AMC Update Wednesday 3/19/03


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/19/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

Laurie is busy working at the restaurant. Her dad walks in and tries to make conversation, but Laurie is upset that he placed charges against Jamie. Just then Jamie walks in with Tad and says that he’s ok. Laurie’s father had dropped the charges.

Adam and Liza are both on the phone, trying to locate JR. Stuart comes in and says he knows where JR is. Both Adam and Liza look puzzled.

Greenlee comes into Lysistrata’s office, hoping to find some sanity. She complains to Lysistrata about her life, her mystery man, her fight with Simone and Carlos.

Lena is leaving a message on the phone for Michael. She tells him that she’s making progress with Boyd. Just then Bianca walks in. Lena gets off the phone and asks Bianca out for dinner.

In her anger, Erica has just thrown Chris’ engagement ring on the ground. Jackson picks it up and Chris takes it from him. After Erica rushes out, Chris asks Jackson to tell him the truth.

Laurie’s dad gets a table and sits down alone. Laurie tells Jamie she’s glad that the charges were dropped against him and apologizes for getting him in trouble. Tad joins Laurie’s father and tells him that they have a lot in common.

Bianca and Lena walk into the restaurant for dinner.

Erica comes back to the Enchantment office. Boyd walks in to talk about business, but then realizes that she’s in no mood for business. Erica tells him that her engagement with Chris is off. She pretends to get back to work, and Boyd leaves her alone. She sits alone, and wonders how things got so far with Chris. She remembers all the good times with Chris – and then remembers her passion with Jackson. Just then Opal comes in. She asks Erica who she’s going to pick.

Chris tells Jackson he wants to know who Erica was seeing behind his back. He walks off very upset. Jackson goes into the bar area and asks Aidan what he saw.

Lysistrata tells Greenlee that she has finally hit rock bottom. She asks to know about the mysterious e-mailer. Greenlee tells her about Carlos and Sidney Bergeron. She tells her she’s convinced that Carlos isn’t the one – and that she doesn’t really want him to be the one. Lysistrata tells her that she’s still hung up on Leo, and that she needs to take the first step towards happiness after Leo.

Stuart confesses that he wasn’t supposed to tell Adam anything about JR until after JR left. He says that JR has gotten a job on a ship, and is on the way to Manila, Philippines. Stuart tells him that he sailed off in the morning. Adam asks Stuart what he was thinking, and how he could allow JR to run away from home. Stuart explains that JR finally stood up for himself, and he’s setting new goals. He’s going to go explore and find himself. Liza agrees with Stuart. Adam is not having any of it. He says his son belongs in Harvard.

Greenlee confesses to Lysistrata that she’s been quite mean to everyone around her. Greenlee wonders if she should be going after Carlos. Lysistrata tells her that she owes it to herself, especially if she knows that Carlos is the mystery man. Meanwhile, Simone is in the office. She finds the rose (made out of wires) that Carlos had once left for Greenlee. She wonders if Carlos has a thing for Greenlee.

Tad tells Laurie’s father that he wants to help. Laurie’s father wonders why. Tad tells him that he had a terrible father, and he doesn’t want Laurie to live with one. He tells Laurie’s father that he should call him if he ever finds himself picking up a bottle.

Jamie is sitting at the bar, talking to Laurie. His phone rings. It’s Stuart, who tells him that JR has left. Jamie is shocked, and Laurie leans in curiously.

Lena is flirting with Bianca, and Bianca seems to be falling for it. Lena asks Bianca if it was hard for her to come out of the closet. Bianca says yes, and then asks Lena the same question. She’s still trying to figure out if Lena is gay.

Opal tells Erica that she has always denied herself Jackson’s love, because she has never been able to forgive him. Erica doesn’t understand what Opal is talking about. Opal clarifies that Erica has always detested Jackson for helping Travis keep Bianca away from her many years ago. Erica admits she detests Jackson for keeping Bianca away from her. She says she blames Jackson for the way Bianca has now turned out – meaning, gay.

Bianca and Lena are chatting away. Just then, two guys come over and ask if they can join.

Adam tells Liza that they should finally admit that there’s no hope for them. Adam thinks now that JR has left, Liza will be the next to leave. Liza tells him to not take his frustrations out on her. Adam tells Liza that although she’s supposed to be his wife, she can’t offer him comfort. Just then their Colby walks in and asks them why they’re always fighting.

Greenlee comes back to the Fusion office. She sees Simone there. Greenlee rushes over and hugs Simone, and tells her that she’s glad she’s back. Simone is pleasantly surprised by the sudden change in Greenlee.

Erica says she’s stayed up nights wondering how Bianca’s life would be different now if she had been with her during the fragile years. And she most certainly blames Jackson. Opal tells her that she shouldn’t play Jackson for a fool. If she can’t give all her love to Jackson, she shouldn’t string him along.

Jackson asks Aidan to let him know exactly what happened with Chris and Erica. Aidan says he hopes she’s worth it, and Jackson says she certainly is.

Chris walks into the bar just then. He’s meeting his private investigator friend.

Laurie wonders why JR left without saying bye. She goes back to work, and her dad goes to talk to her. He apologizes to her for everything he’s been doing. She says things haven’t been working out the way she had hoped. Her father asks whether she’s now seeing Jamie. She says she’s not sure what’s going on with Jamie.

Meanwhile Tad tells Jamie that he should think before he tries to take JR’s place in Laurie’s life.

Bianca and Lena tell the boys that its girls-night-out and they don’t need their company. After the boys leave, Bianca tells Lena that she’s not so sure about Lena’s interest in her.

Greenlee apologizes to Simone for being a maniac, and thanks Simone for sticking around. She asks Simone to start over. Simone cries and says of course she will give it another try. They make up. Greenlee tells Simone that she needs to now find Carlos and apologize to him as well. Simone tells her that she has a hunch he has a thing for her, and that she should call him now. Greenlee gets on the phone to Carlos, but gets the answering machine. She leaves a message, asking Carlos to swing by her place later on that night. She ends her message by saying she has a plumbing problem! Simone comes back to check on her. She says they need to go lingerie shopping to prepare for her meeting with Carlos.

Jamie comes over to Laurie and tries to hold her hand. Laurie tells him that she’s not ready and that it’s too soon.

Lena tells Bianca that she enjoys being with her, and she hopes that’s enough for now. Bianca agrees…but she seems very hopeful that the two of them can be together in the near future.

Opal tells Erica that she needs to make up her mind. Erica is very confused!

Chris tells his private investigator that he needs to stay on the job till he says it’s over. Aidan is secretly listening in on the conversation.

Tad comes over to Lysistrata’s office to ask her out for dinner. Just then Adam and Liza come in. Adam punches Tad and accuses him for ruining their lives!


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