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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/5/03

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Greenlee and Kendall are at the Fusion office.  Kendall asks Greenlee what happened with Palmer and if he was angry.  Greenlee says thanks to her, Palmer has threatened to kick the Fusion team out of the building – after all, he is the landlord.  Kendall is alarmed after realizing she didn’t hold up her end of the deal with Palmer by not looking after Petey.

Laurie and Jamie are at the restaurant.  Laurie pulls away from kissing Jamie and tells him he can’t just come over and start kissing her.  Jamie doesn’t feel sorry for what’s he’s doing and says it can’t be worse than Tad kissing Liza.

Adam and Liza are at Lysistrata’s.  Adam asks Liza if she’s ok, and Liza asks why he’s being so suspicious.  Adam says he’s just merely being concerned.  Lysistrata, knowing that Liza has just kissed Tad, intervenes their conversation and suggests that perhaps Liza has been keeping something from Adam.

David and Anna are at the hospital.  Outside of Anna’s room, Leora’s doctor tells David that the baby is still having heart problems.  David is frustrated, but asks her what the plan of action should be.  He’s having a hard time distinguishing being a doctor and being a dad, and blames himself for Leora’s condition.  He tells the doctor that the complications have now arisen because he decided to play God with his daughter’s life. 

The doctor insists that David needs to perform surgery on the new baby and put a pacemaker in her heart.  She asks David whether she should consult Anna.   David insists that he will be the one talking to Anna, and they’ll come to a decision together. 

David walks into Anna’s room.  She’s busy adoring the baby, and is grateful to be finally holding her.  She praises David for having saved the baby.  David wants to say something, but doesn’t want to disappoint Anna.  His thoughts are interrupted when Maggie walks in with balloons and gifts for Leora. 

Back at Lysistrata’s, Adam asks Liza what’s going on and whether she has something to tell him.  Liza covers up by saying she’s just upset because she doesn’t want to go to the benefit dinner that night.  Adam says he goes to parties for Liza all the time, making the Fusion party an example.  Adam says he didn’t even have fun at the party, but went just for Liza’s sake. Liza sarcastically retorts that Adam needs to loosen up, and learn how to enjoy parties.  A frustrated Adam begs Lysistrata to step in and say something to help the situation.  Lysistrata goes into the closet and comes out with a foam toy bat, which could help the couple take out their frustrations by beating each other!

Back at Fusion, Greenlee is very angry at Kendall, and accuses her of not being serious about her responsibilities.  She says that Kendall threw everything out the window just for some good sex with Michael.  Kendall pleads that she will talk to Palmer and straighten the whole mess out.  Just then Mia and Simone walk in with an Eviction Notice that was tacked to the front door.  The three women look at Kendall for answers.

Laurie asks Jamie whether Tad really kissed Liza.  She’s wondering if that’s why Jamie kissed her and if he’s trying to be like Tad.  Jamie says no, and Laurie asks why then did he kiss her.  Jamie says it’s because he enjoyed the first kiss so much.  Laurie insists that they’re just friends, and that she is still thinking about JR.  Jamie asks her why she kissed him back.  Laurie says it was just the moment.

At Fusion, Simone, Mia and Greenlee imply that Michael has only been after the company, and that Kendall fell for his charms.  They argue that he’s been lying and now

Kendall has gone and thrown everything away for him.  Carlos walks over and the girls tell him that they won’t need him to come to work the next day.  He’s a bit confused but leaves.  Kendall insists that just moving locations doesn’t mean the end of Fusion.  However, the girls aren’t buying it and are getting depressed.  Mia says that after all the time she spent on Fusion, and after having lost her fiancé because of her dedication to the company, she has nothing to show for it.  Kendall is determined to save the company, for the girls and for her.

At the hospital, Maggie is admiring baby Leora.  Anna can’t wait to take her home and finally get out of the hospital.   Maggie wonders what David and Anna have named the baby.  They tell her Leora has been named after Leo.  Just then, Henry comes in to meet Maggie give her some class notes.  Maggie introduces Henry to Anna and David.  Henry is in awe of David, and admires his medical abilities.  He tells David that he has been his role model.

Lysistrata hands the toy bat to Liza, and Adam insists he should get one too.  Liza starts venting about Jake cheating on Mia.  Adam doesn’t understand what that has to do with him, and says Mia could have done better anyways.  Liza says Adam’s just like all men and begins beating him with the toy bat.  She goes on yelling about his little fling with Brooke.  Adam defends himself by saying that the affair with Brooke was more meaningful than just sex, and there were more feelings involved.  In an effort to solve the situation, Lysistrata steps in and asks Adam if he too would be able to forgive Liza if she had an affair with someone important from her past.  Liza seems petrified that Lysistrata brought that up, while Adam looks confused.

Adam asks Liza if she is really being unfaithful, and admits that knowing she was would kill him!  Adam thinks he’s had a breakthrough by admitting how much he cares about Liza and his marriage.  He suggests Liza stays at Lysistrata’s and work out her own frustrations, while he goes out to dinner.  After Adam leaves, Liza gets angry with Lysistrata and accuses her of setting her up.  Lysistrata says that after all, Liza wanted to know how Adam would react to her having kissed Tad.  Now she knows that Adam would be furious.  Liza storms out after giving Lysistrata a good whack with the bat.

Simone and Mia discuss how they can save Fusion while they pack office materials.  Mia gets frustrated and sad, and storms out alone.  Greenlee gets on the computer to check if she has any messages from her mystery man.

Palmer, impressed by Laurie, asks her if she would replace Kendall as Petey’s caretaker.  Laurie tells Palmer he shouldn’t fire Kendall because of one mistake.  Just then Kendall comes in, and Laurie excuses herself.  Kendall pleads with Palmer to not destroy Fusion just because he’s mad at her.

Mia is at a bar, and is drinking in her sorrow.  She spots Carlos across the bar, walks over and surprises him from the back.  In her drunken state, she asks why Carlos hasn’t been responding to Simone’s come-ons.  She asks him if he’s gay!  He explains that although Simone is smart and beautiful, she’s not the one for him, and he certainly is not gay.  He says all the girls at Fusion are smart and beautiful.  Mia gets closer to him and asks if he would leave the bar with her.  She wants him to come over to her place for a drink.

At the hospital, Henry continues praising David.  David doesn’t understand how anyone could see him as a role model.  After Henry leaves Anna’s hospital room, Anna tells Maggie that Henry is cute.  Maggie evades Anna’s suggestions and says they’re just lab partners.  Anna comments on how they have great chemistry.  She leaves the room as well.  Anna asks David what’s wrong, after seeing how he acted with Henry.  David admits he needs to tell Anna something, but doesn’t know how to do it.  Anna gets scared and asks if what he has to say has anything to do with the baby.

Maggie and Henry walk into t a restaurant.  Henry is still on a high from meeting David.   Maggie says that although David can be egotistic, he is certainly strong and loyal.  She starts talking about Anna and David’s relationship – how Anna’s been his strength, and that they can do anything together.  Maggie asks Henry if she gets extra points for being related to one of Henry’s heroes.  She asks him about his family, but he evades the questions.

Meanwhile, David is telling Anna about Leora’s heart condition.  She seems very upset and starts crying.  David explains the pacemaker procedure to Anna. She asks him what he thinks they should do.  David tells Anna he doesn’t think the pacemaker is necessary.  David just wants to take Leora home and forget about the whole situation.  Anna asks him if Leora were someone else’s child, would he still think the pacemaker unnecessary.

Jamie, who was asked over by Greenlee, enters Fusion.  Greenlee asks him if he could help her get to the bottom of the emails she’s been receiving.  She asks him to try to find out where the mails are coming from and who the mystery man is.

At the bar, Carlos tells Mia that she is going through a lot right now, and that she’s only just recovering from her fiancée leaving.  Mia is upset and goes back to drinking.  Just then another guy comes over and sits next to her.  He flirts with her, and she responds in her drunken state.  Carlos intervenes and takes Mia away.

Kendall pleads with Palmer to give the girls of Fusion a break.  She says that if he takes Fusion away, the girls will lose everything.  Palmer asks Kendall what she has to lose.  Kendall says she will lose her friends, her dreams, and her one chance of making it big. Kendall continues to plead and Palmer softens up.  However, he has a condition.  He wants Laurie to play more of a part in taking care of Petey.  Kendall is grateful and quickly agrees.  Palmer warns Kendall that he has one more condition.

At Fusion, Jamie is typing away at the computer, trying to help Greenlee out.  Liza walks in but is told by Greenlee that they have been evicted, and there is no need for Liza to work.  After a couple clicks, Jamie says he has found out who’s been sending the mysterious emails - Sydney Bergeron.  Liza and Greenlee wonder who that is.

Carlos brings Mia back to her place.  Mia is trying to seduce him real bad, but Carlos insists that she’s drunk and should go to bed.  Mia kisses him.

Kendall says she ready for any conditions Palmer may have.  Palmer says he wants Kendall to make peace with Erica.  Kendall is surprised that Palmer is actually serious.  She says she couldn’t possibly attempt to befriend Erica…especially since Erica’s been the cause of most of her problems.  Palmer is firm that if Kendall wants to save Fusion, she has to do this.

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