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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/11/03

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Thanks to Jamie’s, Greenlee has followed Sydney Bergeron’s e-mail trail to an apartment. But a lady answers the door. Greenlee is surprised and asks the lady if she’s seriously Sydney Bergeron. The lady says yes. She can’t believe it, and asks Sydney if there are any males that live with her – perhaps a roommate, or even a husband! Sydney says no. Greenlee gets frustrated and asks Sydney if she gets a kick out of sending love e-mails. Sydney doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

Michael is in bed with Lena, and talking on the phone with Kendall. Kendall is completely in love with him, and is admiring the necklace he just sent for her. She suddenly decides that she wants to go over and surprise him. Mia and Simone approve and Kendall leaves. Simone is a bit down on herself. She’s wondering why she doesn’t have any romance in her life, and also why Carlos isn’t responding to her moves. Mia says maybe Carlos isn’t the guy for Simone. Simone refuses to believe that and calls him to tell him to come over…and that it’s an emergency.

Aidan and Maria are at the Valley Inn. While they’re cuddling, Maria feels the gun in Aidan’s pocket. Maria asks Aidan what’s going on. Aidan tells her that working at the bar is just a front, and that he’s got an undercover job from Jackson to keep an eye on Chris. Maria is very surprised.

Chris is confronting Jackson about Erica’s affair with someone else. However, he thinks that Erica is having an affair with Michael. Chris tells him that he had hired a PI to keep an eye on Erica and that she was seen with Michael. Chris is wondering why she would do this with him. Chris said that the PI also heard Erica in Jackson’s office when she said something about cheating on Chris. Chris asks Jackson what he’s hiding.

Boyd is in Erica’s office. He is warning Erica about Lena. He says he doesn’t want to see Bianca get hurt. He suggests that they should find out more about Lena. He has a hunch that there’s more to Lena. Erica insists that Lena has been a great worker, and that she doesn’t think Lena is up to anything.  But, she does look deep in thought once Boyd leaves.

Lena and Michael are still in bed together. There’s a knock on the's Kendall!

Michael leads Lena into the closet and dresses up. He answers the door. Kendall has a surprise for him – a massage oil gift set. Kendall tells him that she’ll be his personal masseuse. He tells her that she should have called first. Kendall is disappointed about his reaction and tells him he’s acting weird, and that he should tell her what’s going on.

Carlos comes into the Fusion office, wondering what the emergency is. He seems concerned about Greenlee, and wonders if the emergency has anything to do with her. Simone confronts him about her feelings for him. She’s having a bit of trouble expressing her feelings. Carlos isn’t getting it. She asks him if Carlos ever notices her. He says he does, but this isn’t the time to do anything. She asks him to come over at night. Carlos declines by saying there’s somebody else. Simone is quite embarrassed. Carlos encourages her and says there will be someone for her. Simone regrets ever saying anything. They agree to still be friends. Simone tells him to go get whoever he was going to go get. Mia walks over and offers Simone some chocolate. Simone refuses and says she’s just going to get back to work. So they do.

Greenlee is still arguing with Sydney. She tells her that she traced her email account, and she knows it’s her. Sydney seems reluctant to say anything. Greenlee tells her that the emails are killing her and she has to know what’s going on.

Aidan is behind the bar, and Maria is asking him about his new job. Maria asks him what he thinks is going on. Aidan says he’s spying on Chris to gather more evidence against him, just as Jackson has instructed. Aidan tells Maria that Jackson’s been in love with Erica, but then Chris came along. So Maria tells Aidan that Jackson is making things personal, and Aidan shouldn’t have any part in it. Aidan promises Maria he’ll be careful with his new job. Kendall interrupts them…

Chris asks Jackson whether Erica is shacking up with Michael. Jackson tells him she’s not, and that Michael would be the last person she would shack up with. Chris asks who else it could be.

Michael tells Kendall that all the time he’s spending with her is costing him his business, and he hasn’t been able to focus on work. So Kendall apologizes, but Michael says all the time with her has been worth it. However, he has a conference call that he has to attend to. He tells her that he’ll meet her at the bar downstairs soon. They kiss and Kendall leaves. Michael opens the closet door and lets Lena out. They get back into bed. Michael tells Lena that he’ll throw Kendall away after she’s served his purpose

Greenlee asks Sydney how she knows so much about her, and why she’s been writing her such emails. Greenlee said the emails have been giving her hope. Sydney says some guy hacked into her account and has been emailing her, and she has nothing to do with it. Greenlee is terribly disappointed and leaves. After she’s gone, Sydney gets on the phone and tells “someone” that Greenlee had come over, but no, she did not tell Greenlee who her mystery man was.

Simone and Mia are busy working. Joni comes in and tells them she's ready to work. Simone asks her for ideas on how to market Fusion to the teenage population. Joni tells her that she works in a student office, and has the codes for the school alarm. So she has been able to get in before and plaster various posters everywhere. Simone asks Joni for the alarm codes, but Joni refuses. Joni says if she got caught, she would be expelled. Just then Greenlee walks in and the girls all ask her how Sydney was.

Chris pleads with Jackson, and asks him to swear that Erica is not cheating on him. Jackson tells him that if he has doubts about Erica and if he can’t trust her, he should call the wedding off.

Lena walks into Erica’s office. She tells Erica that Michael and Kendall are back together. Erica wonders what Michael’s motive is, and wonders if he’s trying to get to Erica through Kendall. She declares that Michael surely won’t be successful because Kendall can’t lead Michael to Erica. Erica tells Lena its time to do something more drastic to make sure Michael can’t get to her. Lena is curious about Erica’s plan.

Kendall tells Maria that Aidan helped her get Michael back. Kendall tells them that she and Michael are back together. Aidan leaves to attend to a phone call. Kendall tells Maria that Aidan is a great guy. She admires Maria for sticking with Aidan, even when all of Pine Valley was rooting for Maria to get back together with Edmund.

Greenlee tells the girls that Sydney was a woman and she had no idea what was going on. Carlos is listening in the background. The girls (and Joni) tell Greenlee that Sydney Bergeron is like the storybook character Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano had helped his friend get to the woman he loved by acting as a front for him. He would write the love letters for his friend. The girls insist that Sydney must be a front for Greenlee’s mystery man. Just then Jamie walks in and Greenlee asks him if he was sure about Sydney’s address. He says yes. The girls encourage Greenlee not to give up. Greenlee is a bit frustrated and says they should all get back to work. So they do.

Carlos follows Greenlee towards the back of the office. He gives her a rose, made of wires. Greenlee smiles and takes it. Carlos asks Greenlee what she would do if she knew who the mystery man was. She begins by saying that she would be grateful to him. Carlos is about to say something, but just then Greenlee says she now hates the guy and would spit on him. Carlos seems disappointed and tells her she deserves better. He leaves her and goes back to work. Greenlee continues observing him – perhaps wondering if there’s more to Carlos than seems.

Jamie comes over to Joni and tells her that she shouldn’t be so judgmental. Things are bit awkward between them. Joni tells him to stop picking on her. Jamie tells her she’s missing out in life if she continues to follow the rules all the time. Simone comes over just then. Joni tells her that she is willing to break into the school with Simone to help Fusion.

Erica tells Lena that they need to prevent a hostile takeover. She asks her to lay the groundwork to make sure Michael doesn’t succeed. Lena assures her she’ll do anything she can to help. Just then Erica gets a phone call from Chris’ office. The secretary tells her that Chris is with Jackson. Erica gets up to leave right away and tells Lena they’ll continue their planning another time.

Kendall leaves Aidan and Maria to join Michael for dinner. Aidan tells Maria he has to go and follow a lead on Chris. Maria begs to come with him. Aidan is hesitant, but then agrees. He asks her to promise to be safe.

Kendall and Michael are interrupted when his phone rings…its Lena. She tells him that Erica is planning to counter his hostile takeover plans. Michael tells her he expected this. Lena says she’ll take care of things. Michael is pleased.

Erica comes over to Jackson’s place. She finds Chris there and asks him why he stood her up for lunch. Chris tells her that Jackson was just giving him a good reason why he should call off the wedding. Erica looks accusingly at Jackson.

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