AMC Update Monday 3/10/03

All My Children Update Monday 3/10/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita


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David and Anna arrive at their cabin with Leora and find that the place has been decorated with balloons, signs and baby things. Anna thinks David did it but he says he didn't. Aidan and Maria emerge to congratulate them and welcome them home. Aidan reaches into the cradle to admire Leora and David storms toward him, shouting at him to not touch her. As everyone is startled by David's outburst, David calmly says that Leora needs a diaper change. He picks her up gingerly and takes her into the next room. Anna apologizes for David, but Maria excuses it by saying he's simply being overprotective. Anna excuses herself, and Maria says David's actions were a little strange. She starts talking about the responsibilities of raising children. She wishes she could remember her experiences. Anna returns and Aidan excuses himself, saying he has to get some batteries in his car for Leora's first computer. Anna tells Maria she seems content. Maria says she is grateful for every uneventful day. Aidan and Maria leave the cabin and David emerges from the back room with Leora. Anna says she expected he would return in time to say goodbye to Aidan and Maria. Anna offers to take Leora from his arms but he refuses, saying she's sleeping. Anna tells him he seems so worried about Leora. Maybe they should reconsider the pacemaker. David insists that Leora is fine.

At Fusion, Simone tells Greenlee she can't assume that her secret admirer is married just because a woman answered the phone. Greenlee says maybe the woman was a girlfriend, but Simone and Mia say it could have been anyone, a sister, cleaning lady, etc. Greenlee gets a new email from the admirer saying that she will see the future in his eyes. Greenlee says it has to be someone who knows her. She is going to meet him ? today. She touches up her makeup and walks out, bumping into Carlos as she leaves. She tells him to watch where he's going.

Michael arrives at Fusion with a gift looking for Kendall but she is no where to be found. He leaves the gift, telling Simone not to peak. Kendall is at Trey's apartment reading the riot act to Reggie for turning her brother in. Jack enters and tells her he doesn't like the way she's talking to his foster son. Kendall is surprised that Jack has taken over responsibility for Reggie. She wants them out of Trey's apartment, but Jack says he's taken over the lease and now lives there. Erica enters, claiming that justice has been done. Kendall asks where is the justice for her. She's lost her brother. Erica says Trey is in prison where he belongs. Kendall should not be so supportive of him, she says. After all, he did try to frame her for the arson. Erica thanks Reggie for revealing Trey's secret. As Kendall continues to rant, Erica tells her that it's not good to keep secrets. "You should know," Jack tells Erica. Out loud, Jack says Erica knows that secrets can hurt people. But whispering to her, he thinks it's amusing that Erica is lecturing on the topic of keeping secrets. Erica says her situation with him is different. That's right, Jack states. The rules are different for Erica. Erica thanks Reggie again and leaves. Reggie prepares to leave for school and Kendall tells him not to show his face again at Fusion ? he's fired. After he leaves, Kendall asks Jack if Erica really stopped by to thank him for putting Trey in prison. Or is she grateful for something else?

After Michael leaves Fusion, Simone and Mia say they wonder if Greenlee is meeting her Prince Charming at this moment. Carlos overhears and excuses himself. Carlos finds Luis accosting Reggie in the alley. Carlos grabs Luis and pulls him off of Reggie. Luis leaves, but smiles and implies that he's not gone for good. Carlos asks Reggie what this guy has on him. Reggie won't tell him anything. Carlos offers to cover Reggie as he walks to school.

Greenlee arrives at the door of Sydney Bergeron. She can't bring herself to knock on the door. In her mind, she imagines who could be on the other side of the door. She imagines it's Petey, then Palmer, then an assortment of other men, some good looking, some old, some nerds. She starts walking away from the door but stops and reads the email, then returns and finally knocks. A woman answers the door and Greenlee says she's there to see Sydney. "I'm Sydney," the woman says.

At Enchantment, Bianca and Lena tell Boyd that he's great that he's back. Boyd says he was gone for only a nano-second. Lena asks him if he's in bed with the competition yet, literally or figuratively. That angers Boyd, who tells her his personal life is none of her business. Bianca tells Boyd that Lena has come up with a plan to deal with Michael Cambias. Lena says Cambias won't know what's hit him. Lena gets on the phone to the press and says that Cambias is unsuccessfully going after Erica because he is desperate to get a foothold into the American market. Bianca is so impressed with Lena, even calling her a goddess. She painted a picture of Cambias groveling at Erica's feet and losing. Bianca says she wishes she could see the look on Cambias's face when he sees the paper in the morning. Lena is good at this, Bianca tells Boyd. "Maybe a little too good," Boyd responds.

Chris arrives at Enchantment looking for Erica. Bianca says Erica is not there but he can wait for her. He says he's been waiting for her an awful lot these days. They leave him alone in Erica's office, and Chris's spy enters. The man is sorry to report that Chris is being played as a chump. He tells Chris that Erica is two-timing him. He shows Chris a file, saying that this is the part of his job that he hates. A dejected Chris asks to take the file and leaves.

Kendall looks at Trey's possessions and says she's going to keep them for him till he gets out of prison. Chris arrives at Jack's apartment just as Kendall is leaving. After some sniping with Chris, Kendall comments that she's got a new boyfriend who is not a flat-leaver like Ryan was. Jack asks Chris what he can do for him. "I think you know," Chris says. "You thought I wouldn't find out?" He tells her he can stop protecting Erica. He knows what's going on. He wants to hear it from Jack.

Bianca asks Lena how she does it. How can she sound so sincere and convincing when she's lying to that reporter. "I'm a brilliant liar," Lena says. "I get what I want because of it." Erica arrives back at her office and Bianca tells her Chris was waiting for her. Erica tries calling Chris but can't reach him. Later, Boyd tells Bianca that she should be careful about Lena. Bianca wonders if this is about their bet. Boyd says it's not. He says they both deserve better than Lena.

Kendall returns to Fusion and asks if she's missed anything. Simone and Mia tell her that Michael had been there and left a note and a gift. Kendall excitedly opens it. It's a jeweled necklace that spells the words "Swamp Girl." Kendall explains that she told Michael that he couldn't possibly be interested in a swamp girl from Florida like her. Kendall calls Michael to thank him. He is laying in bed, telling her he can't stop thinking about them making love. Kendall says she keeps thinking about that too. Michael says he can't wait till she's back in his arms again. A woman is shown in Michael's room, slipping out of her dress. It is Lena, who slips into Michael's bed and starts kissing him while he is still talking to Kendall.

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