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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/12/03

By Shahla
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Theresa

Erica and Chris are in Jackson’s office. Erica’s furious at Jackson and asks him what he has told Chris.

Alison comes to the Valley Inn, thinking she’s there to meet Jake. However, Mia had set up the meeting, pretending to be Jake. Alison isn’t too happy to see Mia, and wonders why she was called.

Tad comes over to Lysistrata’s office to ask her out. Lysistrata is a bit surprised.

Jamie approaches Laurie at school. Laurie looks a bit disturbed. She says she wants to run away and never come back. Jamie gives her a hug.

Adam informs Liza that JR is in trouble wit the principal – he hasn’t shown up to school for a week. They both are concerned, and are wondering where he could be. Adam threatens to call the police, but Liza stops him. Adam tells her she should stay out of their business.

Jackson tells Erica that he merely told Chris to call of the wedding if he feels he can’t trust her. Erica is angry with Chris for not being able to come to her with his doubts, and going instead to Jackson. Chris tells her he just needed somebody to talk to.

Alison isn’t happy that Mia set her up, and gets up to leave right away. Mia threatens to tell the board that she was sleeping with Jake. That stops Alison from leaving.

Laurie tells Jamie that she hasn’t seen JR for a week, and that she thinks JR is avoiding her. Jamie tells her that she deserves better, and that JR is overreacting over their one innocent kiss.

Liza tells Adam to back off and wait till JR comes to him. Adam doesn’t want to lie and down and roll over. Adam starts blaming Liza for not trying to fix things, but to end things. He tells her that she always blames him for everything.

Tad is persistent with Lysistrata for a dinner date. Lysistrata tells him she has an hour to spare, but Tad says he prefers to wait for dinnertime. Lysistrata starts applying her shrink abilities on Tad, and tells him she knows he’s hiding something.

Simone and Joni are also at the Valley Inn. Joni tells Simone that her best friend stole her boyfriend, which is why she wants to involve herself in work now. Simone tells her she won’t allow Joni to help her plaster the school with posters.

Mia tells Alison that Jake left, just like that. Alison seems surprised. She thought she and Jake had conflicting schedules, and that’s why she hadn’t seen him around lately.

Mia tells her she has a few questions to ask. Just then Simone walks over and asks Mia what she’s doing.

Laurie tells Jamie that she only like him as a friend. Jamie tells her that JR doesn’t deserve her. Jamie tries to kiss her, but Laurie pulls away. He apologizes and she leaves.

Tad tells Lysistrata that he is fine and normal, and that he doesn’t need a shrink session. Lysistrata tells him he’s being defensive. She asks him about the women in his life. Tad all of a sudden realizes that Lysistrata knows about Liza kissing him. Lysistrata denies it for a while…due to doctor-patient confidentiality. Tad tells her that Liza tried to kiss him again. Lysistrata is shocked!

Adam apologizes to Liza for blowing up on her. Liza tells him that JR just needs some space. She says they should check with JR before they jump to any conclusions. The phone rings and its Laurie. She’s called to let Adam know that she can’t accept his offer for paying for Harvard. Adam asks her if JR is with her. She says no…but Adam doesn’t believe it. Laurie’s dad snatches the phone away from her and Adam is left hanging. Just then the doorbell rings. Jamie comes in asking about JR as well. Adam is getting more and more frustrated about not know where JR is.

Chris tells Erica that he wishes he could be as close to Erica as Jackson is. Erica tells him that she admits she has history with Jackson, but she loves Chris. Chris tells Erica he thinks she’s been cheating on him. Erica is at a loss for words, but then tells him he’s right. Chris asks Erica what she means. Erica says she’s been cheating on Chris…with Enchantment! She tells him that she’s been really distracted by her company, and the rivalry with Fusion. She admits she’s been not putting Chris first. Jackson, in the background, looks very disappointed that Erica didn’t tell the truth. Erica asks Chris to come to her directly if he has a problem, and Chris promises her he will. They kiss and make up. Chris says he has to go take care of things, but he’ll meet her at home so they can talk more. He thanks Jackson for listening, and he leaves. Jackson accuses Erica for putting her moves on Chris. She pushes Jackson.

Adam tells JR that he hasn’t seen Jamie since last night. Adam accused Jamie for hiding JR. Jamie tells him that JR has been avoiding him, but he doesn’t know why. Adam tells him he knows the truth, and he knows Jamie kissed Laurie. Adam accuses Jamie of stabbing JR in the back. Jamie tells him that JR doesn’t deserve Laurie.

Meanwhile Laurie tells her dad that she didn’t accept Adam’s offer to pay for Harvard. She asks him to sign her financial aid documents for Harvard. Her dad refuses and tells her she should go to a local school. Her dad accuses her of chasing money. He grabs her and pushes her down.

Lysistrata asks Tad why it didn’t bother him that Liza is married. Tad makes Lysistrata lie down on the couch and insists that it’s his turn to run the therapy session.

Simone asks Mia if it’s going to help her feel better talking to Alison. Mia says it might, and she gets back to Alison. Alison tells her that things happen, and she’s sorry Mia got hurt. She gets up to leave but Mia pulls her back down and tells her she’s not finished talking to her yet.

Adam tells Jamie that he can’t ever compete with JR, and asks him to leave. Jamie argues that Chandlers are always chasing Martins around (referring to Liza kissing Tad). He leaves, and just then Liza walks in.

Laurie struggles with her Dad. He tells her that he supports her as much as he can…he pays for her clothes, etc. Laurie tells him that she earns what she has…she has two jobs, and she’ll get a third if she needs to in order to pay for Harvard. Laurie wants to be able to leave town, to make something of herself. She asks her dad why he’s always pulling her back. Her dad insists that she belongs in Pine Valley. Laurie accuses him of not letting her go be successful, and wanting her to be miserable just like him. Her dad grabs her again.

Lysistrata tells Tad that he seems to be looking for adventure. Tad invites her to be adventurous with him.

Erica accuses Jackson of trying to ruin things for her. She tells him that he just wants Erica for himself. She begs him to let go of her, and says she only made love to him as an act of kindness. Jackson grabs her and tells her that Chris isn’t really worried about her, but is more scared of her finding out the truth about him.

Mia calls Alison a pathetic little whore. Alison starts telling her how she and Jake made love, and how they were drawn to each other. Mia isn’t comfortable hearing details about their sex life, but continues her interrogation. She asks Alison why Jake used to come to her. She wonders if Jake used to go to Alison because she was to busy with her work. Alison says they never used to talk…just have a good time together. Alison gets up to leave again. She reaches the door but Mia calls back after her. She loudly asks “Was the sex good?” The people sitting around them look back. Alison walks back to their table and tells Mia that yes the sex was good. Alison asks her if she is now happy, knowing these details of the affair. Mia says she’s not…not yet. Alison sits back down. Mia asks her whether Jake used to tell her that he loved her. Alison says no. Mia tells Alison that makes her lucky…because he didn’t play her like a fool.

Joni is plastering Fusion posters all over the school. Simone walks in, and tells her they should leave before they get caught…but too late. The school security guard has caught them.

Laurie is struggling with her drunken dad. She whacks him with her purse, and he falls pretty hard. She runs towards him to check if he’s ok.

Liza asks Adam what he told Jamie. Adam tells her he merely told Jamie that he shouldn’t try to compete with Chandlers. Liza tells him she knows what Jamie was referring to when he said Chandlers go after Martins. She confesses that she kissed Tad. Adam seems shocked.

Lysistrata and Tad, dressed up in leather biker clothes, come back from riding. Tad feels very alive, and wonders if Lysistrata is always this exciting.

Erica tells Jackson that Chris is decent and honorable – that she knows him well. Jackson tells her she shouldn’t think so much of Chris, and that he’s hiding something. Jackson accuses Erica for coming over to his place because she couldn’t stop thinking of him. Erica insists that she doesn’t think of him, and she never will. She opens the door to leave, but Jackson forces it shut. He pins her towards the wall and starts kissing her. Erica seems to be kissing back.

More to come…

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