AMC Update Friday 3/07/03

All My Children Update Friday 3/7/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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David and Anna disagree over how to proceed with Leora's heart condition. David tells Janelle that implanting a pacemaker is risky. Janelle says the risk may be greater if they do nothing. David says Leora doesn't need a pacemaker, not yet. Janelle tells him that he needs to make the decision with Anna, not for her. Inside her room, Anna tells Aidan that David is being obstinate because he's refusing a procedure that could save their daughter's life. Aidan says he knows David is acting in the baby's best interest. Janelle is beeped and is called away. David goes into Anna's room and asks her if Aidan agrees with her. Talking to Anna, he says "if you don't agree with me, where do we go from here." Anna is worried that Leora could die without a pacemaker. David says she's stable and not in any immediate danger. Surgery could prove fatal, he says. He asks Anna if she trusts him and she nods that she does. He suggests they take Leora home.

Trey agrees to make a written confession that he burned Erica's house down. While Jack is working out the details, Trey tells Reggie he can't let the rage inside him eat him up. They are a lot alike, Trey says. Reggie was cut loose by his family and was in foster care. Trey was also. There is more to life then getting by and getting even, Trey says. Reggie tells him he didn't mean to turn him in, but it was either him or Janelle. If he turned in the kid he's protecting, Janelle would be killed, he says. Trey can't believe that this creep threatened Janelle. Jack walks in, followed soon by Janelle. Jack tells Janelle that in exchange for Reggie's testimony against Trey, he's free to go. Trey says he'll confess to arson on one condition - that Jack take in Reggie. That is a deal breaker. Without that, he won't confess and all Jack would have would be the testimony of a street kid. Jack leaves and Janelle tells Trey she doesn't agree with his plan to have Jack take Reggie. After Jack returns, he says they have a deal. With Trey's confession, he can get him three to five years and he must agree to never step foot again in Pine Valley. As for Reggie, Jack says he's willing to take him in if Reggie is willing. A police officer cuffs Trey. Just before he's hauled away, Trey tells Reggie "don't let this happen to you." Jack tells Reggie there will be ground rules. If Reggie plays him like he played Trey, he'll be out on his butt faster than he can say group home.

Boyd asks Kendall for a job at Fusion, but Kendall turns him down. Kendall tells Boyd she screwed up. She lost Fusion's lease because she was with Michael and didn't take care of Petey. She asks him where she goes from here. Boyd suddenly tells her he's got to go. He tells her to trust him. Later, Carlos arrives with the last box from Fusion and stacks it in Kendall's apartment. He offers to share his cheeseburger with her.

Chris calls Erica to tell her about Trey's confession, but he is told she is too busy to take his call. Jack calls Erica and gets through. He gives her the news and she is overjoyed. She tells Jack to put Trey away for as long as possible. Just after Jack hangs up, Chris sees him at the courthouse. Chris tells him that he wasn't able to get through to Erica but plans to go to her office and tell her in person. Jack does not let on that he's already told Erica. At Enchantment, Donald Steele barges into Erica's office to ask her about the proposed takeover of Enchantment by Michael Cambias. Erica doesn't want to talk to him and tells Val to call security. Steele sees himself out, but says the story will run with or without a comment from Erica. After he leaves, Lena suggests that Enchantment plant a story in the press that is favorable to Enchantment. Erica thinks it's a brilliant idea. Chris arrives at Erica's office. He says Bianca told him that Erica had heard about Trey being arrested. Erica tells him that Jack called and told her. Chris comments that she takes Jack's calls but not his. Boyd walks in, and Erica asks if they can discuss this later. Chris throws his hands up in disgust and walks out. Erica is pleased to see Boyd has returned to work, or has he. Boyd says he'll come back on one condition. Erica asks him how he can dictate the conditions of his return when he violated his contract by walking out. Boyd says it's about Kendall. He admits that he offered his services to Fusion but Kendall turned him down. Erica says that's the first nice thing she has done. Boyd says he'll return to Enchantment if Erica calls Palmer and urges him to give Kendall the lease back on the Fusion building. Erica balks at the suggestion. She says Kendall did not come to her with a sincere apology. She just wanted the building back. Boyd counters that Kendall really does want a relationship with her. "You want your favorite chemist back, right," he says as he hands her the phone. Erica agrees to call Palmer.

Simone and Greenlee are at BJ's. Carlos approaches them and asks if they've heard good news about the office. When they say no, he says he's sure they'll be back soon. He walks away, and Greenlee asks Simone what to do about Sidney, supposedly her secret admirer. Simone tells her to call him. Greenlee somewhat reluctantly agrees to make the call. She is stunned after a woman answers the phone. Greenlee hangs up immediately. "The creep's married," she says. Soon, Greenlee gets a phone call. "I'll be right there," she says excitedly. Kendall gets a phone call. "Oh my God," she says, telling Carlos they have to go. Soon, the women of Fusion are walking back into their office, excited that they are back.

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