AMC Update Friday 3/14/03

All My Children Update Friday 3/14/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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At Fusion, Mia, Kendall and Greenlee are all on phone calls with people wanting their products. After hanging up, they erupt in glee at their success. Their mascara is in high demand. Mia mentions that Simone and Joni can take credit because they put up posters in the school. Mia says she will bail Simone out of jail. Greenlee tells her if the does, she's fired. Kendall urges Greenlee to get over her grudge against Simone for having an affair with her father. Greenlee says she doesn't have a grudge against Simone. She just realizes that Simone is not a team player. Kendall insists that Greenlee's treatment of Simone has everything to do with Simone's affair with Greenlee's father. Simone has apologized 25 times for that and Greenlee needs to give it up, Kendall says.

Simone and Joni are in a jail cell opposite Jamie, who is in his own cell. Tad arrives and apologizes to Jamie for not getting in their earlier. Jamie tells him it's OK. Then Tad turns angry, asking Jamie how he goes from being ordered to stay away from his brother's girlfriend to punching the girl's father out? Jamie tells Tad that he does this kind of thing all the time. He kissed Liza. Did he think about what would happen after that? Tad acknowledges that he made a mistake by kissing her. He leaves to check on Jamie's paperwork so he can bail him out. Edmund arrives and tells Joni he's there to bail her out. When she says her parents will be mad, he says he'll deal with them. Tad comes back and asks Jamie what really happened. Jamie sticks to his story. Soon, Joni and Jamie are leaving jail, leaving Simone there alone. Greenlee arrives at the jail to see Simone. Simone asks if they can forget what happened and get her out of there. Greenlee says there's something she can't forget. When her father died, the last name he spoke was not Greenlee's, but Simone's. "How am I supposed to get over that?" she asks and promptly walks out. Greenlee returns later, asking Simone if she came up with anything. Simone tells her that every time her father mentioned her name, his eyes lit up. She tells Greenlee her father loved her. Simone says she just wishes that she saw that light in her own father's eyes toward her. Greenlee thanks her and walks out. Simone shouts at her, asking her if she's going to bail her out.

Opal is with Petey at the park, waiting for Laurie. Laurie arrives and apologizes for being late. Opal understands because Tad told her that Jamie is in jail for hitting Laurie's father. Opal says that's not the kind of thing Jamie would do. She tells Laurie that she did some background checking before she was hired as Jamie's babysitter. Opal knows about Laurie's difficult home life with her father. Opal says she knows Laurie loves her father, but he'll destroy her if she doesn't break away from him. Laurie says her dad slips up sometimes but he is always sorry. Opal says sorry won't pay her hospital bills. Laurie says she is all her father has after her mother died and her siblings left. Opal says she used to feel that way about her former husband, Ray Gardner. But then Ray dumped their son on the street and left him there. While Laurie's father may not be evil on a stick like Ray was, Laurie still needs to protect herself, Opal says.

David is at the park calling for Anna. He runs into Maggie and Henry. David tells them that Anna left him a note that she was taking Leora for a walk in the park. David says that could kill their daughter. Maggie tells him that he shouldn't worry. Leora is not running a marathon. Henry points out that a baby's immune system is strong. David yells at Henry for intervening, telling him to back off. Henry apologizes to David but Maggie demands that David apologize to Henry. Instead, Henry walks away. "Why did you attack him like that?" Maggie asks. David tells her he knows a lot of people like Henry who think they are medical school hotshots and they are nothing but trouble. Maggie says David doesn't trust anyone, not even Anna.

Anna has taken Leora to the hospital to be checked by Joe. She asks Joe to give her his opinion on whether the baby needs a pacemaker. Joe questions her actions. Doesn't she trust David? Anna says David is letting his emotions cloud his judgment. She just wants a second opinion. Joe agrees to provide it. Joe examines Leora and Anna asks if he agrees they should wait on the pacemaker. Joe suggests that they have this discussion with David present, but Anna says that's not possible. Joe asks her that if he tells her a pacemaker is needed now, would she defy David and have one implanted in Leora? Anna says she would do that to save her daughter's life. Joe begins to give his opinion when David barges in. "What are you two plotting?" he demands. Anna asks Joe for some time to talk to David alone. David tells her they don't need a second opinion, especially from Joe Martin, who is semi-retired. Anna says at least he's objective. David says he will not subject Leora to the pain of an unnecessary surgery. Anna says if Joe tells her Leora needs it, she will see to it that she has it. David says no one will operate on Leora unless he signs off first, and he will not do it. Joe returns and tells them that he agrees with David. Leora should gain strength before getting a pacemaker. David thanks Joe, and Anna tells David she just wanted to be sure. David asks if they are together on this now, and Anna says there are together on everything. She suggests they take Leora for a walk in the park, but David says no. They'll take her right home.

Maggie calls Regina and asks if she knows where Henry is. She keeps calling but just gets his voice mail. Maggie realizes that Regina knows where Henry lives. Later, Maggie arrives at a Chinese restaurant looking for Henry, who is working in the kitchen. "You should not come here. Go away," Henry tells her.

Aidan is in disguise at a restaurant looking at a man's photograph when approached by Maria, who is wearing a mini skirt and a short dark wig. "Looking for a date?" she says in a cheesy Brooklyn accent. Aidan tells her he's not, then realizes he's talking to Maria. He tells her to get out of here now. Maria refuses, insisting she wants to help him conduct this investigation of Chris. The man in the photograph arrives, sees Maria and grabs Aidan by the shirt. "Who's this broad?" he says. Aidan manages to calm the man down and Maria assures him that she's no trouble. The man tells Aidan that Flanders has skipped town. After the man leaves, Maria asks why Chris would let a known hitman escape. Aidan tells Maria she has to get out of this, but Maria refuses. Aidan tells her to think about her kids, who need her. Maria says this doesn't have anything to do with her kids. Aidan agrees that she can help him, but this is the last time. They kiss.

Joni is playing in the park with Maddie. Maddie has a magic wand and tells Joni she wishes it were real because she wants to make Maureen remember being her mommy. From a distance, Joni sees Laurie and Jamie at the park. Laurie thanks Jamie for covering for her. If social services took her away from her dad, he would die, she says. Jamie says he only wants to make her happy. Laurie tells him that his grandmother has figured out that Jamie is not the one who hit her father. Joni approaches Laurie and Jamie and apologizes for telling JR that they kissed. She asks if they can be friends again. Just then Petey approaches them and tells refers to Laurie as Jamie's girlfriend. When Laurie tells him they are just friends, Petey says he knows that Jamie wants more than that. When Jamie agrees, a hurt Joni walks away and goes back to Maddie.

Mia is alone at Fusion, looking at posters of her and Jake. She punches the face of Jake in one of the posters, then takes another and sets it on fire in a wastebasket. When the flames grow bigger than she expected, she calls for Carlos. Instead Edmund is there and puts the flames out with his jacket. He asks to interview Mia for an article he is doing about Fusion. Mia agrees and they decide to do the interview over lunch. Carlos goes into the office and sees Mia doesn't need him anymore. He finds a scarf on a desk and picks it up, feels it and smells it. Greenlee walks in, saying "what the hell are you doing?"

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