AMC Update Friday 2/28/03

All My Children Update Friday 2/28/03

By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Joni goes to Fusion, having been sent there by Pine Valley High School. Greenlee called the school asking for a computer expert, and the school recommended Joni. Greenlee explains that she's been getting emails and she doesn't know who's sending them. She asks Joni if she can hack her way in and determine where the emails are coming from. Joni is shocked and refuses the request, saying that would be totally wrong. Joni says she's sorry, but she can't help her. Greenlee tells her she's her only hope. She realizes that hacking into an email account is illegal, but she's desperate. Liza walks in and asks what's going on. Greenlee tells her that Joni has refused to help her find the mystery emailer. Liza says she knows Joni well enough to think she has her reasons for refusing to help. Joni tells Liza that she doesn't know her. Liza tells Joni she not only knows her, she used to be her. Liza tells her that she has hidden behind what is right and wrong and has used the truth to get what she wants. She asks what Joni accomplished by telling JR that Jamie kissed Laurie, other than making JR miserable. Joni says JR doesn't need her help to be miserable. Liza tells her that people don't like back-stabbers. Joni leaves, and Greenlee says that she cannot connect with Joni. Leo was the only one she connected with. That's why... Liza interrupts, saying that's why she wants to find her mystery emailer. Liza tells her that he must not be ready to be revealed.

Erica goes into her office and sees Chris sitting there. She gives him an enthusiastic hug, but he doesn't seem too enthusiastic himself. She asks about having lunch together but he doesn't say anything. She tells him to jump in any time. "OK, but I don't think you're going to like what I have to say," he tells her. Chris is upset about Erica's lunch with Michael Cambias. Erica asks if he was spying on her. He says he was not, but he hired someone else to do it. "You hired someone to follow me?" an aghast Erica asks. She tells him that he's gone way too far. Chris tells her that she assumes she can handle anything, but when she deals with Cambias and tries to get close to him and show him some skin, she's getting in over her head. Erica tells him to shut up. She admits that she uses the promise of sex to get what she wants but that's because men want that. She knows when to stop and she's always in control, he says. Chris says he knows she has great instincts but she's not alone anymore, he's there. She tells him she has been fine on her own before and she'll continue to be fine long after him. Chris asks what that is supposed to mean. She says maybe they should rethink their marriage. Chris says she can't mean that. Erica says she just wants them to understand each other and that seems to be happening less and less. Chris tells her he loves her, and she tells him she loves him. But she thinks they are living in parallel universes. Chris asks her if that's why she keeps trying to find reasons not to marry him. Just then Jack walks in and realizes that once again, his timing is awful. Chris walks out, but not before telling Erica to call him when she can figure out why she doesn't want their marriage to happen. Jack asks Erica why she doesn't want the marriage to happen, but she doesn't want to talk about it. She tells Jack that Chris hired someone to follow her and report back to him. She asks for Jack's advice, as an old friend. How can she make him see he's gone too far without losing him? "You walk away from him and right over to me," Jack replies. Erica tells him he must be having a midlife crisis to think they can go back to what they once had. Jack says they still have it. He's stood back and watched her try to find happiness with other men but she hasn't, he says. Erica tells him to get out. Jack complies, but promises to be back with more reasons why she should leave Chris. As Jack walks out, Opal walks in. Opal tells her she looks like she needs a friend. Erica asks Opal to show her a friend, because she doesn't see one. Opal says she is only her best friend in the whole world. Erica picks up the morning newspaper, which has a picture of Opal at the Fusion party. Erica asks how she could have gone to the party when all Erica wanted was for the party to be a flop. Opal informs her that she is under no obligation to obey her. She says she had a great time at the party and if she doesn't like it, tough toenails. Opal asks Erica what's going on. Who is she really mad at?

Kendall is at the Valley Inn bar talking to Aidan, who is bartending. She tells Aidan she saw Michael with Erica and she acted like a jealous maniac. "I blew it," she says. Aidan tells Kendall about his adventures with Maureen and Kendall is surprised about what he went through. She asks if he's afraid Maureen will return to Edmund and he admits that he has thought about that. Kendall says she knows that Maureen loves him. Turning back to the subject of Michael, Kendall tells him she's an idiot. She says she knows in her heart that Michael isn't interested in Erica. She says she's just upset because after the Fusion party last night she thought people would see her in a new light and she would be taken seriously. Instead, she proved to Erica what a loser she is. Aidan tells her she's not a loser, but she says she's lost Michael and he's not the first. Aidan tells her to give Michael a call. Kendall says she can't call him. Aidan says if she can't, he doesn't deserve her. Kendall tells him that he's changed. "I like you a lot better when you're in love," she says. "You and Maureen belong together." She decides to call Michael, who isn't home. She leaves him a message. That was hard to do, she says. It will even be harder to wait for him to call back.

Maria (Maureen) asks Edmund if she can come in. "I thought we said our goodbyes," Edmund says. Maria tells him that Isabella accused her of abandoning her husband and children. "That's basically what I've done," she acknowledges. Maria says she does not remember being a mother to Sam and Maddie. Edmund, now calling her Maureen, tells her that she is not their mother – Maria is. Maureen didn't leave them because she didn't even know them, he says. Edmund says he married Maria and will always love her, but Maureen is not Maria. She is not the woman he loves or the mother his children love. They have to let her go just as she needs to let them go, he says. Maria says she can't give up the children. Edmund says he wants her in their lives and is giving her visitation rights. But she won't be their mother, she'll be Maureen, a good friend. Maria thanks Edmund for helping her through this, and he says he owes it to the woman he loved. He says they have to get on with their lives. She has to be Maureen because that's who she is. The children will be OK with that, he says. The phone rings, and Edmund thinks it's the new babysitter. He leaves the room to get the phone and Maddie walks in. "Daddy told me who you are. I know you're not my mommy," she says. "No Maddie, I'm not your mommy, but I really wish I were." Maria tells her that she loves her and wants to visit all the time. As Edmund watches, she tells her that maybe someday she'll remember being her mommy. Maria is teary-eyed as Maddie leaves the room. She says Maddie is a strong little girl. She asks if Sammy is there, but Edmund tells her he is representing his school at Kids Speak Out Day in Harrisburg. Later, Joni, the new babysitter arrives. Maria and Edmund are at the door and Joni asks if this is Mrs. Gray. Edmund tells her she used to be, but now she's just a good friend.

Aidan goes to Jack's office. Jack tells him that he heard about what he did in the Bahamas, and he's impressed with his skills. Jack says he has a job offer for him. It could be dangerous, but satisfying. Aidan wants to hear more. Jack shows him a folder and says he wants Aidan's help to get this guy and put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Simone gives Mia Jake's note. Mia takes it and begins reading. Jake tells her that he loved her but something inside would not allow him to be happy. He says he destroyed what they had and admits being unfaithful. He says he is gone and encourages her to start over and find the happiness she deserves. Tearfully, Mia asks Simone what she did. "You didn't do anything, he did," Simone says. "He had an affair?" a disbelieving Mia asks. She suspects Simone knows who the woman is. Just then, Alison walks in asking for Jake. Mia slaps her across the face. Alison addresses Simone. "You told her about Jake and me?" Alison tells Mia she was too busy with her work to notice she was losing Jake. She sees the note on the floor and asks if Jake left anything for her. "He doesn't even know you exist," Simone tells her. "Get out of here and quit embarrassing yourself." Alison walks out and Mia slaps Simone. She is angry because Simone knew about the other woman and didn't tell her. Simone says she was busy with her legal problems, but Simone tells her not to change the subject. Simone admits she didn't tell her because she didn't want to. Mia was happy, and she didn't want to see her unhappy. Mia tells herself that this is Greenlee's fault, and she runs out to find her.

Kendall arrives back at Fusion, asking if she got any calls. Greenlee tells her that Michael didn't call. Liza and Kendall leave the room and Mia and Simone enter. Mia promptly slaps Greenlee. "It's your fault Jake slept with that woman," Mia says. Greenlee forced her to spend the evening with Andrew, and that drove him away. Growing more tearful, Mia says everyone was jealous because she had someone to go home to and now she doesn't. Liza re-enters and asks what is wrong. Mia tells her that Jake had an affair and left town. She hugs Liza. She then apologizes to Greenlee for slapping her. When Simone says that she slapped her too, Mia apologizes to her and hugs her, then hugs Greenlee. They all try to reassure her that she will be OK and will get through this.

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