AMC Update Tuesday 3/04/03

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/4/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Theresa

Liza and Tad's argument heats up until their faces are very close, then they kiss.  Liza backs away, wondering where that came from.  Liza freaks out, despite Tad's trying to calm her down.  She rushes off to her appointment with Lysistrata.  A man is talking about how he lets women push him around, so naturally Liza rushes in and orders him out of the office.  Lysistrata gets her to calm down.  Liza tells her that she has trashed her life again.  She can't bring herself to say what she did so Lysistrata has her write it down.  Lysistrata is relieved to see that Liza just kissed someone.  They talk about it and Lysistrata is typically nonchalant and straightforward.  She finds out that it was Tad that Liza kissed. Liza tells her a bit about their history and why she likes Tad.  Lysistrata asks Liza why she's not married to Tad instead of Adam.  Liza can't really answer so Lysistrata says that Liza must be jealous since she saw Lysistrata dancing with Tad at the party.  Liza gets indignantly angry.  Lysistrata says Liza has had a breakthrough.  It's clear she still has feelings for Tad because she was jealous.  Liza tries to keep away from the subject of Tad, saying that maybe this therapy was all a waste of time.  Lysistrata points out that Liza is passionate about a man other than her husband, so she's not satisfied with Adam.  Liza protests.  Lysistrata has Liza list the things she loves about Adam, but they are all pretty lame and have qualifications.  Lysistrata asks Liza if she loves Adam, and Liza answers quickly that of course she does, making Lysistrata doubt her.  Liza asks what she can do to make her believe her, so Lysistrata answers, "for starters, stop kissing other guys".  She asks if Liza is going to tell Adam.  Liza looks undecided but doesn't say anything.  Adam comes in on time for their regular session and tells Liza that he's ready to fix their marriage.

Brooke tells Tad that she has to fly off to D.C. so she asks him to let Jamie stay with him.  He doesn't listen to her because he's still thinking about Liza.  He tells Brooke what he did.  Brooke tells him to act like an adult and deal with it (real nice considering how he was there for her when she was sleeping with Adam) and rushes off.  Jamie comes in. He heard the conversation.  Tad is a little lost about women.  Tad is surprised that he isn't upset, given his earlier reaction to Brooke's affair with Adam.  Jamie says that was before he realized that sometimes things just happen.  Tad looks suspicious when Jamie says Tad should go for it with Liza.  Tad happens to guess about Jamie's relationship with Laurie, so Jamie fills in the rest.  He doesn't seem to mind that Laurie is J.R.'s girl.  Jamie explains that Laurie looked sad and he was trying to comfort her.  Next thing he knows, they're kissing.  Tad reminds him that J.R. is his brother and that always has to come first, so he should back off.  Jamie throws Tad's kissing of Liza back in his face.  Tad tries to advise Jamie about the right thing to do but he's set such a bad example that Jamie doesn't want to listen to him.  Jamie gets frustrated and leaves.

David and Anna coo over their baby.  They're waiting for test results from Dr. Tracy.  Greenlee visits and is a little put out that no one told her about the baby's birth.  They explain that they wanted to make sure the baby was okay first.  They tell her that the baby is named Leora after Leo.  She holds the baby and makes a fuss over him.  Greenlee says that Leo's heart and spirit have found a new home.  Greenlee gives the baby Leo's teddy bear Rupert that he had when he was a little boy.  She tells them about her new secret admirer.  They worry that he may be some sort of weirdo or creep.  She fills them in on everything and says she's waiting for a new computer geek to help her find out who the mystery man is.  Anna advises her to follow her heart.

Michael talks to his father on the phone, saying that he can trust him to handle something.  Kendall is there so he hangs up.  She says she was afraid that she'd never see him again.  He says that she has nothing to fear.  Kendall and Michael make love.  Afterwards, he confides that he's wanted to do this with her since they first met and that he's never pursued a woman like this before.  She is unsure about whether to believe him.  He says he devotes most of his energy to work.  She teases him, and then confesses that she feels like she belongs there.  She is sure of him now.  Kendall sees the time and suddenly remembers Petey.

Palmer storms into Fusion, looking for Kendall.  He expected Petey home an hour ago.  Laurie tells him that Petey is sitting over there, doing his homework.  Palmer is amazed that Laurie got him to do it without bribing him.  Petey is not happy to be bossed around.  Palmer is outraged to learn that Petey walked there from school (because the neighborhood is not safe).  He rants and raves about Kendall's irresponsibility.  Laurie tries to get him to calm down and not blame Kendall, but it does no good.  Petey tries to help, too, because he can see where this is leading (His losing Kendall, his favorite baby-sitter).  Palmer tells them that he had a deal with Kendall, but she reneged, so the deal is off.  Laurie asks if he isn't going to hear Kendall's side before he fires her.  Palmer grins a shark-like grin and says he's going to do more than that. 

Next we see that Kendall phones Laurie and finds out about Petey.  Laurie says he's fine but Kendall should get there right away (Palmer is at the Fusion computer).  Michael wishes that Kendall could spend the night, but she says she can't.  He says next time he will hold her prisoner.

Laurie says she's late for her job as a waitress.  Palmer admires how Laurie seems to handle two jobs.  Laurie points out that she's not running a company like Kendall is.  Palmer wants to pay her and make her Petey's permanent babysitter, but Laurie doesn't want to be paid and rushes off.  Greenlee comes in and Palmer yells at her for Kendall's being irresponsible.  Greenlee wonders what this has to do with her.  Palmer says that he leased the building to Kendall for $1 a year, on the condition that she keeps babysitting Petey.  Since she went back on her word, he's going to kick Fusion out.  Kendall comes in later and Greenlee asks her where she was.  Kendall says she was with Michael.  Greenlee spits out, "I hope it was the best sex you ever had because you just cost us our company."  Kendall looks worried.

Michael tells his father on the phone not to worry, that everything is in position and he'll deliver as promised.

David sees Dr. Tracey in the hall and asks about his baby's tests.  She looks upset.  He asks her to tell him that the baby is going to be okay, but she says can't.  There's still a problem with her heart.  David groans and looks through the window at Anna at the baby.

Jamie goes to the B.J.'s, finds Laurie and kisses her.  She kisses him back.

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