. Carlos tells her that her husband was a lucky man. Greenlee tells him that she realizes he cannot be the one who sent her the email messages. She says she shouldn't have asked him over. He is not who she needs him to be. He asks her who she needs him to be, Leo? She says no. She knows she needs to move on. Those emails made her think she could move on. With Greenlee's back to him, Carlos starts reciting one of the emails he sent to her. "Every waking hour I think of you. Your eyes, your lips, your smile, your laugh." She starts to recite it with him and he stops. He tells her he'll return the shirt and walks out. She turns around and tells him to wait, but it's too late. He is gone. "It is you. You're the one," she says to herself.

Simone and Kendall go to BJ's and take a seat when Boyd walks in. Simone asks him to join them, and he can't refuse. Speaking to Kendall, he says he has two concert tickets and wonders if she would like to go. Kendall apologizes and explains that she's still seeing Michael. Boyd is surprised, considering the episode with Erica. He says Erica denied sleeping with Michael but Chris didn't believe her, and they broke up. A surprised Kendall is angry at Boyd for implying that Erica did sleep with Michael. She stands up and tells Boyd he is desperate. Why doesn't he just get a life. She storms off and Simone asks Boyd what's wrong with him. Boyd tells her Michael is a fraud ? Erica told him so. Simone asks him if Erica admitted to sleeping with Michael. Boyd says she has not, but Chris broke up with her. "You do the math," he tells her. Simone tells Boyd he is gorgeous and could have any available woman he wanted. Why is he going after one who is unavailable when there is someone right in front of his face who is available? Boyd asks her who she's referring to. Simone playfully hits him, making him realize she's talking about herself. Boyd tells her she's right. He hasn't paid attention to what's staring him in the face. Kendall re-enters and pulls Simone aside, asking her what she's doing. Simone says she's flirting with Boyd. Kendall says Boyd was rude to her. Simone says Boyd is just worried about her getting hurt. Kendall says Boyd is "using her to get to me." Simone tells her she has to decide if she wants Michael or Boyd. Michael, who has approached from behind, says he'd love to hear the answer to that. Kendall and Michael leave together, and Boyd tells Simone that she's right. He shouldn't continue to chase after Kendall. He asks Simone out to dinner.

Tad goes to his parents house to nurse a bruised lip and is talking to Joe and Ruth about Jake. He tells them Jake left town because he was having an affair with a resident at the hospital. Ruth asks to know who this resident is Jake took up with but Tad says he won't name any names. Ruth can't understand why Tad would protect her. Joe doesn't put all the blame on the resident. He says it took two. Mia walks in and Ruth warmly greets her, asking her if she's all right. Mia realizes that Tad told them about Jake. She says she should have told them myself, but she was hoping to hear something from him. She asks if they know where he is. Joe says Jake joined a group called Doctors Without Borders, and is waiting to be assigned to a permanent location. Right now they don't know where he is. Ruth asks for a moment alone with Mia. Mia tells Ruth that she is sorry Jake had to go so far away to get away from her. Ruth tells her not to believe he left because of her. Mia says she thinks Jake thought she cared more about Fusion than him. She wants to know what she did wrong so she doesn't do it again. Ruth tells her that Jake has blame in this. Joe and Tad re-enter the room, and Ruth tells Mia she's welcome at their home anytime. Ruth and Joe walk out, leaving Tad alone with Mia. He says if Jake ruined her on other men, he'll kill him. Mia says she wouldn't worry about that. Tad asks if she's referring to someone he knows. Mia says she can't give out all her secrets.

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