AMC Update Monday 3/03/03

All My Children Update Monday 3/03/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Erica confesses to Opal that she cheated on Chris with Jack. Erica says she knows it was a mistake, but neither she nor Jack could help themselves. Now she says Jack has decided he wants her back. She says if Chris finds out about Jack, he'll kill him. Then she would be without the one man who truly loves her. Opal asks if she means Jack or Chris. She tells her that she's going to get just what she deserves. Erica asks how can Opal say such a thing. She's supposed to be her best friend. Opal says she's merely sick of people getting hurt by Erica. Erica tells her she's jealous because she can have any man she wants and Opal can't. Opal tells her that her life is one desperate lap dance. Upset, Erica walks out and soon Chris walks in with a bouquet of white roses. He says he's there to apologize to Erica. Opal tells him that is so wrong. If anyone needs to make up for something it's Erica. Chris tells Opal that he hired someone to spy on Erica and he used the information to tell Erica how to conduct her business. Opal tells him Erica must have given him good cause. Chris says he knows Erica is a flirt. Opal asks him if he could handle it if she was more than a flirt. Just what is she trying to say, Chris demands. Opal turns around, mutters "who am I to cast stones," and tells Chris that Erica is just being a handful as usual. Chris tells her that he wants to love Erica so she feels like she needs nothing else.

JJack tells Aidan that some information has come across his desk that shows that Chris's position at the FBI is being compromised. He says he needs proof of that and he wants Aidan to find the proof. Aidan asks if Jack is hoping by doing this, Erica will come back to him. Jack says that's not his motivation, but if that happens it won't break his heart. Aidan says he suspects someone is just trying to smear Chris. Jack says if Aidan proves these allegations are false, he'll close the case. He just wants to make sure Erica is safe and protected. Jack gives Aidan a file of information. After Aidan leaves, Erica walks in. She is crying. Jack asks her what's wrong. "Just hold me," she asks Jack. Chris puts in a call to his spy, who is outside Jack's door. The spy tells Chris that Erica is with Jack. Chris says she and Jack are tight and she's probably telling him what a jerk he's been. Chris tells the spy he can handle this. Inside the office, Erica tells Jack that everyone in the world is attacking her today, even the person she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Jack says that shows she shouldn't marry him. Erica pulls away and tells him that she should not have come here because he has an agenda. She tells Jack she does not have romantic feelings for him. She's in love with Chris. She storms out in tears. Jack mutters to himself that he's not going to let Chris hurt Erica. He calls Aidan and tells him to "go after this guy with everything you've got."

Tad comes to see how Mia is doing, but Mia slams the door in his face. Liza lets Tad in and Mia begins an angry tirade at him. She tells him that he stood by while Jake cheated on her. Tad says he didn't want Mia to know because it would have destroyed everything they had. Mia says they had nothing. Liza is unpleasantly surprised to learn that Tad knew about Jake. Mia says of course Tad knew – men get off on deception. Tad asks if there's anything he can do to make it easier for Mia. She tells him yes – explain why Jake seduced Alison and left her. Tad says Alison is the one who seduced Jake. He tells her that their relationship started faltering when Mia started working at Fusion. Mia tells him that Jake worked more than she did. Why did he have to leave? Tad says he doesn't know and he's sorry Jake didn't have the courage to talk to her. Mia, who is clearing the apartment of reminders of Jake, says she needs more trash bags and walks out. Liza tells Tad he's a two-faced liar. She is angry that he didn't tell her that Jake was cheating on her sister. Tad defends Jake, saying that Mia ignored her fiancé the entire night of the party. Liza says that doesn't give him a reason to cheat on Mia and then run away. Tad tells her that she has long used escaping through sex as an art form. Liza admits that women are equally capable of cheating, but they have different reasons. But Jake still should have been honest with Mia, she says. Tad and Liza bicker and call each other names. Tad grabs her and kisses her.

Kendall apologizes to Michael, especially since he's been so amazing to her. She says Erica continually gets in her gut. She says she knows nothing is going on with him and Erica. Michael apologizes as well, and tells Kendall there is something going on between him and Erica. Kendall tells him she's going to be sick. Michael says he and Erica didn't sleep together. He even told her twice that he doesn't mix business with pleasure. He says it was just a business deal. Kendall asks him why he didn't tell her about it. He says because he wanted his time with her to be about them, and he didn't consider business to be romantic conversation. He says he's ashamed that he let Erica use him to hurt her. Michael tells Kendall that he doesn't think she has the desire for him that he has for her. She turned down his invitation to go to Tuscany and she wasn't excited about his flowers. Kendall says she was burning up with jealousy when she found him with her mother. She says she wants him in the worst way. Michael says he wishes he could believe her. Kendall says she'll prove it if he tells her how. Michael asks her to be with him tonight. He says that will show him that she's as serious about him as he is about her. Kendall asks if that means she has to go to bed with him. Michael says he wants to make love to her. Kendall says she wants that too, and he tells her to show him. Kendall says she thinks it's better if they wait, but they can still go out tonight. Michael says he has a better idea. They should say goodbye. "Are you saying sleep with me or else?" Kendall asks. Michael says he cris-crossed the globe and canceled business meetings to be with her. Kendall tells him to trust her that she is falling for him. He tells her that she should stay with him then. Kendall says she's afraid that if they got real close and he left her, she could not stand up again. Michael says he wishes he could take all her pain away. He wants to prove to her that she has nothing to fear. He urges her again to stay with him tonight. If she doesn't stay, he'll leave Pine Valley and never bother her again.

Kendall returns to Fusion and tells Simone and Mia about her proposition from Michael. Simone says if Kendall isn't ready to sleep with him, she shouldn't. It's not like he's going anywhere. Kendall says yes, he will leave if she doesn't sleep with him. Later, Simone tells Mia that Jake was not marriage material and she'll blossom without him. Mia takes off her engagement ring and manages a small smile.

Michael is in his hotel room when he gets a call. "I'm onto something. I can handle this father," he says. "I know exactly what I'm doing. There is a knock on the door. It is Kendall, and Michael lets her in.

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