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All My Children Update Thursday 3/6/03

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Edmund is at the restaurant, chatting with Joni, who has been babysitting Maddy. Just then Aidan and Maureen walk in, kissing and cuddling. They spot Edmund and become more reserved.

Fusion has temporarily moved to Kendall’s apt. The girls aren’t very happy about it and are wondering why Kendall couldn’t get Palmer to soften up. Kendall defends herself by saying that Palmer is asking for the impossible…to make peace with Erica.

Erica and Lena are at Enchantment, discussing Michael. Bianca walks in with a marketing idea. Erica notices some kind of spark between Bianca and Lena and gets inquisitive.

Trey and Reggie are in Jackson’s office. Jackson threatens to revoke Reggie’s bail, which would mean that he is no longer under Trey’s care. Trey argues that Jackson is merely looking for personal gain and that he’s trying to impress Erica.

Greenlee and the girls tell Kendall that she should be doing anything and everything necessary to get Fusion’s office back – even if it means kissing up to Erica. Liza agrees and tells Kendall that she too had problems with her mother, but she was able to make peace with her. Greenlee tells Kendall that getting on Erica’s good side will be advantageous for Fusion, and that Kendall should learn how to play the game.

Edmund walks up to Maureen and Aidan, and invites them to sit with him. They accept, but Maureen first goes to talk to Joni. Edmund and Aidan sit down, and Edmund asks Aidan to protect Maureen. He confesses that he still thinks of Maria when he sees Maureen. Meanwhile, Joni tells Maureen that the kids are having trouble with having to let her go all over again.

Erica is worried about Bianca, and doesn’t want her heart to break again. Erica also doesn’t think Lena is gay, and that she may be too old for Bianca. Bianca tells her that the conversation is unnecessary, and that she shouldn’t worry. Bianca leaves, but Erica is still worried. Just then, Kendall walks in to the office. She says she’s there to apologize. Erica is quite confused!

Liza attempts to talk with Greenlee about her feelings, and her situation with Tad. Liza confesses she kissed Tad, and that it was nice. Liza feels like she was given another chance.

Simone goes to Mia’s place, worried that she’s been missing all night. Carlos opens the door, shirtless and sleepy. Mia walks over behind him, also looking like she just woke up. Simone is alarmed and looks at both of them suspiciously.

Trey defends Reggie when Jackson interrogates him. Trey asks to talk to Reggie alone, and assures him that he will be protected. However, he needs to tell Jackson who was behind the robbery. Trey is afraid that Reggie is staying quiet in order to protect him.

Kendall apologizes to Erica for confronting her at the Valley Inn when she was discussing business with Michael. Erica is not buying it. Kendall apologizes profusely. Erica tells her that the world doesn’t revolve around her, and that Kendall does not motivate Erica’s actions. She also says she’s not interested in Michael and is faithful to Chris. Kendall tells her that she got jealous when she saw Erica getting so close to Michael during their “meeting”.

Bianca meets Boyd outside Erica’s office, and they playfully argue about who’s going to get to Lena first. Boyd is confident that Lena will be his and walks towards her office.

Mia and Carlos lovingly say bye to each other and Carlos leaves. Simone confronts Mia, and tells her that she saw Carlos first. Mia tells her that Carlos was a gentleman, and that nothing happened. Mia says he was a good friend, unlike all the women at Fusion who are just looking out for themselves.

Maureen is defending herself to Joni. Jamie pulls Joni away and tells her she has no right to judge other people. Aidan comes over to Maureen and reassures her of her actions. He tells Maureen he loves her.

Erica tells Kendall that she knew Michael was involved with someone else, and she had no intentions of hurting anyone. Kendall gets more and more frustrated about the situation, forgetting she was there to kiss up.

Boyd is in Lena’s office and flirts with her. He asks her out for dinner and Lena accepts. He meets Bianca outside and tells her he’s on for dinner with Lena. Bianca won’t accept defeat so easily, so she walks into Lena’s office. She tells Lena that they’re still on for the show they were supposed to go to together, and that she’s looking forward to it. Lena tells her they should do dinner sometimes too. Bianca agrees and Lena says it’s a “date”.

Simone tells Mia she shouldn’t be trying to drown her sorrows in alcohol. Mia is upset about Jake not being around, and she feels like she’s lost direction. Simone encourages Mia to move on, and to forget about Jake who was never very supportive. They hug, and decide that Mia is not going to put any more moves on Carlos!

Erica wants Kendall to leave the office. Kendall desperately tells her that Fusion is in trouble, and until she makes peace with Erica, Palmer won’t give the office back to Fusion. Erica is surprised by Palmer’s conditions. (Boyd is listening to their conversation from outside). Erica accuses Kendall of pretending to come and apologize, but then just making personal attacks. Bianca says she just wants Erica to notice her, and appreciate her. Erica wonders how she’s not supposed to notice Kendall. Every time they meet, Kendall threatens to destroy her. Just then Boyd walks in and tells Erica to leave Kendall alone.

Carlos comes over to Fusion’s temporary office. Greenlee’s the only one there. He encourages her to not lose faith, and tells her that things will turn around. He tells her he’s there for her and that she should call him if she needs help. He leaves. Greenlee goes back to her computer, and tries to get to the bottom of her mysterious emails.

Simone encourages Mia to go out and conquer the world. Mia says she’ll be just fine, and she appreciates her friends…especially Simone and Carlos. Simone isn’t very happy hearing details about Carlos, especially when Mia tells her that Carlos sang to her and gave her a hot-oil massage. Mia is of course just kidding about the singing and massage, and they both laugh it off.

Tad walks into the restaurant just as Joni is walking away from Jamie. Jamie continues to shout out after her, telling her that she shouldn’t judge other people. Liza walks into the restaurant and sees Tad there. They’re a bit uncomfortable around each other. Tad apologizes to her for what happened, and says they should just forget that it happened. Liza kisses him again!

Erica tells Boyd that he should mind his own business. Kendall runs out of the office in tears. Boyd confronts Erica and tells her she shouldn’t treat her own daughter like this. Erica tells Boyd to leave, and that he should apologize to her. Boyd says he quits!

Jackson assures Reggie that if he confesses; he’ll be protected. Reggie says he doesn’t know who was behind the robbery, but he does know that Trey burned down Erica’s house. Trey is alarmed that Reggie would stab him in the back this way. Jackson looks pleased by finally having a witness against Trey.

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