AMC Update Tuesday 3/18/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/18/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

After finding out that Sidney Bergeron is the building supervisor, Greenlee turns to Carlos. She asks him if he’s the one sending her the emails. Carlos is hesitant, but Greenlee is persistent.

Henry and Maggie are in Henry’s family restaurant. Maggie feels bad for coming between Henry and his mother. Henry explains that although his mother is a little overprotective, in the end she just wants him to be happy. Henry says that Maggie makes him happy. Henry’s uncle walks over, and assures him that he will speak to Henry’s mother.

Meanwhile, Maureen and Joe come into the restaurant for lunch. Maureen tells Joe that she wants to go back to medical school. Just then, Edmund and Mia come in.

Reggie has just found out that there is $50,000 reward for turning Trey in. He is ecstatic and he wants Jackson to pay up. Jackson explains to Reggie that it’s not so easy to get reward money, and that it may take a few years. Reggie accuses Jackson of playing him as a fool.

Kendall and Chris are arguing at the bar. Chris says there’s a possibility that Michael is cheating on Kendall, and that perhaps he’s putting the moves on Erica. Kendall insists that Michael is only into her.

Michael and Erica are up in his room. Erica is there to see how far Michael will go, and what his purpose is.

Carlos tells Greenlee that he realized the emails give her comfort. She argues that they’re not giving her comfort; they’re driving her crazy. She asks again if he’s the one who’s been sending them. Carlos asks her if she wants him to be the one.

Jackson tells Reggie that he’s looking out for his best interest. Reggie insists that he’s being played, and Jackson is just looking out for himself. Reggie says the money can really help him a lot. Jackson tells him he needs to stay in school, and when he’s old enough, he’ll know what to do the money. Jackson asks why he needs the money so badly. He wonders if Reggie wants the money so he can pay off his mugger-friend.

Chris tells Kendall he’ll get to the truth, and that Kendall is being naïve. Kendall says that unless she catches Michael and Erica together, she won’t believe it. Kendall insists that Michael is only spending time with Erica for business reasons.

Erica asks Michael what he wants to discuss. Michael tells her that the press is implying that they’re in business together. Michael suggests a joint venture, and Erica rejects it. She gets up to leave. Michael tells Erica he wanted to discuss one more thing…Kendall. He tells her that Kendall isn’t the one for him, and that he’s found the one he’s looking for (implying Erica).

Greenlee asks Carlos why he cares so much – Carlos tells her that he likes to see her happy. Greenlee doesn’t understand why. He tells her that when she’s happy, she’s not a raving bitch! Greenlee is shocked that Carlos would say such a thing, and is convinced that Carlos can’t possibly be her mystery guy if he would use such words. Just then, Simone and her lawyer walk in.

Joe suggests to Maureen that she should take a placement test to see how much she remembers. Joe tells her that she once was a brilliant doctor, and that he’ll help her get it all back.

Maggie gets on the phone with Anna. Meanwhile Henry walks over to his uncle. Henry’s uncle says he will talk to his mom, but he can’t make any promises. Henry’s mother walks over and tells Henry to ditch Maggie as a lab partner.

Reggie tells Jackson he needs the reward money to take care of his sisters. Jackson tells him that although that’s noble, his sisters are being taken care of. They have been put in the best foster homes. Reggie says that’s nice, but he wants to give them a real home. Jackson says he’ll be able to do that in time. Reggie says he wants it now. Jackson tells him that at this age, he’ll just end up burning all the cash away. Jackson insists that he needs to do a lot of growing up before he gets all the money. Reggie warms up to the idea. Jackson tells him to go home and think about it, and to do his homework. Reggie thanks Jackson, and he leaves. Jackson is pleased with the way he handled everything. After Reggie leaves, Jackson calls Erica’s office.

Erica accuses Michael that he was using the press to manipulate her. Michael insists that he has real feelings for her. Erica is not buying it. She tells him there’s no chance in hell that they could be together. Erica tells him to get over himself. Michael kisses Erica’s hand. He’s still trying hard to win her over. Erica tells him to get in line. She asks him if he seriously thinks they’re a match. Michael starts leaning towards her.

Chris asks Kendall if her relationship with Michael is exclusive. Chris tells her that Michael has been tempted by other people and insists that she’s being blind. He asks her where Michael is at that very moment. Kendall tells Chris that Michael is alone in his room, working. She tells Chris she’ll take him up, so he can see for himself.

Michael leans over to kiss Erica. Just then Kendall barges in. She’s completely shocked to find Michael and her mom together. Chris is pleased that his hunch was right. Erica wonders what’s going on. Kendall accuses her mother of putting the moves on Michael. Michael says he’s only interested in Erica for her business. Erica blames Chris for trying to find something wrong in their relationship. Erica leaves and Chris followers her out.

Chris stops Erica in the hotel lobby. He asks her to look him in the eyes and say she’s not sleeping with anyone else. She says she’s not sleeping with Michael. She’s furious and starts walking away. He grabs her…just then Aidan, who’s been watching and following Chris, intervenes.

Henry’s mother insists that Maggie will distract Henry. Henry tells her to be happy for him and walks away. Henry’s uncle comforts his mother, and tells her not to worry too much. Henry goes back to Maggie. She asks him if she should leave. He says no, and that he wants to kiss her.

Joe tells Maureen that he has to run off. Maureen is left alone at lunch. She glances over at Edmund, who is also sitting alone at this point. She walks over and asks if she can join. Edmund says yes, but tells her he’s not alone. Maureen says she’s glad he’s moving on. Edmund insists that he’s just conducting an interview with Mia. Maureen is embarrassed. Just then Mia walks over and Edmund introduces them to each other. Maureen says she’ll leave them alone, and walks away. Mia asks Edmund if he wants to leave…and he says he’s fine.

Carlos tells Greenlee he’ll ask management for a different assignment. Simone defends Carlos, and then threatens to sue Greenlee for her lost job. Carlos leaves. Greenlee tells Simone that she can keep her job, but she won’t get paid till all her legal fees are covered. Simone’s lawyer says that Simone doesn’t owe any legal fees, since he’s worked for free. Greenlee accuses Simone for having men solve all her problems. Simone tells Greenlee that she scares all the men in her life away. She gives the lawyer a kiss on the cheek, and he leaves. Simone tells Greenlee that her mystery man is hiding himself because he’s scared of her. Greenlee wonders about this.

Kendall asks Michael what he was doing with Erica. Michael says that he was just trying to do business, but Erica came onto him. Kendall asks him why he didn’t say anything in front of Chris. Michael says he didn’t want to bust Erica in front of her fiancé, especially because they seem to have enough problems. Kendall insists that he should have said something, and that Erica is just jealous of her. Michael assures Kendall that he has chosen her, and that Erica doesn’t matter. Kendall says she feels so lucky and they hug.

Erica tells Aidan that she’s ok, and he leaves. Chris and Erica continue arguing. Chris asks Erica why he’s not enough for her, and why she’s not happy. Chris insists that she needs to tell him the truth - she needs to trust him enough to do that. He says that if she can’t, then there’s nothing to save. Erica tells him that it’s over.

Maggie and Henry are playing with fortune cookies. In the distance, Henry’s uncle and mother are observing them. Henry's uncle says he’s never seen Henry this happy. Henry’s mother is not convinced.

Mia and Edmund are also opening fortune cookies. They’re warming up to each other a bit more. Edmund tells her that although the interview is over, they can still sit and talk. He asks her to also go horseback riding with him sometime. Mia says she would love that.

Simone and Greenlee are still arguing. Simone tells Greenlee that she’s always blaming everyone, and that she needs to stop being so angry at the world. She says that since Leo died, Greenlee hasn’t let anyone come close to her. Greenlee says no one understands her. Simone says that she doesn’t let anyone understand her - and that’s her own fault. Simone leaves her alone. Greenlee starts wondering about what she’s doing. She gets on the phone and calls someone. She tells that person that she needs to see him/her right away.

Kendall asks Michael to promise her that he’ll never lie to her. Michael promises and gives her a kiss. Kendall tells him that if Erica ever put a hand on him, she’d kill her. Michael seems pleased with this.

Chris asks Erica how it could be so over so easily. Erica tells him that it’s not over if he takes everything he said back. Chris says he can’t do that, and that he won’t give her any free passes. This makes Erica more upset. She takes off her engagement ring and throws it towards Chris. Just then Jackson shows up. Is this the end for Chris and Erica??? Stay tuned…


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