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All My Children Update Thursday 3/13/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Erica and Jackson are kissing in Jackson’s office. Jackson starts telling her how he wants her in his life, but Erica shuts him up and continues kissing.

Chris is at the bar, and Michael coincidently comes to sit next to him. Chris is noticeably drunk. He confronts Michael and implies there’s something going on between Michael and Erica.

Simone and Joni are at the police station. They try to tell the cop that they were supposed to be there, and Joni has permission since she has the school alarm codes. The cop is not buying it and tells them they shouldn’t have been there this late at night. Simone is waiting for her lawyer friend to show up. Joni informs her that she had already called the Fusion girls. Simone wishes she hadn’t done that since the girls wouldn’t forgive Simone for ending up in jail again. Just then, Greenlee, Mia and Kendall enter.

Laurie’s dad lies unconscious on the floor. Laurie is frantic. She calls JR first, but when he doesn’t answer, she calls Jamie.

Adam is asking Liza why she kissed Tad, and if it was some kind of new therapy experiment. Liza says no, but she has no better explanation for Adam. Adam tells her to go ahead and make Tad her lover again. He wants her out of his sight. Liza is trying to be honest with him, and tells him that she certainly is not having an affair with Tad. She tells him she’s trying to understand how she can love Adam, but be attracted someone else. Adam starts walking away, and Liza runs after him. She tries to convince Adam that a marriage needs a good foundation, and if there’s a crack in the foundation, they need to fix it together. She desperately tells him that there’s something missing in their marriage…passion.

Greenlee is furious with Simone. She tells her that this was the last straw. Simone asks her to post bail, and then she’ll come back to work. Greenlee tells her there’s no need for that, and that she’s fired!

Jamie rushes into Laurie’s house. He asks her what happened with her dad, and how he ended up on the ground. Joni tells him they were struggling and she whacked him with her backpack. Jamie starts calling the police but Laurie stops him. She says that they’ll just get into more trouble with the police, since her dad has been in and out of the station a lot. Jamie says he’ll call someone else…he calls Janelle.

Michael is telling Chris how he was hoping to get onto Erica’s side, to create some sort of alliance. Chris asks him what his interest is in Kendall. Michael tells him he doesn’t kiss and tell. Chris tells Michael he doesn’t’ care what he does with Kendall, as long as he stays away from Erica. Michael arrogantly declares that it seems Chris doesn’t trust his fiancée.

Jackson has Erica in his arms. Just then Reggie comes in. They try to cover up what they were doing by pretending that Erica had a cramp in her foot, and that’s why Jackson had picked her up. But Reggie insists that he isn’t a child and he knows what’s going on.

Reggie tells them he’ll get out of his way…but Erica insists that she’ll leave so Jackson can spend more time with his new foster child. After Erica leaves, Jackson tries to explain himself. He tells Reggie that Erica is engaged; there are certain complications. He hopes Reggie will not tell anyone what he saw. Reggie tells Jackson that he feels inspired seeing Jackson. Just then there’s a knock on the door. Reggie says he wonders who’s next (to fall into Jackson’s arms). It’s Opal. Reggie smiles and says he’s learning a lot (about women) from Jackson. Jackson seems frustrated that Reggie is misunderstanding the situation. Opal walks in and tells Jackson she saw Erica walk out, all flushed. She tells him she’s worried about him.

Chris and Michael are engaged in a battle of wits. Chris is threatening Michael that he’s going to remind people who and what Michael is. He implies that Michael, along with his father, have acted illegally before. He warns Michael that he’ll be keeping a close eye on him from now on.

Joni’s mother rushes in to the police station, and starts fussing over Joni. She accuses Simone of being careless and a terrible role model. To Simone’s surprise, Greenlee comes to her defense. Greenlee tells Joni’s mother that Simone is a classy woman and a good role model, and that Joni has been smart enough to recognize that. Simone seems very pleased to be praised by Greenlee.

Janelle rushes into Laurie’s house. She has tons of questions for Laurie and Jamie. She wonders why Laurie’s father is lying unconscious on the ground…why he reeks of alcohol…and whether he hit Laurie. Laurie tries to defend her dad and herself. Jamie tries to help out and makes up a story. He says Laurie’s dad had walked in while Laurie and Jamie were making out. Jamie says Laurie’s dad was furious with him, they got into a struggle, and then Jamie knocked him out.

Liza is trying to convince Adam that they have problems. There is no passion, and she feels like she’s just floating through life. Adam asks her if she could find that passion with Tad. She says no, but she doesn’t know what she wants. Liza says she’s been struggling for months to try to save her marriage. She tells Adam they shouldn’t give up. Adam is very hurt and wishes she had never kissed Tad. Liza asks for some time to figure things out. Adam is furious and walks out.

Opal tells Jackson she knows what’s going on. She tells him she knows how much he loves Erica. Meanwhile, Erica is back at her house. It seems that Chris isn’t there yet, so she starts to fix herself up. She’s quite flustered. Just then, Chris sneaks up behind her. Erica is startled. Chris looks accusingly at her. She asks him what he’s doing, and he says he’s trying to figure out who she really is.

Laurie’s dad returns to consciousness. He wakes up and asks for Laurie. He apologizes to her. Janelle looks at Jamie for answers. She’s not buying his story, and suspects that Laurie knocked her dad out while to defend herself.

Joni defends Simone to her mother. Joni says she knows what she was doing and she’s responsible for her own actions. Joni’s mother apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She tells the cop she will pick Joni up in the morning. Joni and Simone are stunned that Joni’s mother will leave Joni in jail over night. Joni’s mother insists that if Joni wants to take responsibility for her actions, staying the night in jail is part of it.

The Fusion girls comfort Joni. Mia pulls out the Fusion checkbook and offers to pay for bail. Greenlee doesn’t like the idea since they have lost too much money in legal bills. Joni insists that she needs to spend the night, and Simone says she will join her.

Opal tells Jackson that it’s really hard to love Erica, and that Jackson is a great guy and deserves better. She tells him that he’s missing out on a whole lot of women by being hooked on Erica. Opal then propositions him…she asks him if he could ever be interested in her!

Chris continues to look accusingly at Erica, and Erica tries hard to cover up. Chris is preoccupied with Michael and can’t stop thinking whether Erica is having an affair with him. Erica sees that Chris is quite disturbed. She apologizes for not putting Chris first.

Laurie insists that her dad didn’t hit her…. he just had a bad day, and walked in at the wrong time. She says when he saw his daughter making out with a guy he lost it. Janelle, however, still isn’t buying the story. She asks Laurie and Jamie a lot of questions. Laurie’s father finally gets up and confirms their made-up story. He says that he walked in to find Jamie and Laurie on the couch. He said he was furious and wanted Jamie to leave, but Jamie knocked him out. Laurie’s dad takes it a step further by saying that Jamie should be sent to jail! And that’s exactly what happens…

Jamie gets hauled into the police station. There he sees the Fusion girls and Joni. He asks Joni what she’s going there. She tells him that she got caught breaking and entering into school. Jamie is surprised that Joni would do that. Just then, the cop takes Joni away.

Laurie starts to leave home to go see Jamie at the police station. Her dad stops her, and begs her to not go. He tells her that she shouldn’t choose a boy over her own dad and that if she goes, she’ll lose her father. Laurie tells her dad that he has problems, and that he needs help. Her dad pleads with her. Laurie stops and doesn’t leave.

Greenlee continues criticizing Simone. Simone wonders why Greenlee is bashing her so much, even after defending her in front of Joni’s mom. Greenlee insists that it was the moment, and she should let it go to her head. Simone says that Greenlee will never forgive her for having an affair with her father. She says she is sick and tired of groveling for Greenlee. Mia tries to intervene, but Simone tells her she doesn’t need her help anymore. She says she doesn’t want the bail, and she would rather stay in jail. She tells Greenlee she quits!

Jackson is trying to let Opal down easy – he tells her that Erica has his heart. Opal tells him that’s exactly what she wanted to hear. Opal admits that if their love is strong, he should go and fight for her. She says they belong together. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and starts to leave. Jackson compliments Opal on her new look, but tells her he misses the old kooky Opal. Opal thanks him for reminding her how much fun and alive she used to be.

Erica asks Chris if he’s okay. Chris insists he is, but Erica says it seems that he has something on her mind. She asks him if anything happened…if someone said anything to him. Chris tells her he loves her…he has a wild look in his eyes. Erica asks him to show her that he loves her. They start kissing.

Michael gets on the phone with his father. He tells him that his old friend Chris is right there in Pine Valley. He says they need to settle an old score.

Adam comes into the bar and is looking very sad. Liza is at home, brushing Colby’s hair, looking equally worried. Will their marriage last? Stay tuned to find out!


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