AMC Update Monday 3/17/03

All My Children Update Monday 3/17/03

By Lori
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Greenlee asks Carlos why he's holding her scarf. He says he spilled oil on the desk while oiling her chair and got it on her scarf. Greenlee asks him to give her the scarf but he says no. Carlos says he needs to get the scarf cleaned. He starts walking away but Greenlee demands that he come back. She tries to pull the scarf from his hand but he won't give it up. She falls to the floor as the scarf rips in two. Carlos helps Greenlee up. She tells him she doesn't believe his story because there is no oil on her desk. She asks him why he would oil her chair. He says that's his job, and if she doesn't like it she can hire someone else. Greenlee says she'll take him up on his offer. She's going to call the building management to have him fired. Carlos is unsuccessful in stopping her. While calling, Greenlee learns that the manager of the building is Sydney Bergeron. She hangs up the phone and asks him if he is the one sending her the emails.

Michael is at his hotel room and is surprised when Kendall arrives. Kendall walks in and sees Michael has a table set for two. It looks like he was expecting someone, she says. Michael says he was expecting her. How can that be, Kendall asks? She just dropped by unexpectedly. Michael says he planned to call her and expected her to spend the afternoon with him. Kendall says no one has been as good to her as he has. Michael says he wants her and only her. Kendall says she has to leave to bail Simone out. She hopes she has enough money for the bail. Michael gets his checkbook and writes a check, telling her to fill in the amount. There is a knock on the door. It is tabloid reporter Donald Steele. He asks Michael how it feels to get "kicked in the assets" by Erica Kane. He says the Wall Street Herald reports that Enchantment rejected Cambias's efforts to take over her company. Michael tells him that Erica approached him and he turned her down. He shuts the door in Steele's face. He tells Kendall that Erica must have planted a lie in the press. He kisses Kendall and tells her that she makes him forget everything Erica stirs up. Kendall repays the compliment then, after a kiss, leaves to get Simone.

Lena and Bianca are helping Boyd move into Myrtle's boarding house when they drop a large box and hear something inside break. Boyd tells them he had some lab equipment in the box. Myrtle arrives home and smells something from the box. Boyd says some of his chemicals may have spilled. Bianca and Lena bend down to pick up the box and get uncomfortably close to each other. They stand up, both feeling awkward. Lena excuses herself and Myrtle asks Bianca about Lena. Is she her girlfriend, she wonders? Furthermore, does she want her to be? Bianca says right now, they are just friends. Later, when Boyd and Lena are alone, they get close while picking up a box. Boyd tries to kiss Lena but she backs away. "Which team are you on?" he asks her. Before she can say anything her phone rings. It is Michael, who tells her she did very nice work. "They swallowed the bait," he says, adding it's time to start "reeling them in." Lena says he can count on her. Michael then places a call to Erica. Boyd reminds Lena that she hasn't answered his question. He asks her directly if she's gay or straight. Lena asks if he's asking her because he's interested in her. Boyd tells her she seems interested in Bianca. "I'm friendly," Lena replies. She then plants a kiss on Boyd, prompting him to ask what kind of game she is playing. Lena excuses herself and Bianca walks in. She asks Boyd what she just missed. Boyd tells Bianca that she is definitely going to lose their bet. Simone and Kendall walk in. Kendall seems embarrassed to run into Boyd, and he is as well. Simone and Bianca excuse themselves. Boyd asks Kendall how things are going with Michael and she says it's going fine. Boyd says if her relationship with him blows up, he'll be around.

Aidan and Jack are discussing Aidan's investigation of Chris. Jack wonders why Chris dragged his feet and let a criminal like Flanders escape. Jack tells Aidan it's his job to find out. Jack says Chris's actions show a dereliction of duty, and this is not the first time. He once used his badge to settle a score. Aidan suggests that's what Jack is doing in order to get to Erica. Jack dismisses Aidan's comment and tells him to remain objective during his investigation. Later, Jack is alone in his office and is on the phone, saying he wants everything he can get on Chris, and none of it can be linked to him. Reggie walks in with a stack of files. He complains about the old people that Jack has working for him. Why can't he get some young, good-looking girls, he asks, saying he misses working at Fusion. Jack tells him to separate the files into cold cases, closed cases and convictions. While he's looking through the files, Reggie finds a paper that promises a $50,000 reward for whoever provides information leading to the arrest of the person who burned down Erica's house. When Jack returns, Reggie gleefully tells him he's due the reward. "Pay up," he says.

Mia and Edmund arrive at the Valley Inn lounge for lunch and to talk about Edmund's story on Fusion. Chris, who is at the bar, sees them and approaches Mia. He asks to talk to her. Mia is surprised he wants to talk to her, but agrees. Chris asks her what she knows about Michael and Kendall. He asks Mia why Michael is spending so much time here. Mia says Michael loves Kendall, but Chris says Michael loves money, period. Chris's phone rings and Mia returns to Edmund. She asks him if he thinks she should tell Kendall that Chris is poking around. Edmund says Kendall has enough on her mind without that. Edmund tells her that he ran into Simone in jail. Mia says Simone has her own way of doing things, even if they are sometimes illegal. Mia also tells him about Greenlee and Kendall, and how good they are at what they do. Edmund asks Mia about herself, saying he suspects she knows what women want. "You," Mia replies. That steers the conversation onto the subject of Maria, and Edmund tells her that he has moved on and so has Maria, who is now Maureen. Mia says it's not easy, and Edmund says he knows she is talking from experience considering her breakup with Jake. Mia says she's getting through it. Edmund says she needs to know she's not alone. Edmund acknowledges that they got side-tracked. Mia thanks him for opening up. Now she doesn't feel so alone, she says. Alison and another woman walk into the lounge. Mia tells Edmund that the blonde is the woman who broke up her engagement to Jake. Edmund points out Aidan behind the bar, telling her he is the one who took up with Maria. "We're having lunch in hell," Mia replies. Edmund suggests they get out of there, and they leave together.

Maggie asks Henry why he's trying to give her the brush-off at his family's Chinese restaurant. Henry says he's really busy, but she says he is not going to blow her off. Maggie says she tracked him down to apologize for David's behavior and he is ordering her to leave. Henry's mother and uncle approach Maggie and introduce themselves. The uncle promises to cook up his specialty for Maggie. The mother, however, speaking in Chinese, says to the uncle that Maggie didn't come there for lunch and should leave. The uncle insists on cooking for her. The mother tells Henry to take an order, leaving her alone with Maggie. She tells Maggie that her son has worked hard to get where he's at and she won't allow him to throw it all away for a girl. She tells Maggie to leave her son alone. She says someday Henry will become a husband and a father. Maggie tells her that she is just Henry's lab partner. The mother says if her thoughts go elsewhere, she needs to remember this conversation. Henry's mother asks him why his lab partner is a girl and why is he helping her. If a medical school has to choose between him and her it will select her, she says. If he helps her he is just hurting himself. Henry sits down with Maggie, who has gotten her food. She says maybe she should take it to go. Henry asks her what his mother said to her. She says she just doesn't want him to get derailed. Henry tells Maggie about his mother's father, who was an American she never knew. Her mother died when she was young and she came to the United States. She likes the opportunities here, and he feels like he owes her. Maggie wonders if he's trying to be a doctor to suit his mother. She notes that he loves music, but he says music is just a hobby. Maggie says maybe they should call their relationship off. She says his mother has big plans for her and wants him to be with a Chinese girl. Henry tells her he doesn't care what his mother wants, he cares about her. He doesn't want to lose her. His mother sees him taking Maggie's hand.

Chris orders a double scotch and Aidan asks him if he's OK. Is this about Erica? Chris says everything is great between him and Erica. They'll be sending out wedding invitations soon and Aidan will get one, he says. Later Chris sees Kendall and tells her he needs to talk to her. He says he knows things are getting cozy between her and Cambias. He asks if she's going to his room now. Kendall wants to know why he cares. Is it because Erica is not being as attentive to him lately? Does he think that Erica is sleeping with Michael? Back at Michael's room, there is a knock on the door. It is Erica, who says she has to see what his next move was going to be. She sees his table and asks if he was expecting someone. "Only you," he says.


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